How Do I Get A Discount?

Posted: December 20, 2012 in General, Show News
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I recall one gun show where I paid my entrance fee, then paused to look over the floor.  The man behind me tapped my shoulder, and then asked, “How come you paid seven dollars and I paid eight?”

I briefly thought of a snappy remark about being a VIP, but resisted the temptation.  I simply told him about the ‘magic word.’  Magic words and coupons are the two best means to get a dollar discount off the entrance fee.  A magic word is something like ‘Colt’ or ‘Bullet’ and is published on the promoter’s web page, Facebook page, or twitter feed, usually just before the show.  Say the word to the person taking your money and you receive an instant discount.

Some promoters have web pages with a permanent coupon that can be printed (only one per customer if you bring someone else).  Alternatively, sign up for the promoter’s email list and you get a printable coupon in your email for discounts (along with show news).  Some shows even have coupons and magic words, although they can not be used together for a two-dollar discount.  Nice thinking, though 🙂  You can always ask someone in line if there is a magic word.

Some shows allow very young children in for free, although this policy varies from show to show and I’ve never seen it published on a promoter’s site.

In my weekly show previews (posted on Fridays), I have a link to the promoter’s web site (as the show must have a web site with a calendar to confirm the show date and location in order to be posted).  If I know of a twitter feed or Facebook page, I’ll add those links for you as well.

See you at the next show!


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