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This the final installment in a review of the Tyler, TX gun show (promoted by Lone Star gun shows) on January 19, 2013.  In part I, I reviewed the location, exhibit halls, entry, and firearms vendors.  Today, I’ll begin with everyone’s second most favorite category,


I first saw Daryl Pocock Ammo at the Houston GRB show in December.  I don’t remember cleaning kits at that show, but they had several pistol and rifle kits on display in Tyler.  And, yes, ammo as well 🙂  Rem .380 UMC for $27.95 per 50.  Magtech .380 for $24.94 per 50.  Hornady Zombie-max 9mm was $29.95 a box and a box of Winchester White Box 110gr .357 magnum sold for $43.95.  In 357 Sig, they had plenty of the Hornady XTP 124 gr., ($27.95) but no 147gr.  125 gr. Speer Gold Dots sold for $29.95 a box along with Winchester PDX1-Defender 125 gr. for $34.95 a box.  They had Critical Duty in 175 gr. 40 S&W for $39.95 per 20 and a box of 50 for $89.95.  You could get your .50 BMG off in Hornady 750 gr. for $124.95 a box.

I purchased two boxes of Winchester 3″ 000 buck ($9.95) and a 10-pack of Winchester PDX1-Defender 12 ga slugs.  The reps were really good about checking ID.  At my age, I wish someone would ask for id when I purchase ammo …

Southwest Ammunition was a familiar vendor and I noticed some new stuff including pepper spray, White smoke bombs at $1.00 each, Tannerite for $7 a lb and $23 for 4lb.  They also had some nice Zombie targets for $1 each, but  a bit too expensive for my taste.  I can get them in 10- or 20-packs at other shows for $0.75 per target or better.

Dallas Reloading Service sold .223 55gr V-max, once-fired brass for $90 per 100 in bags or $425 per 500.  .223 55gr soft point was  listed at $78 per 100 or $385 per 500.  .223 FMJ’s were sold for $75 per 100 or $370 per 500.  They also had Zombie-max 9mm (25 rnd) boxes for $26.95.

Full Mag Sports was a new vendor for me that sold ammo ranging from pistol calibers to .223 and 300 BLK in bags, but none of them were marked, so I just walked on by.  Same story on their web site – “Full Mag Sports Manufactures Qualilty Ammunition @ Great Prices” followed by a call to order number.  Yeah, right.  Homey don’t play that.


WRB Concealment was a familiar vendor from past shows and they seemed to have the usual layout on their tables.  The pretender holsters (IWB with the belt clip masquerading as something other than a clip) and the wallets with clips seemed new.  I didn’t see much in the way of custom holsters from named vendors.   Kenzie’s Optics sold a Yukon mini varmint hunter for $549, a Ghost Hunter mono rifle scope for $399, Ghost Hunter NV goggles for $599 and NV binoculars (I want one of those) for $569.  Sightmark reflex sights were on display for $90 to $200 and a Viridian Green laser/light combo was on the table for $279 (C5L) and $329 (X5L).

BlackGunStuff sold an AR red dot battle pack (light/laser/optic) for $1495 along with some other cool accessories.  ExploreOptics is everywhere.  They had the Techlite 200 lumen, 150 yd. flashlight on sale for $20.  In addition to spotting scopes that I reported on in the past, they had binoculars on sale( 12×50 for $299.95 and 8×42 for 199.95).  I saw a lot of NatureSmart lights, 150 to 1200 lumen, priced from $24.95 to 149.95.  POP’s Shop was at Tyler with a holographic red dot/laser combo for $105 along with their usual layout.

Brickhouse Arms Depot kind of fits in two categories.  They sell firearms, ammo, and tactical equipment.  Bulldog holsters were on display for $12 and up along with a Bushmaster AR for $2000.

Brooks Leatherworks sold gun purses and fanny packs.  I liked their Outback vests at $59.95, but didn’t want to spend the money right now.  I’d prefer a new vest that had some sort of concealment capability (say mag holders inside), but does not look like a SMFV.


Not much for the preppers at this show.  KLK Family Shelf Reiiance sold Thrive and I saw a couple vendors selling Wise foods.  A few unnamed vendors sold some interesting-looking knives, and there were custom models from Ken Harris and BR KinvesSurvive and Defend had the usual display of nonlethal gear along with some interesting throwing knives.

Melissa Smith aka Survival Chick had a nice layout of paracord bracelets and t-shirts.

Miscellaneous or ‘other’ vendors

Outdoor Products was positioned at the end of the first exhibit hall.  In addition to the usual selection of targets, they had a variety of range bags on display in the $25 to $60 range. I saw an Explorer B-3 bag priced at $37, so I purchased one.  A Pro Shooter’s Bag (Ace Case) was on display for $79.

Lone Star Tactical Solutions specializes in customizing AK-47’s and Rugers.  They also sold bipods, slings, and other accessories.

There was only one armorer at the show – Jack Tipper (The Glock Guy) and one CHL/training vendor, Shelton’s Concealed Handgun Classes.  They advertised new classes at $80 and renewals for $60.

Athens Liquid Print specialized in water transfer printing to pretty much anything.  Lots of printed crosses spread across the tables.

Security Products had some really large safes on display.  A 1200 lb. model that held 38-49 guns sold for $3016.

Food vendors on the floor included Jerky Hut, Don’s Smoke House, and Bubba’s Smoked Meats.  There were a few jewelry vendors along with a Scentsy vendor, and the usual collection of coin/collectable vendors.  Dallas Arms Collectors Association had several tables of collectable firearms, but I didn’t have time to hang around and look at prices.

I ate a very nice chicken sandwich at 11:40 AM and there was still a long line out front.  I exited the show just after 1:05PM and there was still a line outside, but at least it was down to less than 50 yards 🙂

Overall, an interesting show, but not sufficiently different from say, Lewisville, to make it worth the drive again.  I might do it if the show was held in the spring, for the scenery and to check out the nearby Tyler Rose Garden, but I’m not standing in that line again just for the show.