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This is the final installment in a two-part review of the Premiere Corsicana gun show on Jan. 12, 2013.  In part I, I reviewed the location, show opening, and most of the firearms vendors.  Since this is a small show, I’ll complete the firearm vendor reviews in this segment and place all other vendors together, in a single category.

Things That Go Boom

Dodge Shooting Supply was a vendor I had not seen before.  They sold a Century Arms C93 w/2 mags for $1250.

Florey Arms was another new vendor (for me) and I saw a Jiminez Arms 9mm for $209 along with a .380 model for $139.

Guns and Stuff had guns as well as stuff, including Airsoft, concealment purses, and holsters.  A pretty cool-looking AK-47 Airsoft was on sale for only $40.  For the real thing, they had a couple .380 models including one from Cobra Firearms for $140 and another from Phoenix Arms for $130.

In the category of you don’t see every day, one of the unnamed vendors sold a 9mm Uzi for $3000 and I saw a .50 Beowulf for $1800.  I also found an MKA 1919 12 ga semi-auto with five mags on sale for $1000.  Interesting stuff for such a small show.

Everyone Else

There simply were not enough vendors at the show to warrant the typical multi-category review, so I’m lumping everyone else into a single section.

Probably the most interesting ammo vendor was Accu-Rite.  It’s nice to hear someone behind the tables explain ammo to buyers who actually knows what he’s talking about.  Not only that, I heard the same guy insist on ID from a younger buyer later in the show when I walked by.  So, if you think gun shows are all about shady transactions and people bending or ignoring rules, think again.  I rewarded them by purchasing some .380 for my wife and a couple boxes of Hornady Zombie Max 12 ga 00 buck.  They had .223 (new) 55 gr in bags for $105.95 per 100.  9mm Nato was priced at $22.95 per 50.

Another ammo vendor gave me the ‘we don’t have business cards, only sell at gun shows, just took our web site down’ crap, so I blew them off and walked over to Prairie Land Ammo.  Small table, nice guy.  He sell reloads.  A bag of 50 in .380 was  only $13, so I purchased a bag for my wife. We’ll see how it shoots.

.223 was hard to find.  One vendor had a 200 round pack on sale (Prvi) for $226.

Bush Kinfe Sharpening was at the show.  In addition to sharpening services, he had machetes on display for $10 and $12.

Red Dragon was new to this show and I almost always buy some sort of supplies from them.  I resisted temptation during this show, although I almost walked out with one of the new UTG pistol bags they had on display.   There was a single jewelry vendor and a couple food vendors – Just For Nuts and Don’s Smoke House (jerky).

Big State Distributors was another new vendor at this particular show, although they are a regular at other Premiere events.  Their Glock mags were marked at $59, along with Ruger mags in the $25-$40 range.  AR mags (30 rnd) sold in the $25-$50 range (the latter for Magpul).

Custom Ear Plugs was at Corsicana and I don’t remember them from the prior show I attended.

The exploding targets were on display by Effective Product Marketing and CC had the same layout as the prior Corsicana show; gold, silver, copper, blah, blah, not interested at those prices.  The copper stuff is the most ridiculous.

I suppose there were three vendors in the prepper/nonlethal category, Texas Ready Seeds, Sandra Girouard selling Thrive food products, and Family Defense Gear with everything from stun guns and batons to sprays.

Knife vendors included handcrafted models by H.J. Girouard and Baxters Cowboy EmporiumDawson’s Knives was a Premiere regular that made an appearance at this show.   Louis & Bell Custom Leather sold Cold Steel knives, machetes, axes, and SOG tactical tomahawks for $45-$65.

Ken’s Engraving made a debut at this show and in addition to sample engravings (which were awesome), they now sell Universal holsters.  I guess that’s a good example of diversification 🙂

In addition to TSRA at the entrance, the NRA had a table at the very back of the exhibit hall.

Explore Optics is a Premiere regular who also made a debut (at least to my knowledge) at this show.  They had a lot of scopes on display as well as red/green dots in the $99 to $300 range.  New to me was the NatureSmart stainless light, 240 lumen and very compact for $39.95.  I also noticed spotting scopes (don’t remember those from prior shows), 15-45×60 for $249 and 20-60×60 for $299.  Pretty interesting.

Leather holsters by Lewis Bell were on display, but I did not see any prices.   You could really get your Cowboy on, though.

If you’re into the art thing, Shelly Katz had a number of prints from the photography collection in the Library of Congress.  The collection was titled, “A Step Back in Time.”

A safe vendor had a wide variety of Cannon safes on display.  A bare-bones, 25-gun model sold for $649.

Black Umbrella Tactical (tactical gear) is a brand new vendor and this was their first show.  I enjoyed talking with them and hope they do well.  Hydration packs were on sale for $35 along with a variety of paracord bracelets, priced at 2 for $10.

Even small kids could get in on the action with a vendor that sold rubber band guns.  He did not have business cards and didn’t seem to want to talk, either.  Yeah, that’s a great way to make sales 😦  Take your kids to someone who doesn’t behave like a dweeb.

I exited the show at 10:50AM.  Traffic was still pouring in, but there was no line.  Premiere had people in the lot directing traffic, which helped a lot with me getting out of the parking area.  I noticed a LOT of buyers at this show along with some interesting firearms.  I can’t see coming back to this small a venue, though, as it’s just long enough a drive to be bothersome and I would need to see vendors and products that are not readily available in closer shows.  Corsicana did take a step in that direction, but they need a larger venue to make this more than just an interesting, local show.