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Merry Christmas and welcome to the second part of my review of the Ft. Worth Gun show on Dec. 22 2012, sponsored by Lone Star Gun Shows.  In part I, I reviewed the location, parking, overwhelming traffic, and began the summary of my three-hour journey across the exhibit hall.

This post continues the vendor reviews, generally in random order.  Before I begin, I want to mention that Will Rogers does not allow pets. Some shows are dog-friendly and some are not.

In the prior post, I promised a list of all the vendors selling survival supplies.  In fact, catering to preppers seems to be a growing trend at gun shows, so if you need to stock up for TEOTWAWKI, you might need only go to a local gun show.  The vendors I ran across include MatchCo (very interesting firestarting system – my wife and I each purchased one at a prior show), Crickie Qwipple (edged weapons and other gear), South Summit Adventure Outpost (large knife selection, food, personal security, and limited gear), Red Horse Supply (both freeze-dried and canned foods – samples available of the latter – pretty good stuff), Survive Tomorrow Supply (I’ve mentioned them before), Prepare Now Outfitters (nice layout, one of my favorite vendors in this category), Heirloom Seeds, Texas Seed Store, Proxima Outdoor Supply (some very cool gear – very outdoors oriented), Eco Solar (they even had an iPhone solar battery case), and Stop The Itch (natural anti-itch remedy for pretty much any bite/rash you might encounter on your bug-out).

Although knife vendors were well-represented, I did not see the custom knife-maker tables I’ve noticed at other shows.  They probably got overwhelmed by vendors selling AR platforms.  That was the hot ticket at the show.  Back to knives, I did notice that more and more of the Zirconia blades are cropping up at shows.

I got tired of looking at mag prices and listening to people complain about lack of availability or prices of P-mags, so I looked over the concession area and decided that was even more depressing, so it was time to hit the floor again.

State Farm was selling lose-your-gun insurance.  I’ll have to talk with my Farmer’s agent, but I believe that pretty much any coverage of this nature that you desire is available as a rider onto existing homeowners/renters insurance, so I wasn’t convinced of why a new product is needed.  More research is required on my part.

Alamo Ammo was heavily sold when I walked by the first time and most popular rifle and pistol calibers were pretty much sold out by the time I left.

I passed by W’s Guns again and continue to like their three-tier wood display.  Best single-table display in the show.

Madjac’s Body Armor was back again, selling plates, carriers, and complete units.

Paracord bracelets and products wrapped in paracord were everywhere.

I mentioned the heavy family attendance at the show in part I of this review and there were a lot of vendors selling artistic products and clothes, including the cool T-shirts from AirbrushTexas.  The vendor I saw at San Antonio selling Ne ‘Qwa art was at Ft. Worth, although the selection seemed a bit smaller.  They had some very interesting carvings and sculptures I think my wife would have found interesting.

Gun Toyz was at the show, but there were too many people around their tables to get a good look at their displays.

Just For Guns has an interesting motto, “If you don’t own one … you should!”  And, if you do own one, you can either buy another or check out their collection of accessories, including night vision.  They also had lights and lasers on display.

Cal-Tex Gun Barn was a vendor I don’t recall seeing in the past, and they had Chiappa 1911’s and Hi-Point firearms for sale.

T&G Sales had an impressive, multi-table layout of everything from Hogue grips (including some cool revolver grips to hearing protection).  I purchased a SpeedLoader for my S&W PC 629.

GunKings is a vendor from Allen and they had an interesting assortment of firearms as well as some very cool StreamLight tactical lights.

Ft. Worth Shooters Supply was almost sold out of long guns when I walked by.  I could probably say the same for Viking Armory who was packed with prospective buyers when I squeezed past the line.

Of course, Crazy Gun Dealers was decked out in their trademark neon orange.  It seems like they debut a new shirt every show.  I really liked the ‘Freedom Isn’t Free’ shirt from this show.  They offer free CHL courses for all gun puchases.

Blackland Outdoor Sports had a large selection of Glocks and I didn’t notice any price gouging.

If 1911’s are your thing, just walk over to Premier Armory.

I’ve joked in past posts about tactical vendors with tactical in their name, selling tactical products to tactically-minded audience.  At this show, I can now officially say that I’ve seen it all – a tactical iPad case.  Definitely a tactical guy thing.

The tactical girls only had to walk a few tables to pick out some very cool CamoChic bags.  Tactically minded kids could pick up a variety of airsoft guns, bow-and-arrow kits, or just nag Mom and Dad for a toy helicopter.

Back to our tactical guys – I walked by AmmoKan, which is a distributor out of Colorado.  I may do a more complete review of their stuff in the future, but I was interesting in seeing what stock remained and what they were charging for popular calibers.  The plastic cans were almost sold out.  Prices seemed okay for what remained and they did have a few boxes of the Bitterroot Valley (reloads) in various calibers on display.  Prices seemed reasonable.  Finding ammo from any vendor seemed to be the big issue.  I was on the prowl from some 147 gr. Hornady XTP in 357 Sig.  I didn’t find a single box at this show or at Mesquite last week.

Pro Serv had a big sign advertising .223 ammo, but I didn’t see any.  Shows you what happens to people that arrive at noon 🙂

Red D. Ammo was back again, but still a pretty small selection.  I’ll try talking with them if I can get in early next time.

At least if you can’t find ammo, there is always the bow-and-arrow thing to fall back on.  I saw two pistol crossbows at the show.  Maybe I’ll check one out some day.

But, not today.  That’s it for part II of the review.  Tomorrow, I’ll complete the summary of my marathon three-hour walkthrough of this show.