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This is the second installment in a multi-part review of the DACA Market Hall gun show on January 5, 2013.  In part I, I reviewed the location, parking, line management, and began the firearm vendor reviews.  In this segment, I’ll complete the firearm and ammo vendors.  Please remember that listed prices are for cash-only transactions.  An additional fee applies for credit cards.

Things That Go Boom

I talked briefly with Oscar at Republic Arsenal and he indicated that distributors are pretty much sold out and it showed in his offering at the tables.  Only thing left were a few Sigs.

Glocks were not priced at Ft. Worth Shooter’s Supply.  They did have several S&W M&P’s in .45 ACP with various options, priced from $550 to $625.  An M&P Pro 9mm was on display for $695 along with an OD M&P .40 for $725 (tricked out).  An M&P 15 ORC plus scope sold for $1595.  The also had Saiga-12’s on display for $1695 in addition to their usual layout.

Robert Burke (The Sig Armorer’s) tables were packed and I barely had time to shake hands.  He had a few Sig’s on display, including a P229-R for $745 and a basic 229 for $595.  Pretty cool that you can order a firearm and get high-quality armorer work all performed from one (very nice to work with) vendor.  The trigger work he did on my wife’s P238 was exceptional.

Love’s Guns had a Savage Arms XP  in 270 Win on display for $395 and another model in .308 for $378 – basic models, no mods.  They also displayed quite a few used revolvers in addition to NIB Glocks, such as a G21 gen 3 for $575.  Several Sig 1911-22 models were on display in the low $400’s.

Hellz Firearms is a vendor I’ve only seen at the Market Hall show.  Just think Goth and Guns.  Throw in gas masks and plenty of piercings and you get the idea.  They had Bushmaster entry-level models on sale for $2800.  I didn’t stick around too long 🙂

GunsToGo was selling gen-4 Glock 23’s for $599 and gen-3 models for $549.  A Gen-4 G17 was $599.  Moving up the scale, up you could get a PS 90 for $2995 or a Saiga-12 for $1799.  Saiga’s look to be even more jacked up than AR’s.

S.W.A.T FireArm’s tables were largely empty by the time I arrived.  There were a few AR’s left that seemed to be basic models in the $1500 to $2K range.

CJS Enterprises had a Savage 10BA in .308 that caught my eye.  It sold for $2295.  If you want some cheap trigger time in an AK platform, they had AK 47-22’s for $399.  An FN P-12 12ga was on display for $599 and an AR-30 in .338 LM was on display for $2295.  Now, that’s what I call a rifle 🙂

For what was probably the fourth show in a row, Rock River Arms was pretty much empty when I walked by.  They still had some AR-15 uppers on display, but pretty slim picking’s at the RRA tables.

Texas Gun Shop displayed everything from derringers to revolvers to lever-action rifles to 1911’s to over/under shotguns.  A lot of people were crowded around when I walked by, so I didn’t get any prices.

Texas Gun Collector’s Association displayed some vintage revolvers that would set you back well over $2K if you’re into the collecting thing.

RidgeLine Guns claimed reduced prices for DPMS models and a basic AR could be had for $1499.  One model with a RRA A2 carry handle sold for $1999.  This is now the second show I’ve seen at least one vendor use the term ‘reduced’ in tandem with AR’s.

Gun Toyz seemed to have their usual layout on the tables, including Roni pistol-to-carbine conversion kits, 50- and 100-round drums for Thompsons and extended-capacity 9mm drums.  The Sonic Defender earplugs seemed new.

Military Gun Supply sold SlideFire systems along with plate carriers and plates for $450 and up.  A Glock 35 gen 3 sold for $619 and a gen-3 G22 was on display for $459.

S.A.W had a very typical layout at the show.  A few price points include a Springfield XD .45 ACP for $529, a XD 9102 .40 for $429, an XD-M 9mm Tactical Model (stainless) for $748, and they always have an interesting selection of guns you won’t see in a lot of places, including a 9 1/2″ barrel Ruger KSRH-9 revolver for $739. An HK MP5-22 was on sale for $539 and a H&K 416 pistol also chambered in 22LR was on display for $529.  A basic Bushmaster was on sale for $1799.

Armadillo Guns was back (no, I have not visited the range) and the Escort Pump shotgun (made in Turkey) seemed to be new for them.  It was selling for $275.  Lots of vendors selling Turkish-made firearms these days …

C&S Firearms was a repeat vendor with a display pretty much the same as I remembered from the prior show.  The 22 Magnum rifle they had on display for $360 seemed to be new.

Wilson Combat had a table or two (or more accurately, a vendor advertising Wilson Combat) and they sold Ed Brown 1911’s (various models) in the low to mid $2K range.  A Wilson X-TAC Commander was on sale for $2695.

I always have to hold onto my wallet when walking by Bachman Wholesale.  I did a good job of resisting temptation, and the following hardly scratches the surface of their expansive offering.  In Glock-land, a G29-gen 3 was on sale for $589, a Gen-3 G20 for the same amount, a Gen-3 G21 for $639 and a G21 SF with night sights for $689.  A Gen-3 G32 was on display for $539 along with a Gen-3 G17 with night sights for $639.  A couple Sig Rainbows caught my eye since my wife has a P238 Rainbow.  Theirs sold for $589 while a P239 Rainbow was on display for $799.  A Remington 870 7-shot model was on sale for $349 and basic Colt M-4’s were listed at $1999.

Clifford Hopkins Sales had a wide variety of custom shotguns on display in the $900 to $1300 range.

On the subject of shotguns, Bad Ass Shotguns was back with a nice layout, including a Remington 870 with a custom stock/pistol grip, Tru-Glo optic, tactical rail, tactical forend, light, and a bayonet for close encounters of the bad-guy kind for $999.

Two rifles really caught my eye at The Gun Zone.  They had beautiful water transfer print jobs and fluted barrels.  The Black Rain Fallout in .308, 18″ barrel was on sale for $3599 and the 5.56 model with fluted, 16″ barrel was on display for $3999.  The also had a S&W M&P-15 for $1799 and a DPMS MK-12 in 5.56 for $2199.

SpreadFire Arms sold a Mossberg Tactical 8-shot with ghost ring, collapsable stock, and rail on the forend for $525.  A plain Mossberg 9-shot was on sale for $489.  A Colt M4-Socom II was on sale for $3799 and the LE 6920 was listed for $2999.

Grumpy’s Guns displayed a Beretta Nano for $449 and a Kahr CW45 for $399.

Premier Armory had several nice Sig 1911 models on display in the $900 to $1100 range.

Classic Colt Firearms sold Colts, of course, as well as Glocks. At Gen-4 G22 was on sale for $569, a G17-L for $719, and a Gen-3 G31 for $650.  A Colt M4 LE6920 went for $3339 and I saw an M4 Carbine with what looked to be some upgraded furniture (hard to tell with all the people around) for $3543.

I believe 4 Tech was at the last Market Hall show, but can’t remember for sure.  I like their motto, “When a rock just won’t do”.  They had a Remington 870 Custom on sale for $875 with scope and a light.  A custom-made AR in 5.56 with a bipod was listed at $1649.


Most of the usual suspects were at the show.  Master Class Bullets sold both factory ammo and reloads.  The Ammo Man featured factory ammo in very beat-up boxes.  They looked heavily re-packaged, so I didn’t bother with them.  Dallas Reloading Service was a repeat vendor and they sold mostly reloading supplies plus a small selection of factory ammo.  Alamo Ammo was back and with some apparently new selections.  You could feed your .50 BMG with Hornady 750 gr for $79.95 a box.  Of course, no .223 and only the low-end practice ammo was left in the popular pistol calibers.  Good thing I stocked up on .44 mag XTP’s from them over the last few weeks 🙂  Ammo 4U had Remington 9mm 115gr boxes of 500 rounds on sale for $187.  A 20-round box of Hornady 10mm in 155gr sold for $25.95.  GoodToGo Ammo was sold out of .223 and some pistol calibers when I walked by.  Scott told me about some bozo that purchased several bags of his .223, then went to a gun show and resold them for about a 2X markup!  Buyers beware!  I picked up some .380 FMJ’s for my wife and then moved on.  AmmoKan was at the show and had a pretty sparse selection when I walked by.  They did have some 250-round cans of  230 gr.45 ACP FMJ’s remaining for $118.

My strangest encounter in the ammo category was Texas Wheeler.  I don’t remember them, so I looked to see if they had any .357 Sig so I could get a box to try out.  I made a couple notes along the way, and then one of the women came up to me and thrust a card at me, then said, “Here’s a card if you want to write stuff down,” then she huffed and puffed and turned and walked away.  The other woman came up to me and said, “I wouldn’t have done that – she’s the nice one,” implying that I should not be taking notes at a gun show.

LOL – now that’s a real trip.  You may think I’m a competitor, but even that’s not an excuse for copping a pathetic attitude.  As it happens, I spend thousands of dollars a year on merchandise at gun shows.  It’s pretty bad form to piss off a prospective customer (and I was seriously looking for some .357 Sig), but it’s even worse to cop a ‘tude in front of the guy who reviews gun shows, who will post how much of an asshole you were to the entire world.  So, if I were you, I’d bypass Texas Wheeler at any show and head on over to the GoodToGo Ammo sign.  You’ll get high-quality ammo for a respectable price and you will absolutely love talking with Scott and Jennifer.

Well, that’s a pretty good stopping point for part II of the review.  Tomorrow, I’ll continue with a variety of other categories and thanks again for your interest and support.