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Lewisville Dec. 2 2012

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Show Reviews
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I must confess some bias in reporting on this show.  I live close enough that I could actually hike to the Lewisville show, and it’s one of my regulars.  The show is sponsored by Premier Gun Shows and is held at the Lewisville Event Center, across I-35 from Lewisville mall (east side).  The mall and surrounding shops offer a variety of additional shopping experiences and if you don’t get a complete fix of outdoor sports from the show, you can always walk to Academy Sports, just a few stores down from the event center.  Ample (free) parking is available.


As always, I respect the show’s desire to not publish pictures from inside the event.  Lewisville is advertised as a 400 table show, and I’d say it’s easily 400+ .  The show is dog-friendly, and my rescue, Russell, loves interacting with all the people, even though it’s kind of overwhelming for him.  I sometimes think I could rent Russell out to some of the vendors as an official greeter 🙂

This is one of the few times I attended a show on Sunday, and it was very full, even at noon.  There is a single concession area inside the event center and restrooms are small.  They are located to the right after you enter the event center.

The organizers get bad marks this time for not having the A/C on during the afternoon.  I can live with the doors open and the big fans running during the morning, but not much past noon.  One of the vendors told me about people walking through the show yesterday with drenched shirts.  C’mon folks, you can do better than that.

I locked my carry in the car safe, so I did not check a firearm.  When I’ve done so in the past, the officers have been incredibly friendly and efficient.

Lewisville has a reputation for pretty serious attendees, an observation that has been relayed to me by quite a few vendors at past shows.  I’ve always found this show to have a good variety of vendors, pretty much a something-for-everyone type of event.  I can always count on this show for anything from ammo to loading up on cleaning supplies, range bags, targets, and yes, lots of guns 🙂

I turned to the right after paying and headed down an aisle past Premier Armory to immediately observe four guys all handling various 1911 models right next to one another.  Talk about lots of guns …

I quickly noted that this show had most of the usual suspects along with some new vendors and some old vendors selling new products.  I picked up some cool Zombie targets that I had only seen one vendor carry in the past at the Market Hall show.  Among the new attendees for this show was the guy from Shotgun Blasters, a fellow Carrolton resident and customizer of the most wicked, tricked out, tactical shotguns you will every lay eyes on.  Another new attendee was Bryan’s Legacy, and this gentleman had the most impressive set of handcarved items I’ve ever seen.  The civil war chess set was incredible, but Zombie checkers stole the show.

One the subject of new, the ‘Man Cave’ (a small room inset from one of the right-side  walls) seems to now be permanently open to vendors and has its own set of Christmas-style decorations and a formal name.  Two new survival supply companies were in the cave, Survive Tomorrow Supply and Proxima Outdoor Supply.  Several other survival-supply companies were represented on the showroom floor including Essential Seeds, Berkey Water Filters, and Omega Survival Systems.  I’ve talked with Kelly at Omega in the past about carrying Quake Kare bars.  He had hoped to have them in stock by this time, but they are currently back-ordered.  Too bad.

I was very happy to see Grumpy’s Guns carrying Ballistol.  Nice to be able to pick it up at any of the north Texas shows and not have to make a special trip.

I received updates on two new ranges in the Metroplex, the indoor facility at Bodyguard Sports and the relatively new outdoor range in Nevada, TX affiliated with Armadillo Guns.  Will have to check that one out in the near future 🙂

This was the second time I’ve seen the Denton County Sports Association at Lewisville.

Lots of really interesting optics on display throughout the show.  I’m pretty satisfied with the red/green dot on my 9mm carbine, but I’d still like a good scope and need to co-witness some decent iron sights.

Texas Law Shield (I am a member) had a table and there was at least one other reseller at the show.  There were numerous vendors offering CHL classes and several dealers offering classes or class discounts as part of a firearm purchase program.  I’ll comment more on these offers in another post.

It’s always fun to drift by TR Graham’s table and watch him talk to someone while disassembling a Glock at warp speed (without looking).  I wonder if I’ll be able to do that some day?  Well, probably not, so time to move on.

While commenting on individuals, I’ll note that it’s always great to talk with Scott Caylor from GoodToGo Ammo.

And, returning to new vendors, I suppose your show has really made it to the big leagues when attendees can get a massage.  This is clearly not the Lewisville show you’ve been to in the past and I can see this one expanding beyond the capacity of the event center in the future.

In summary, too many goodies, too few hours 🙂