S&W Performance Center 629 44 Magnum

Posted: November 28, 2012 in General, Product Reviews
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I’ve wanted to pick up revolver shooting again for quite some time (it’s been a few decades), but had a lot of trouble deciding on the right model.  I wanted something with a tuned trigger right out of the box and the firearm needed to fill a specific need other than just another cool revolver.

My expected use-cases leaned more towards hiking/camping, so I wanted at least a .357 mag.  At the recent Mesquite show, I was presented an opportunity to upgrade that to a .44.  And, not just any .44, a S&W Performance Center model.

S&W Performance Center 629

Mmmm … tasty 🙂

The MSRP on the S&W site is way more than you end up paying, so when all was said and done, I got a really awesome-looking revolver for a great price.  But, looks are only part of the equation and a pretty small part when faced with close encounters of the bad-guy (or bad-animal) kind.

This model shoots like an absolute dream.  The trigger is heavy, like you would expect on any S&W revolver, but it’s a very smooth glide in DA.  In SA, you barely have to breathe on the trigger to get it to break.

The wood grips may look nice, but don’t even think about shooting anything but Specials unless your last name is Skywalker and you have a mechanical hand.  For the rest of us, it’s time for a grip replacement if you want to shoot magnums.  I replaced the stock grip with a Pachmayr Decelerator for N-frames.

The overall length is just perfect; it fits nicely in the front pocket of both of my hiking jackets.  The weight, however, makes it clumsy to carry in this manner without a supporting pocket holster.  That’s going to be a tough nut to crack, so I may have to carry IWB.  I’ll post again once I get the holster situation sorted out.

Until then, my final thoughts are that the looks and performance live up to the S&W PC billing.  In my mind, the product was worth the actual price paid, which was under $900 (before tax).

UPDATE:  This revolver fits and carries nicely in the Air Marshal 3 vertical shoulder holster rig.

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