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Based on my generally positive experience with the Gunvault MicroVault MV 500, I decided to try the MiniVault Deluxe (Gunvault 2000D) for closet storage of backup ammo, mostly for my tactical shotgun.  Here is a picture of the unit on the kitchen island after unpacking.


The unit has a front door that flips outward to open.  The top of the unit appears familiar to the MicroVault, but that is also where the similarity ends.

The inside of the unit is foam-lined and access to batteries or mounting holes involves moving the foam aside.  I found battery installation to be very cumbersome and after programming the combination, I did not like the keypad nearly as much as the MicroVault.  On two occasions in initial testing, I had to enter the code twice before the front door actually popped open.  I would NEVER use this product to store a pistol or any ammo to which I required immediate access.

Based on prior experience with this vendor, I mistakenly had the impression that all models came with a security cable.  That is not true for the MiniVault.  I was able to rig something up using the mounting holes and a spare cable, but it was very cumbersome.

Although the construction seems solid and I was able to get the unit secured to the closet shelving in my apartment, I would have to state that this product is a loser overall.  I did get a very good price from CMC Govt. Supply, however, for the money I’d recommend going to Walmart or Target and purchasing an electronic Sentry Safe.  You would receive better overall value for your dollars.