Texas Law Shield Seminar in Austin

Posted: December 13, 2012 in General, Shooting
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I’m a member of the Texas Law Shield program and this is one service for which I hope to never post a complete review.  Using my firearm in anything other than a practice scenario pretty much tops my list of things I NEVER want to do in life.

TLS offers a series of informational seminars and I attended their recent event in the Dallas area.  It was four hours well spent.  The speakers were superb and the quality and depth of the information was excellent for something I expected to be a back-door sales pitch.

Another event is scheduled for Austin, TX on Jan. 17 2013.  Same series of talks with a slightly different speaker list.  If you are a member, it will be the best $5 you ever spent and I think it’s worthwhile at $10 for the general public.

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate or in any way associated with TLS.  This is my unbiased opinion based on attending a similar event to the one advertised in Austin.  If you  have a Texas CHL, then you really should hear what these speakers have to say.


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