Ft. Worth Dec 30 2012, Part III

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the final installment in a three-part review of the Premiere Ft. Worth gun show on Dec. 30, 2012.  The previous two parts of the review may be found here.

Part I

Part II

I’m breaking the reviews into categories for these larger shows, so this segment starts with ….


Kangaroo Carry was new to the Ft. Worth show.  I talked briefly with Austin Davis, who mentioned they are currently doing more volume in a week than they did in a month earlier in the year.  ProTecht was selling no-rust bags.  Pretty interesting.  Victory Holsters sold concealed-carry holsters for civilians and LE.  There was a Diva Sleeve vendor and lots of female traffic at the table.  The remaining holster vendors were regulars.

Lights and Optics

Most all the vendors in this category were regulars.  Panther City Tactical was new and they sold Fenix tactical flashlights.  Explore Optics was a regular with a new display of very large sporting scopes.  I saw Prestige Optics in Houston and they were promoting Osprey scopes in Ft. Worth.  Night Vision Technologies sold both scopes and NV headgear.


I’m pretty sure I saw Redneck Buddha at the last Ft. Worth show, but it seems they always deserve a mention.  They were promoting the NRA first steps pistol class.  I still like their motto, ‘speak softly and carry lots of ammo.’  I’ve seen Armada at Lewisville and one other show, but I can’t recall them from Ft. Worth.  Nice business card.  I like the QR code on the back.  Firearms Training of Ft. Worth offered all-women training classes, with classes in pistol, rifle, and shotgun.  Spouses of emergency responders get a 20% discount.  Safe Gun Academy offered a show-only special of one training session (length not specified) for purchase of a CHL class.  A Girl And A Gun promoted girl’s night out and their breakfast-and-bullets programs.   Lone Star Protection Solutions had a nice handout and offered a beginner/intro pistol class for $69, one-day CHL’s for $89, and renewals for $55. They have a wide variety of courses available online.  Winchester Gallery is a well-established range, but I don’t remember them from prior Ft. Worth shows.  CHL’s for $125 and renewals for $70.  I need to check out the range some day.  And, speaking of ranges, David Prince of Eagle Gun Range was handing out cards.  The range is awesome.  I’m a gold member.  I’m surprised that ShootSmart was not at the show.

Miscellaneous or ‘other’ vendors

I saw Duke’s Steel Targets in San Antonio and I believe they are new for Ft. Worth.  I purchased some swabs from Right Solutions Store.  Several engravers were repeat attendees, but Jose Valencia Studios was new.  Incredible wood stock engraving.  Your Eyes featured a variety of cool-looking eye protection.  Brigade Armory displayed an impressive collection of books and CD/DVD.  I think DFW Security was new and I liked the selection of home-security products.  AirSoft Marketplace had one of every type of airsoft gun on display (spring to electric – and I watched a kid getting his M-16 off as I walked past).

Gun Safes had a wide variety of safes on display from micro-vaults to the really big ones.  I almost bought a GunVault 2000, but I could not get a price initially, and then when I returned, the kid handling the transaction was unable to make change.  I guess I was too small to warrant attention.  Won’t buy from them again.

BodyGuard Sports was a repeat vendor, but I don’t remember them selling the LaserLyte training cartridges in the past.  Texas Border Volunteers is a repeat vendor, and I had a very nice discussion with their rep. as I plan on volunteering in the spring.  I saw MagLoader in San Antonio and I believe they are new for Ft. Worth.  Their product really helped my wife make the transition from a 22 LR mag in a S&W M&P 22 to a single-stack .380 Sig P238.  She now loads entirely by hand.

A new vendor (without a name or business card) was selling Bore Store silicon-treated (soft) gun cases.  The American Gunsmithing Institute is showing up at more shows and I don’t remember them from the last Premiere show in FW.  They had the usual CD/DVD collection on display.

I believe American Eagle Targets was new and their big feature was steel plate targets.  On the subject of targets, Outdoor Products is at a lot of shows, including Ft. Worth.  My favorite is the guy in a ski mask with a raised AK-47 in the left arm, aiming a handgun straight at you.  Rumor has it that the guy under the mask is Sunny Puzikas (one of the Spetznatz in Deadliest Warrior).  I still have some of those targets at home, so I did not buy any more.  I did, however, purchase some wicked, flat, fold-out Zombie targets from Southwest Ammunition.

I first saw Outdoor Life Church in Lewsiville.  I think they’re new for Ft. Worth, but I may be wrong.  SOBSkulls was definitely new.  They do custom carvings into actual animal skulls.

Now, onto tacticool products.  National Slingshots Corp. had a lot of slingshots and ammo on display, the most interesting of which was the model with four bayonets attached.  I guess that makes it an assault slingshot???

Probably the most unique item in the show was from an unmanned table (no-name vendor).  They were selling glass gun cases that featured ‘In case of Zombies, break glass’ stickers.  Some sample guns were inside and it was a great schtick.

Eco Solar had some wicked Invicta watches on display.  Firearm Accessory Warehouse was back from the Lone Star show and I think they added some new T-shirts to their already awesome collection.

One vendor was selling autographed Ranger and Cowboy player pictures.  Uhhhh … why?  I think you might have to pay me to accept an autographed Ranger/Cowboy player photo these days 🙂

Tactical Medical Supply was back from Lone Star with their tactical iPad cases.  Didn’t get a price, though.

I think Mission Tactical was new and they had a pretty nice selection of vests, carriers, and plates.

I noticed that for the second or third show in a row, Larry Lights are marked up to $12, although you can get two for $20.  WTF?  All the hype is supposed to be about AR’s, not Larry Lights.  Give me a break.  Please don’t pay more than $10.

There were the usual collection of vendors selling coins, jewelry, and food, and I can’t remember if the Fudge Lady in Texas was at the last Ft. Worth (Premiere) show.  The United Patriots Union is a conservative PAC that was new for the show along with Moore Security that rounded out the collection of new gun safe vendors at the show.

I spent just over four hours at the show.  One the way out, I noticed people still streaming in at a steady pace, but there was no line and no indication of the heightened traffic from the prior day.  This was a great way to end the year and I hope calmer, measured heads rule the day during 2013 and that we can attend many more great shows in the coming year.

Thanks for your support during 2012.


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