Tyler Jan 19, 2013 Part I

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the first part of a multi-segment review of the Tyler, TX gun show (sponsored by Lone Star Gun Shows) on January 19, 2013.

Well, this was a good way to celebrate gun appreciation day – take a road trip!  I found the drive to the Harvey Hall Convention center quite relaxing.  I think the Google maps directions were a little out of the way and I might make a slight alteration to the route if I ever visit this show again.  Still, it was easy to find and parking was free, if you could find it.  I knew I was in for a long day when I saw the small size of the building and the massive number of vehicles in the lot.

I arrived at 9:30 AM and was pleased to see police patrolling the parking lot on bikes.  I stowed my guns and ammo in the car safe and worked my way towards the building to get a clear picture.


Now, that building looks extremely small, but the show takes place in two halls as well as the separating hallway.  So, I would say it’s nearly the size of Lewisville by the time you take all the space into account.  I did not discover this until shortly after entering at 10:30AM.  Why the hour wait?  Well, take a look at the line.


The line is to the left of the first picture, so you can imagine how many people were waiting to enter over half an hour after opening.  Because of the massive attendance and the relatively small venue, the show organizers have no option other than let people inside at a snail’s pace.  Otherwise, instead of complaining about the line, we would complain about the inability to move with too many people inside or how the show was shut down by the fire marshall.

This is the second Lone Star show I’ve attended (other than Ft. Worth).  I noticed a family vibe at the Lone Star Ft. Worth show that continued here.  Lots of couples and small children were waiting in the cold with me.  Good thing the sun was out 🙂

After an hour in line, I paid my fee to the single person processing payments, got my hand stamped and then looked over the layout.  As mentioned above, there are two exhibit halls, one set of restrooms and a well-hidden concession area in the hallway behind the restrooms.  The show is dog friendly.

I started in the exhibit area adjacent to the entry since entering traffic was vectored immediately to the left.  Exiting traffic was directed to the right of entry.  Since this is my first online review of the Tyler show, I’ll do a full vendor review by category, but only for vendors that had signs on their table or business cards.  I don’t report on private dealers or people that don’t take the time and effort to at least look like a business.  Otherwise, it’s not worth wasting your time.

Let’s begin with everyone’s favorite category (it is, after all, a gun show)

Things That Go Boom

Prices listed are for the show only and for cash transactions.  These are just snapshots of either well-known models or things that caught my eye so that you can gauge pricing trends show-to-show and get an idea of vendors you may wish to visit at your next show.  As always, vendor reviews are in random order so don’t read anything into the order of the listings.

S.A.W. is usually in Mesquite with a pretty large layout, however, they are located just off Hwy 80, so I was not surprised to see them at Tyler.  The first item I saw of interest was a Century Arms PAP-M70 (AK-47) w/2 mags, listed for $1099.  Next up was an LMT LM8 MWS (AR in .308) for $3899.  A Sig M400 (16″ 5.56) in FD Earth was on display for $2399 along with a FN Scar 16S in 5.56 for $3699.  Once again, I saw the two high-capacity shotguns right next to each other, a Kel Tec KSG 12ga 16-shot for $2499 and the UTS-15 for $1399.

Speaking of shotguns, they had a Benelli M4 on sale with a pistol grip and ghost ring sights for $2199.  Moving onto pistols, they had a Glock 21-gen 4 with Meprolight sights for $649, a G32-gen 3 for $549, a gen-4 G21 in FD Earth for $629, a G20 SF with night sights for $649, and a gen-3 G31for $499.

A Sig 1911-22 all black could be purchased for $388 or you could get a P238 Extreme w/2 mags for $599.  The P238 Zombie edition (the only way I would ever carry a .380) was on sale for  $649.  A P220 with night sights was on display for $799 and I saw a nice 1911 Extreme on sale for $899.

Moving into Smith-land, an M&P 40c was on the table for $489 along with a wicked .40 Viking Tactics model for $649.  A 625 revolver sold for $829.

Other items of interest included a Desert Eagle in .50 AE for $1499.  If you run out of ammo, it makes a great club.  A Kimber Desert Warrier (1911 in .45 ACP) in Dark Earth was on sale for $1289.

The Gun Zone had a wicked-looking H&K MP5 in 22LR with suppressor on display for $599.  A Taurus 6.5″ revolver in .44 mag (TRS-2-440069) sold for $569.  A Ruger GP100 was on sale for $549 along with a model 3470 SR-40 for $499.  A Sig P226 Extreme was on the table for $899.  I saw a DPMS AP4 LR-308 with 2 mags for $2499 along with a Rainbow Ordinance 5.56 16″ with a nice skulls water transfer paint job for $3999.

I saw Stone Chimney Creek last week in Corsicana.  They were at Tyler with a Marlin XT-22 in .22 LR for $275, a Rossi M92 (20″) in .45 Colt for $449, a Mossberg 715T for $350, and an Olympic Arms (5.56 16″) for $1100.  A Rock Island Armory 1911 Tactical in 9mm sold for $469 along with the Remington R1 Enhanced for $799.  A stainless Sig 1911 with night sights was on display for $899 and I saw a Smith M&P 9c for $489.

SlideFire had an M&P 15-22 with suppressor on display for $529 along with a nice-looking Mossberg JIC (500 Cruiser) for $429.  They also sold Lake City Custom Ammo in .223 (55gr Hornady soft point) for $80 per 100.

C&S Firearms was a familiar vendor with a familiar layout which included a Taurus Judge (poly) for $430 and the stainless model for $575.  A G22-gen 3 was on sale for $545 along with an FNS-9 for $650.

Unique Guns sold a Colt M-4 (basic model) for $2499 along with an entry-level Bushmaster for $1999.  An XD-M 9mm 3.8″ was on sale for $629 along with a 4.5″ model in .40 S&W for the same price.  I saw another Desert Eagle in .50AE for $1399.  A Taurus Tracker revolver in .22 mag was on display for $489.  Also in revolver-land, they had a Ruger LCR in .357 for $499, .38 only for $429, and .22 for $429.

Pollok Arms Company sold a Mossberg 715T for $320, a Rem 877 Nitro for $490, an SAR Arms USG 12 ga with ghost ring sights and pistol grip for $499.  A Windham Weaponry .223 was on sale for $1799.

K.K. Sales had a Glock 9mm 50-rnd drum on sale for $199 and I saw a Hi-Point JCP .40 for $219.

Graves Guns sold a G21-gen 3 for $539 along with a Bersa Thunder for $299.  Some cool 2-shot 9mm Cobra derringers were on the table for $159 along with an M&P 15-22 in OD for $650.

Open All Season was a new vendor for me.  They had an M&P 22 on display for $349, a Bersa in .380 for $363, a Mossberg 500 with a nice water transfer job, pistol grip, and shell holder for $510.

R&R Defense kind of fits in two categories, gun sales and preppers.  Their firearms selections are mostly Mossberg Tactical and Remington shotguns.

Superior Pawn and Gun was an interesting vendor.  Get a gun or a loan all at the same place.  They had an entry-level Bushmaster on sale for $1299, a DSA M4 (16 ” 5.56) for $1299, a Mossberg 930 for 549, and a Benelli Nova (used) for $359.  I saw a G21-gen 3 for $549, and a nice-looking Henry Golden Boy in 22LR for $439.  A Savage Arms Axis in 30-06 was on display for $299.

There were numerous unnamed vendors and private sales tables, although I did not see much interest.  I talked with one person around 11:40 AM while I was eating and he had several nibbles on a Ruger AR (I believe it was an SR-556), but no bites.  A lot of people were positioned by the wall in the first hall when I left and it appeared to be the same group as when I entered.  I noticed markdowns as well, including one guy who had a DPMS AR in .223 marked down twice to $1250.  The tide seems to be turning.

Well, that wraps it up for part I.  Tomorrow, I’ll cover ammo and other vendors.