Vendor Review – The Sig Armorer

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Vendor Reviews
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I’ve seen Robert Burke aka The Sig Armorer at a couple shows, most recently at Market Hall.  Days earlier, my wife complained a second time about the trigger on her P238.  I actually fired 50 rounds myself, single-handed, and concurred with her issues.  The trigger has a substantial amount of uptake or pre-travel followed by a wall with an unpredictable break.  The 8-lb factory pull seems out of line with the extremely low weight of the pistol.  Notable vibration is transferred through the cheap, plastic trigger and my wife’s biggest complaint was from the trigger grooves.

Robert explained the details of his trigger job and it seemed like just the ticket to realizing the full potential of the P238 for my wife.  I also decided to add a stainless steel trigger that had more comfortable grooves and Robert agreed to grind these down.

I dropped the pistol off on a Saturday morning, left town, and picked it up on Monday afternoon.  It worked exactly as advertised.  The long uptake is completely gone.  Trigger pull is substantially reduced.  I don’t have a gauge, but Robert claimed five pounds and my own test fires led me to believe that’s quite accurate.  The P238 is starting to fire like a 1911 as well as look like a scaled-down model 🙂

More importantly, there is no hint of vibration in the trigger and my wife can fire multiple shots without ‘fighting’ the trigger.  Overall, we are very happy with the work.  If you own or are interested in a Sig and see Robert at a show, stop and talk for a few minutes.  I suspect you won’t regret the time.


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