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This was my first show outside of Texas and represented a good opportunity to do something different after cancellation of the Allen show.  The event was held at the Bossier Civic Center and promoted by the  .  Noting the promotor or sponsor is important since different organizations run different shows at the same venue throughout the year.


I found driving to the civic center and parking to be extremely easy.  The event staff was quite friendly and managed flow of traffic into the show reasonably well.  I did not check a firearm as I left my carry locked in the car safe.  There is one concession area outside the event area and one of the two sets of restrooms was open.  Restrooms were clean and spacious.

The number of tables was not advertised in advance, however, the size of the show impressed me as being a bit smaller than Lewisville which is 400 tables. So, let’s call it a 300-350 table show.  I respect the show’s desire not to take or distribute photos of the actual event without permission.

Although the show had a good mix of vendors, I found this one to be very heavy on edged weapons.  After about 30 minutes, I wanted to start calling this a knife and gun show instead of a gun and knife show 🙂  So, if you are into edged weapons of all shapes and sizes, this would have been a good place to spend a day.

Quite a few families were present with more children than I’ve seen at north Texas shows.  Very good to see families enjoying shooting sports as a family, but I observed a lot of kids fondling handguns without an adult looking over them.

There were some jewelry displays, including an impressive layout of native American jewelry and dreamcatchers that really caught my wife’s eye.  One vendor sold kitchen utensils and another sold an interesting mix of jewelry and collectibles.

I thought Ford’s Firearms had the most interesting layout with a three-tier glass display containing a wide variety of firearms including several from Red Jacket and a lot of RJF gear.

The Safe Store had the biometric MicroVault (I own the MV 500) on display.  I’ve seen it for a bit less at a couple of the north Texas shows, but they had a good overall selection.

Only one vendor for the preppers and that was Prepared America, LLC.  One of their tables had a good selection of clearance merchandise in case you want to stock up for TEOTWAWKI.

I only noticed one armorer at the show, but Glock Pros of MS, LLC had a very good multi-table layout.

The guys from BlackGunStuff had a pretty tacticool layout of merchandise.

Fewer ammo vendors than I expected, although one had a very good idea to tape a sample round to the outside of a box.  So many people rip open boxes to look at the rounds, so this makes it easy to do an inspection without disturbing the merchandise.

In addition to the heavy promotion of edged weapons, one thing I noticed as a departure from the north Texas shows was the absence of CHL vendors or firearms vendors promoting a CHL program as a reward for purchase.

I listened in on several vendor conversations and presentations to prospective customers.  Overall, I found the vendors to be very friendly and willing to engage customers.  Expertise seems to run the entire gamut as with any other show.  I heard conversations ranging from an excellent explanation of the difference between 5.56 and .233 from the guys as 556 Tactical to an ammo vendor trying to sell a defensive round to newby.  He pulled out a Hornady Critical Defense round from a box and told the guy, “look,  this one has a plastic tip.”  Oh my 😦

Anyone who has ever seen me knows how much I like hiking vests.  I almost bought a new one, but they only carried one S in each color and I was just too late to that table.

The National Guard had the most impressive layout, with a recruiting area outside the main event area.  Some of the weaponry they use was on display – can you say close encounters of the .50 cal kind?  I wanted to sign up, but they were not taking old farts.

Overall, a much better than expected show, although I would not recommend making the drive from the north Texas area unless you intend to mix the show with either some gaming action, a trip to the Boardwalk, or detox for a couple hours with a side trip to Jefferson, TX.

My wife and I chose the latter 🙂