Mesquite, TX Dec. 15 2012 Part II

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Show Reviews
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This is the second part in a two-part review of the Premier Gun Show in Mesquite, TX on Dec. 15, 2012.  I reviewed the location and completed about half of my vendor commentary in Part I of this series.  This post completes my walk-through and observations from the show.

Comments on various vendors and displays are in random order.

One of the trends in optics is night vision and there was an interesting display by, I believe, a new vendor, POP’s shop.  They also claim to specialize in Ruger 10/22 ‘trickouts’ but I was more interested in their optics.  On that subject, Kenzie’s Optics had some nice red dots and night vision gear by Firefield.

Survival supply companies tend to be pretty well represented at gun shows these days, but I only ran into three at the Mesquite show.  Berkey Water Filters were on display.  I took a handout to read at some later time.  Over $200 for a travel-size with two filter elements is pretty steep, regardless of the quality claims.  Survive Tomorrow Supply was present (and a regular at several shows).  LECOR was a new vendor who had some interesting long-term food storage options on one of their tables.

I mentioned knife vendors in Part I, and one of the vendors I had not previously seen that caught my eye was Adventure Supply from Canton, TX.  There were several unique blades on the table, one of which I spent a couple minutes examining while listening to a sales pitch directed to a couple to my left.  This model was very thin and the blade fit into a foldable container that was literally the size (and thickness) of a credit card.  The blade could be flipped open and its container folded around to form a crude handle.  The thickness and lack of support for the blade led me to believe it was useless for anything other than slashing with something more potent than a fingernail.  Still, someone was thinking outside the box on that one.

On the subject of blades, Blades and Stuff had several tables of interesting blades and interesting stuff 🙂  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Ammo vendors seemed pretty sparse at this show (those selling predominantly factory ammo).  Ammo4U and Alamo Ammo were a couple of the regulars.  Alamo may have experienced problems with pilfering or they just don’t want people handling boxes as each table had a raised glass wall in front of the ammo boxes.  Kind of makes it obvious when someone drapes their arm over to pick up a box.

I talked very briefly with Gary at G’s Holsters, then stepped aside to let another customer occupy his attention.

Although guns were for sale, there were plenty of vendors selling non-lethal SD items ranging from sprays and stun guns to brass knuckles and batons.  Ouch.  I happen to like having non-lethal options available in any SD scenario, so I’m always on the lookout for something new and useful.

If you ever need an extra set of eyes for the range, Impact Optics had a pretty substantial multi-table collection.

Crazy Gun Dealers was out in their neon orange, including the new ‘Zombie Antidote’ shirt.  You could get one for $19.99 or a gun purchase.  Speaking of gun purchases, they offer a free CHL course for any purchase from them.

I walked by the Crimson Trace LaserGrips table that seems to be at almost every show.  They made two sales when I walked by.  Where is my commission?

The guy that does the Hide-It holster presentation at these shows is pretty entertaining.  I tried one out at the Allen show several months ago.  It did not agree with the pants I wore and I suspect you’re going to have to work a bit on your draw, depending on the type of weapon.  I didn’t like the feel with a full-size Glock, plus my G31 has an extended barrel, so I prefer a cross-draw shoulder rig in that case.  I also like a rig where I can draw without involving my off-hand.  Still, for the right weapon and with the right technique, the model with a cell phone carrier might be an option for when you don’t have a vest or shirt suitable for concealment.

I walked by the Safe Company, but only the big stuff was on display.  I didn’t see the vendor from whom I purchased the Micro-Vault MV 500 at the last Mesquite show.  Only saw a few Nano-vaults during my two hour visit.

A1 Locksmith was a new vendor.

Ultimate Concealed Carry had a variety of interesting concealment holsters on display, including an entire line for women.

Range Ready Ammo seemed to be more gear-oriented than ammo-oriented, including some cool Zombie gear.

Of course, you can’t kill Zombies without a good grip.  Polymer Grip Profiling had a great photo catalog and actual live examples of how to modify your Glock (or other polymer pistol) grip.

If you need something longer than a pistol for the Zombie Apocalypse, then CJS Enterprises had a large selection of tactical shotguns and S.W.A.T firearms had about as large a selection of entry-level AR’s.

If the Zombies (or bad guys) are packing heat, you might have enjoyed the selection of body armor from Madjac’s.  Molle vest with level IIIa plates for $500.

And yes, I walked by Armadillo Guns.  And no, I have not yet checked out the new range.  I also walked by but did not get a chance to talk with Texas Concealed Carry Institute.

This was one of the few shows I did not purchase any supplies from the cool folks at Red Dragon.

I did purchase a Mossberg cleaning mat from the equally cool folks at Effective Product Marketing (they also sell the ‘jumping’ targets).

A few of the usual suspects where there peddling gold, silver, and even copper coins.  I’m not sure I get the copper; the prices are so far above melt value, it’s ridiculous.  And, is there really a secondary market (other than gun shows)?  Recently, I went to two local jewelers, both of whom we’ve sold gold and silver to in the past six months.  For fun, I asked them if they purchased copper coins or bullion.  Both laughed at me.  Do your homework, folks.

On the way out of the show, I took a few minutes to look over the flags and antique currency on display from Paradise Antique Currency.

Overall, it was an interesting two hours.  The line was considerably shorter on exit than when I entered, and the parking thinned somewhat.  People were still flowing into the show at nearly 3PM on Saturday afternoon.  At this growth rate, the show needs a larger venue.  Until then, arrive early and eat before you come.  See you at the next show!


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