Houston GRB Dec. 29 2012, Part II

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the second part of a two-part review of the High Caliber Gun Show at Houston George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX on Dec. 29, 2012.  In part I of this series, I reviewed the location and show opening, along with about half of the vendor reviews.  This post completes the vendor reviews, starting with the category of

Things That Go Bang

At this point in my trek across the floor, it’s approaching 10AM as I walked by Texas Tactical Gear and noticed a collection of Noveske’s and Sigs.  They also sold pistols and I saw a Gen 3 Glock 33 for $549 and a Gen 4 22 for $599.  Up a bit, but not bad.

T&G Sales from Dallas was another familiar vendor who had a lot of AR mags that were decently priced and going VERY fast.  They also sold laser/light combos, but too many people were around for me to get a good look.

S.A.W was present with their usual layout.  I noticed a Sig M400 for $2299 and an R516 for $3899.  Both appeared to be pretty basic models.  Again, hard to tell with all the people pressing next to each other.  I saw an H&K 416 22 LR pistol for $529 and they had a couple of the Chiappa .357 revolvers (four and six inch).  The latter model was $959.

Love’s Guns had a large selection of Savage hunting rifles.

Custom Combat Systems advertises custom Saiga-12 mods and they weren’t kidding.  They also had Brownells NEA SBR’s for sale.

GunsToGo had Remington Shotguns and a DPMS TPR for $1599, AK pistols for $999, a Rock River Arms Operator for $2499, and an FNH FS2000 for $2999 caught my eye.

WF Armory was selling uppers and stocks, but I didn’t get a good look at prices.

Texas Shooter’s Supply was an AK-47 shooter’s dream.  They had AK pistols for $1500.

Slide Fire Solutions had a great video and demo of their rapid-fire stock system for AR’s.  It’s legal since there is one trigger pull per round discharge.  The stock system facilities rapid, sequential, trigger pulls.  Models are available for both AK’s and AR’s ($360 for the latter).

Tac-47 Industries had some wicked Saigas on display as well as a large supply of tricked-out AK’s.

Pollok Arms Company had S&W M&P 15’s on sale for $1599 and Colt M4’s for $2600 – $3200 depending on add-ons.

Tactical AK-47 had two good bumper stickers, ‘Texans Will Not Be Disarmed’ and ‘Texas Infidel’ (my favorite) in addition to a variety of AK accessories.


Not many ammo vendors at this show.  Parabellum Research and a few of the ‘regulars’ were at the show.  Mike and Sue Holden were selling reloads and they offer custom reloads of your brass as well as reloading classes.  Pretty cool.   Darrel Pocock Ammo was a vendor I had not seen before and they had what seemed to be the best selection.  No Hornady XTP 147 gr. in 357 Sig, though.  Prices were a bit high, but not gouged.

10Ring advertised firearms and their big selling point at the show was $20 FFL transfers.   Hmmm … isn’t that what most of us pay anyway?  They also advertise reloading supplies and powder.

I ended up purchasing some Hornady XTP in .44 magnum from Alamo Ammo.  They had a lot of Mega Packs for sale and I noticed some upward pressure on 9mm prices.

Gun Safes

I’m in the market for one or more safes, so I’ve really been scoping out these vendors at various shows.  Double Steel Safes & Vaults had some impressive stuff, but it was overkill for a small apartment.  SWCI had a nice display and comprehensive price sheet.  I liked the biometric pistol safe at Biometric Auto Home Security, but I just can’t part with over $300 for a pistol safe.  I’d rather go around $500 and get a small shotgun/rifle/pistol safe and be done with it.

Miscellaneous or ‘Other’ Vendors

If you’re worried about sandstorms or similar events, you would have liked the vendor selling Revisions Military eyeware.  GearForYouHere.com had shotgun bandoliers for $19, riffle and pistol bags, vests, plate carriers, survival gear, and even concealment bags/purses.  Lindsay Leather Holsters had a nice collection to suit pretty much any revolver.

South Summit Adventure Outpost was here (I’ve seen them at a few of the north Texas shows) and they had pretty much the same layout as in Ft. Worth the prior week.  I noticed what seemed to be some new survival books and pistol crossbows.

Kangaroo Carry had a table, but someone other than Austin was manning it.  I’m guessing that Austin was in Ft. Worth at the Premier show.

Explore Optics had several people checking out NatureSmart lights.

Scopes Dots and Lasers‘ motto is ‘Were In Your Sights.’  In addition to scopes, they had mounts, slings, and red dots.  Lots of dots.

Texas Vests had lots of Voodoo tactical gear and night vision goggles for sale.

Diva Sleeve was represented by one vendor and several women were gathered around their table.

Another vendor was selling both leather wallets and concealment purses, but they had no sign or business card.

There were also vendors selling custom earplugs and doing knife sharpening and one vendor selling Diamondown thermal clothing.

My Survival Stash featured the AquaPail, a small, portable water filter that filters microbial and viral pathogens, as well as heavy metals.  Looks ideally sized for your bug-out bag.

Texas Law Shield had a table and I had a nice conversation with their rep.  I’m already a member.

Utlimate Concealed Carry featured the Hide-It holster.

One vendor sold mini-masseuse products on one table, and nonlethal SD products on another.  I guess that’s so you can fight of the bad guys, then electro-massage your muscles afterwards 🙂

The big item at Sparky Stun Guns was the Destroyer, a 13,800 lumen light for $299.  I must have one, well, right after I pay off my custom tactical shotgun build …

Unique Electronic Gifts & Accessories sold USB hubs, lights, and even fans.   Southern Speciality Enterprises had some very cool concealment vests, but only had large and higher sizes available at the time I walked by.  Too bad.  Also in the apparel department, Radwing had a large collection of conservative-themed t-shirts.

My Handgun Purse featured a variety of concealment purses and one vendor (didn’t see a sign) had an impressive selection of gun-related books and CD/DVD’s.

Indoor Tactical Sports had a table and was giving away $10 gift cards if you’re into the paintball and airsoft combat thing.  Sorry, if it’s not .357 or larger, I tend not to be interested.  Still, it might be a good way to get some sort of practical CQB experience, so I may check it out on a future trip

Prestige Optics displayed some very high-end scopes as well as lasers and night-vision gear.

The America We Love Foundation’s table had a set of handouts on the election.

ION Alarm had a multi-table layout of electronic home-security goodies.

I left the show at 11:30 and overall, it was a fun 2 1/2 hours.  I like Houston and I met a lot of really cool people at the show.  It was well-organized and very easy to move around.  No massage vendors like some of the north Texas shows, but you could get your shoes shined.

I returned to the lot to notice that parking was jacked up to $15.  And, people are talking about price-gouging of AR’s 🙂


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