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The is the final part in a three-part review of the Lone Star Gun Show in Ft. Worth, TX on Dec. 22, 2012.  In part I and part II, I reviewed the location, parking, traffic to the show and the majority of my stops along the floor.  This post completes the vendor summaries.  I hope you find the information helpful in determining shows you wish to attend.

I don’t spend too much time looking at knives at these shows, although I should since I’ll be in the market for one or two more blades in the near future.  Even as a casual observer, I have noticed the trend in Zirconia blades.  I may get one in the next month or so and post a review.

Did I mention that the Bionic Bands vendors were out in force?  Yes, I think I did 🙂  Once again, I had to blink a few times to convince myself I was at a gun show and not the State Fair.  Ah, yes, it’s a gun show, otherwise A2J2 would not be here.  Austin and Jose actually run two businesses, one devoted to firearms sales – (they sell mostly Springfield, Ruger, and HiPoint) – and the other devoted to CHL training.

Speaking of knives, I had one of my pocket knives sharpened by Ron Bush.  He is at many of the shows and every time I get a knife sharpened, it’s the best three bucks I ever spent.  He sharpens tools as well.

I took advantage of a break in the thick wall of people to look over the display from Bachman Wholesale.  They had a massive collection of 1911’s.  They also had my S&W PC 629 short-barrel .44 magnum and it looked to be priced $20 over what I paid a couple months ago.  Bachman tends to be very good on pricing, so this just reflects the massive recent increase in demand.  I’m actually surprised it was not marked up more for a Performance Center revolver.

S.A.W. had their usual display and I finally got to hold a S&W TRR8.  It looks just as tacticool in reality as it does online, however, the Scandium frame feels really light.  I guess I’m used to the weight of my 629; I just like to have a lot of weight in my hand when I’m touching off full-on .357 or .44 mag.  Price was $1009.  They also had the S&W PC 627 (8-shot .357 magnum) for $889 and a 25th anniversary Glock 17 on display for $799.

Oh, so tempting, but I’m pretty well set in the revolver department and I don’t want to purchase anything new until after the panic is over and after I see what’s announced at SHOT 2013.

I passed by T.R. Graham’s table and he was using the cutaway G22 to explain something to a customer.

I then wandered over to Jane’s Tools to check out the impressive display and eventually purchased two bags of long-handle, thin-tip cotton swabs.

I noticed several vendors selling the Firefield green laser sights.

KNS Kreations offered a number of necklaces and other jewelry modeled after various pistol and rifle rounds, perhaps a nice gift for the tactical Mom in the family 🙂

K-Tac Accessories had lots of accessories on display in including slings, paracord bracelets, t-shirts, and even bumper stickers.

I almost bought a T-shirt, but since I wear some sort of vest almost every day, it’s hard to justify the money on any messaged shirt since it’s constantly hidden.  So, I worked my way over to WRB Concealment.  I purchased a belly band from them several months ago and they didn’t seem to have anything new, so I moved on.

Safari Sporting Supply had some interesting custom holsters on display along with show-only specials.  They were also giving away candy, which made them rather popular.

Speaking of holsters, I though the GunslingR car holster on display at Accu-Fire Inc. was pretty cool.  Seems like an interesting alternative for those who carry IWB or in a purse, but want faster and more comfortable access in a vehicle.

And, continuing the holster theme, I really enjoyed the layout of custom leather holsters at Shepherd Leather.

One thing I did notice about the Lone Star show is that they must have anticipated high traffic because I saw a pretty generous sitting area that was not present at the last Lone Star show I attended.  However, once I enter, I don’t sit or take breaks, so I worked my way over to BlackGunStuff.  They sell AK’s, AR’s, and accessories.  By the time I walked by, most of their layout was accessories.

Once again, I thought I was at the state fair since I noticed the Crimson Trace Laser Grip vendor and they were right next to a fudge vendor.  A fudge vendor?  At a gun show?  Judging from the number of women and children in attendance, they clearly knew something I did not.

I don’t do fudge, so I walked over to Love’s Guns and checked out the shotgun display.  I’m having a custom model built that is based on a Mossberg 500, so I didn’t stay too long.  I passed by Sooner State Knives and then over to Rock River Arms.  Very sparse selection at RRA by the time I arrived.

The condition at Ridgeline Guns was as bad, if not worse.  Handguns, ammo, but no rifles or long guns of any variety.

I mentioned Gun Toyz in part II of the review and forgot to mention that they had the Roni pistol-to-carbine conversion kit on sale.  Didn’t look that interesting to me.  I already have a Mech Tech CCU.  The Roni seemed to be more of a make-your-pistol-look-bad instead of providing you with a real carbine.

ATS (Affortable Tactical Supply) had quite a bit of 5.11 gear and some Propper vests.  Very tempting, but I still like the hiking or photographer-style vest.  Prices seemed decent.

You absolutely can not escape the arts-and-craft style vendors at this show.  Jewelry and collectables were everywhere, such as the Right Solution Store with some pretty awesome sculptures I’m sure my wife would have liked.  Of course, she might have bought one just to hit me over the head for making her walk a pretty long distance just to stand for three more hours in a swamp of people.  Maybe she would have been distracted at Anthony’s Unique Arts and Gifts, featuring all-American products.  Gun Show Sales also had toys for the kids and firestarters for the adult preppers.

I already have a custom set of ears, but you could get them made on the spot by Precision Ears.  They had a very nice handout on their product line.

Talon LLC was back with everything from 9mm SBR’s to AR’s.  They were offering show-only specials on suppressors, ranging from $700 to $900 based on type and caliber.

Speaking of AR’s, F&W guns offers AR-customization packages and parts.

The Optics place was back and I stopped by FAW (Firearms Accessory Warehouse) – a new vendor – on the way out.  They had a pretty good layout of stuff, including the best selection of snap caps I’ve seen at any show.

Well, that pretty much wraps it up.  A long walk in followed by three hours on my feet followed by a long and uneventful walk back to my vehicle.  Even at 3:30 in the afternoon, people were still coming into the show although there was no line.

Keep the high traffic in mind if you plan to make a journey to Will Rogers for the Premier show this weekend.  Hope to see you there!