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This is the second installment in a three-part review of the Premier Ft. Worth Gun show on Dec. 30, 2012.  In part I, I reviewed the location, show opening, and made it through some of the firearm vendor reviews.

This segment begins by completing the firearm vendor reviews, then moves onto ammo and other vendor categories.  Since I’ve reviewed the Ft. Worth shows before, I’m only concentrating on new vendors or interesting price points/products from established vendors.

Let’s pick up the review with Sun Mountain, who had a Sabre SPR (looked like an 18″ barrel) on display for $2300 and plate carriers for $125.

This show may have represented a turning point in the industry.  I talked briefly with Robert Burke (The Sig Armorer).  He mentioned that traffic on Saturday was massive, so I picked a good day to attend.  He also noted that a lot of the same individuals selling AR’s on Saturday were back on Sunday with prices marked down, so we may have seen the peak of  the AR panic-buying.  I also talked with some people in line who did not get their advertised price on Saturday, so they returned on Sunday.  I suspect next week at Market Hall will offer confirmation.

Robert had some very nice Sig pistols on display.

Past and Blast Guns & Ammo sold Remingon 1911’s for $599 and I saw a NIB Springfield XD .40 for $429.

Model 1 Sales had an interesting layout of AR’s, accessories, hats, bags, koozies, and even branded coffee mugs.  So much marketing stuff, I didn’t have a chance to check out products or prices.

Quantico Tactical was a vendor I noticed at Market Hall in the past.  They had the best business card handout in the show, essentially twice as large as a normal card, two-sided, with a 10% online coupon.  Online deals included S&W M&P (9mm or .40) for $398 with 3 mags.  The card also had a QR code for their bargain bunker.  Will have to scan that after the show.  I could not check out much inventory since they were almost sold out by the time I arrived.

GunsToGo had a DPMS AR (couldn’t see the model number with all the people around) for $1549, and FS 2000 5.56×45 for $2999, and AR pistols for $1499.

I talked briefly with Dan at Grumpy’s Guns (very cool guy).  He had an interesting handout on America’s hunters along with the full details on the proposed Feinstein AWB.  It’s pretty scary and has nothing to do with recent events.  It’s just a back-door gun-grab, implemented in multiple stages.

Viking Armory had ammo on sale, specifically 5.56 M855 2000-round packs for $2000.00 .  Winchester Nato 9mm 500-round packs were $200. They had a DPMS TPR on sale for $1550.

Ballistic Firearms was a new vendor for me.  They had several Glocks on the table and a Gen-4 G23 was $649.  A Gen-3 G17 was $599.  I don’t think so.

The Gun Zone advertised a price drop on all Colt AR’s – $2499.  Hmmm … not too much of a drop.  LWRC M6-A3 was $3499.  Not bad.

Strong Point Tactical impressed me as new vendor.  I liked the Mossberg JIC they had on display.

Silenced America was another new one for me.  Very cool suppressor display along with a great handout on suppressors and legality.

I don’t remember Graves Guns from past Ft. Worth shows, so I’ll add them in the new category.  They sold Jiminez Arms, Taurus, and Rugers.

LAW483 sold rifle stocks.  I had not seen them before.

Of course, the bright neon orange shirts were at the show, but I did not see any new shirts.  Most of them were wearing the Zombie Antidote shirt that I liked, but am not willing to pay twenty bucks for.  And, I don’t like neon orange.  They were advertising a free CHL class with most gun purchases.

Premier Armory had several nice Sig pistols on display, including a 1911-22 for $359 if you like 1911’s and are looking for cheaper trigger time.

CJS Enterprises had a number of nice Mossbergs on display and an FNAR-20 for $2400.  I also saw a Windam Weaponry AR for $1999.

Unique Guns and Collectables was a new vendor (at least I don’t remember them).  They had a Hi-Point .40 cal carbine on sale for $339 and a Kel-Tec PR-22 for $489.

I spent some time talking with Pat Harrington at Shotgun Blasters, mostly about my build, but we both drooled over the new Saiga-12’s he had on display.  He was also conducting a drawing for one of the more extreme models in his collection.

Olympic Arms featured a 300 OSSM with a scope and four mags for $3500.

The most interesting firearm in the show was from Boberg Arms.  Essentially, they incorporated a Bullpup-type design into a compact 9mm.  This provides a longer barrel with a carry profile similar to a typical .380.  Bullets in the magazine slant downward and load front-to-rear.   The trigger pull is very smooth and felt like a light, double-action revolver.  There are also some interesting recoil-reducing features that you can read about in this review .  Pricing and availability might be a turn-off for a lot of people.

I asked about armorers and third-party suppliers and got a response that was more talking around the issue than a simple, no there are not any at this time.  The hammer for me was kind of a turn-off; it made me feel like I was dry-firing a toy gun, but that’s just first impression. I would need some serious range time to formulate any decent opinion of this product.  Serious kudos, though, for thinking outside the box.


All the usual suspects were present.  I purchased some .44 magnum FMJ’s from GoodToGo Ammo and some more Hornady XTP’s in .44 from Alamo Ammo.  Very nice prices at both places.  Biggest problem with ammo seemed to be selection.  It’s getting more and more sparse every week.  Of course, the worst is 5.56, .308, and 300 BLK, but a lot of the popular pistol calibers are either completely sold out or only cheap brands remain.

Very interesting that I can find lots of Hornady XTP’s in 357 Sig at 124 gr., but no one has the 147 gr. in stock.  [Update – I actually found one box left at Cabelas, right after the show]

Knives and Non-Lethal

I can’t remember if Survive and Defend is a new vendor for Ft. Worth, so I’ll mention that they had a cool selection of throwing knives.  Mikes Cutting Edge had everything from basic blades to batons laid out on their tables.  Kousins Kustoms had several very intimidating blades on display along with paracord bracelets.  I believe Gideon Personal Protection was new and they sold the typical collection of sprays, foams, stun guns, stun flashlights, batons, and even animal repellants.


Survive Tomorrow Supply is a regular and I noticed they were really promoting Ready Fuel packets, which I don’t remember from past shows.  Prepare Now Outfitters is still one of my favorites and they had more Bear Gryls stuff on display than in the past.  Texas Ready was one of two vendors selling seeds (Essential Seeds is a regular).   Doomsday Outlet is another regular who handed out coupons for 5% off first online purchase.   Prepper Helper was a new vendor, featuring the Katadyn water filters for hikers.  I thought the TurboFlame product at Survivor’s + Supply was pretty cool.  I thought about picking one up on the way out, but they were sold out on return.  That’s what I get for thinking.  DRS Survival was another new vendor.  They cater to the survivalists, campers, and climbers.  They gave away very nice orange bags with cards and stickers.  Southwest Summit Adventure Outpost was a repeat, but they had a large collection of MRE boxes that was new in their display along with the Katadyn and Aquamira filters.

 Well, that about wraps it up for part II.  In the final part of this review, I’ll cover holster vendors, lights & optics, CHL/Training, and the infamous ‘other’ category.