Kangaroo Carry Air Marshal Holster

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Product Reviews, Vendor Reviews
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I passed by the Kangaroo Carry table at the Houston show in October, and the Air Marshal rig immediately caught my eye.  I had a very good discussion with Austin Davis.  I often carry my Glock 31 with extended barrel in outdoors situations where I’m in and out of a vehicle a great amount of time.  For these use cases as well as hiking, I tend to prefer a vertical shoulder rig.  I have used an elastic belly band in the past and it is a great option for hiking, however, the rig has a tendency to slip.

The cheapo vertical holster rigs you see at most shows are not practical even if they were free.  They don’t conceal well under any of my hiking vests.  The draw is cumbersome and often impeded by poor strap placement.

The Kangaroo Carry Air Marshal 3 rig might be considered as a hybrid between a belly band and a vertical shoulder rig.  At the price point offered during the show, it was well worth trying.

My G31 has a 5.3″ KKM extended barrel and it fits perfectly in the KC rig.  Fit is comfortable and the shoulder strap keeps the holster from sliding down during the day.  The rig can be adjusted to a variety of heights, which is a plus since I like to have the gun positioned a bit lower as shown below.

No matter how I move my arms or adjust my body position, the rig stays in place. I keep two backup mags in the small pouch on the opposite side and a backup (folder) knife clipped to the rig.  I have no issues driving long distances or moving in and out of the car.

I keep my hiking vest zipped to the top of the waistband and find draws to be simple and relatively quick (given the constraints of vertical shoulder carry).  The slight print from the mag plate at worst looks like one of the wrinkles in the vest.

The kangaroo pouch holds a full-size Glock in place like a dream.  Since I have an extended barrel, I suspect a full-size 1911 or H&K would work just as well.  It only took a few days to get used to strapping the rig on and feeling really comfortable with wear throughout most of my day.

This is not a rig that you would use for a pocket gun.  Of course, with such a small firearm, why not carry in a pocket or IWB in the first place 🙂

I have not tried carrying inside a shirt as I am more of a T-shirt and jacket or vest kind of guy, so it’s not possible to comment on that usage.  Austin did, however, demonstrate this mode rather impressively at the show and based on videos from the Kangaroo Carry site, this usage may work well.

My final observation is that with a quick pull of the zipper, I can pull the vest aside and draw quite easily with my support hand.  So, I tend to think the Air Marshal rig is better suited to concealment with a vest or jacket than a buttoned shirt in the event you are involved in a situation where the strong-side arm is compromised.

Okay, one final ‘final’ observation.  I’ve seen rigs similar to this at some shows and the primary difference seems to be the strap attaching across the back.  This may result in printing from the strap depending on your body.  And, the guy wearing the rig at the table had a problem with man-boobs.  The rig just made it worse.  Talk about printing that should not be allowed 🙂


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