DACA Market Hall January 5 2013, Part IV

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the final segment of a four-part review of the DACA Market Hall gun show on January 5, 2013.  Links to the previous three parts of the review can be found here

Part I    –   Part II    –   Part III 

This post wraps up the complete review and begins with a small category,


Double Tap Leather appeared to be a new vendor and they looked to have high-quality products.   Diva Sleeve vendors are cropping up at every show now and they always seem to have one or two women around their table when I walk by.  And, a few men standing in the background 🙂  The Concealment Shop sold the typical pistol packs in nylon or leather, still in the $50 to $65 range.  G’s Holsters was also a repeat (a good selection of Uncle Mike’s holsters).  They also had a sign of Obama with the title, ‘gun salesman of the year.’

El Paso Saddlery displayed a pretty impressive collection of leather belts and holsters.  I’m not in the market for one right now, so I didn’t stick around to get prices.  Supreme Western Products had a wide variety of gear on display, including western-style leather holsters.

WallyWaldo Gear sold Safariland holsters in addition to 5.11 gear.

Another vendor sold a rather unique-looking, dual-pocket belt-style holster that is IWB and worn low around the waist.  The vendor did not have a sign or a card, and this was towards the end of my 4 1/2 hours on the floor, so I will wait until next show to get a price and more info.  Or, I might just buy one and do a full review.

There were a few other holster vendors, but once again, no sign, no card, no review.


I am in the market for a safe, so I was anxious to see how many vendors were at the show.  The Canon Safes vendor was running a show special for a 25-gun (1-hour fireproof) model for $1,149.  Security Products specializes in custom safes and vault doors – even entire vault rooms.  Way out of my price range, but an interesting display at the show.   The Safe Guys were back and really pushing the Winchester safes.  Heritage Safe Company was offering clearance specials on some pretty large models.  Even the special prices were well into the four figures and you would only be interested if your gun count was in the dozens.

The Texas State Rifle Association raffled away a very nice safe (tickets were $20).


If Doomsday Preppers is one of your favorite shows and you fret about the lack of shows devoted to prepping, then quit fretting and go to a large gun show.  There were one or two vendors selling Wise or Thrive (and a small collection of supplies), but remember the business name/business card rule.  No name, no card, no mention.

MatchCo was back at Market Hall with their unique firestarting system.  My wife and I purchased one at the last Market Hall show.  Pretty interesting product and it slips easily into any hiking or bugout bag.  Survive and Defend is a regular at these shows and they display lots of nonlethal and non-firearm SD options from crossbows to dartguns and supplies to stun guns and SOG knives.

CWC Shelf Reliance sold largely Thrive products.  FoodSecurityBuckets.com sold Wise food buckets as well as regular vendor Survive Tomorrow Supply, who was heavily featuring Celox packets for stopping all varieties of bleeding.  Smoke and Fire Defense had the usual layout of nonlethal SD items.  $15 bought you a complete blowgun kit, which may be our only SD recourse if imbecile politicians have their way in Washington.

SRS Distributors was a new vendor at the shows and they displayed the Rocket Stove, a device that produces high heat with minimal signs of combustion (flame/smoke) from a wide variety of fuel sources.  I might have to pick up the backpack -sized version and do a review if I see them at another show.

LECOR sells survival products to both civilian and LE markets.  Go bags, bars, IFAK, lights, 5.11 gear, and even solar chargers.  You name it, they probably sell it.

Tactical Medical Bags is one of my favorite vendors.  The vendor is a great guy to talk with and there is a wide variety of medical gear, water purification (Berkey filters), and other supplies to choose from.  Get on his mailing list and get regular coupons for $5 off any $50 or higher (total) purchase.

Brad and Lynett Ghormley sold Thrive products along with Shelf RelianceRed Horse Supply was back with their survival cave food.  Still handing out samples and they taste just as good as the last show 🙂

Backwoods was a new vendor and they had a variety of small, pre-packaged kits in waterproof containers.  I purchased a $12 kit for the center console of my car.  Pretty nice buy for the money.

WeaponsAreUs.com was a new vendor that sold survival gear, edged weapons (including machetes with paracord handles and Zombie-themed handles), and cool T-shirts.

South Summit Survival was back with a large layout and they gave away a catalog of all their gear.

National Slingshot Corp. was back with the usual slingshot and ammo display along with survival gear, lots of medical supplies, cordage, sprays, and other nonlethal SD items.

Miscellaneous or ‘other’ vendors

If you brought the kids, then I hope you brought money for toys.  Tom’s Toy Box had a cool selection of toy choppers on display and Sturdi Guns sold wooden toy guns.  Another vendor (who did not have cards when I came by) had a large collection of toy race cars and leather racing jackets spread across a wall.

Another nameless vendor had the most massive collection of firearms-related books I’ve seen at a gun show spread across a couple dozen or so tables.

Army Surplus sold pretty much what their name says, everything from uniforms to vests to even gas masks.  Rockwell Honda had ATV’s on display as well as the Gun Boot rifle case for ATV’s.

Bullets and Bibles is a regular at a lot of shows and they have antique Bibles on display as well as tools and medical supplies.  ATS was back again with a nice selection of 5.11 and Propper gear. The back of their card was a coupon for 10% off any purchase of $25 or more.  Got to hold onto that one 🙂  Tactical Use Only had an online special for their tactical iPad case if you collected a business card.

The Airsoft Supply Marketplace did not seem to have as large a selection as other shows, but they did have a large selection of patches.  Red Horse Supply sold lots of Magpul gear.

There was the usual line of people around Big State Distributors buying mags.  I settled for a speedloader case for my two revolver speedloaders.  Lee’s Gun Parts sold accessories and components for everything from M-1’s to AR’s.   Jane’s Tools was back with their usual selection to tools, cleaning supplies, and related products.

Solar-products vendors included Solar Life (phone chargers) and No Power – No Problem with a variety of small-scale solar chargers.

ESmokeOne sold electronic cigarettes and since it was a gun show, they topped off the display with airsoft pistols and paracord bracelets.

ProTecht sold some interesting rustproof bags and they had a show special – buy a rifle bag and get a small pistol bag for free (or a larger one for $1).  I decided to try it out and may post a review in the future.

Custom ear protection vendors included Shooter’s Plugs (my wife and I both have these) and db Specialties.  Lone Star Sports Optics took care of the shooting glasses for you.

SweetShooter’s CLP was back, but I have not had a chance to try their product.  Same goes for Safari Charlie Gun Lube Plus.  Nice citrus smell and a very impressive brochure.

Ken’s Engraving was a regular and he now does custom engraving of walking sticks.  The work is always impassive.

Clips, Grips, Etc. sold a variety of clips, as well as Hogue and Pachmayr grips.

Madjac’s Body Armor was back and prices were the same as in prior shows.

Paradise Antique Currency was back with caps, flags, hats, patches, and even min-cannons.  Other repeat vendors include Texas Law Shield, Texas Border Volunteers, Right Solutions Store (sculptures to tools to copper bracelets), Ion Security, DFW Security (home security products), and Polymer Grip Profiling (custom grips for polymer pistols),

RDR Firearms (in Garland) performs Ceratoke finishing on pretty much anything that accepts a finish.  Speaking of finishes, TexasHydroCoating.com was a new vendor and they specialize in water transfer printing.  Custom Duracoat Finisher did just that, duracoat finishes, and they sold AR parts/accessories along with knives and exploding targets.

Gladney Enterprises specialized in military memorabilia.  I’m not in that market, so I did not check out prices.  I am in the market for some 3″ (shotgun) patches, and I always find what I need at Red Dragon.  They have tactical gear and even some optics in addition to cleaning supplies.

In the category of vendor with the coolest name in the show, that goes hands down to Z.A.N.T, the Zombie Apocalypse Neutralization Team.  They were the vendor in the Ft. Worth show that had a separate table displaying the glass cases with the ‘In Case of Zombies, Break Glass’ stickers.  Of course, the T-shirts were wicked, but I ended up purchasing a rifle bag from them for my tactical shotgun and 9mm carbine.

In the category of you would never expect at a gun show, The Monolithic Dome company ran away with that one.  They had some pics of very high-tech models that look nothing like your stereotype of a geodesic dome.  Interesting handouts and maybe this one belongs in the prepper category?

In the category of completely not firearms related, Hernandez Welding displayed some very cool fire pits that averaged about $350.  There were some jewelry, candle, and scent vendors that I’m not even going to bother with.  3 Dirty Dogs is definitely worth a mention with a variety of food and products for our furry friends.

The Texas State Rifle Association had a multi-table layout of information and, of course, DACA had over a dozen tables spread throughout the show, mostly showing collectibles.

I want to end the review on a positive note.  One of the new vendors (from Rockwall) was Infidel Body Armor.  I generally do not order products over the internet if I can purchase from a small business at a gun show since I really like helping local, small businesses.  I do purchase products while working on my reviews, and it’s generally small stuff that fits in my backpack.  I purchased a plate carrier from Infidel later in the afternoon as that’s something I have to carry directly to the car.  As it happens, I was $10 short on cash.  Now, a lot of vendors would have made a snide comment like, “well, the ATM is right there,” and expect me to pay an exorbitant fee to withdraw a small amount of cash.  The guy at Infidel simply smiled, took what I had, and gave me the product.

Now, that’s how you make a customer for life 🙂

Well, I hope this gives you an idea of the breadth of vendors at the Market Hall show.  At least 80% were repeat vendors and were positioned at the exact same location as the prior show.


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