Rock Your Glock: G35 Barrel in G31

Posted: January 24, 2013 in General
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I actually got more email about my G31 with extended barrel in yesterday’s review of the MicroVault MV500 than about the vault itself.  I’ve mentioned this mod a few times before and it seems to raise eyebrows even though it is not original.

Here is a pic of my G31 with a Glock 35 357 Sig conversion barrel by KKM Precision.


If you visit KKM’s site, you will notice that they do not offer an extended barrel for the G31.  You can, however, use the G35 barrel (standard length is 5.3″) in the G31.  It literally drops right in and I’ve experienced no issues in nearly a thousand rounds to date.

Now, before you run off and buy a G31 barrel to drop into your G32, there are some limitations with barrel compatibility.  Differences in locking block and locking lug angle do not allow the G31 barrel to be used in the G32.  You may, however, use a G32 barrel in a G33.

I think there are one or two barrel compatibility charts online, but here is one I created for my own purposes. Note that some of these fits work for both the standard caliber and conversion barrels. I can, for example, use a G35 .40 S&W barrel in my G31 (yes, I do have one) to shoot 40-cal from my G31. The 357 Sig conversion barrel works just fine as shown above.

I listed these by increasing model number.

G17L fits G17, G34
G19 fits G26
G22 fits G31
G23 fits G27, G32, G33
G24 fits G22, G31, G35
G27 fits G33
G31 fits G22
G32 fits G23, G27, G33
G33 fits G27
G34 fits G17
G35 fits G22, G31

And for those wondering, that’s tennis grip tape on my S&W revolver. I used it to build the grip up just a bit and it gives a familiar feel, which is nice when you’re on the receiving end of .44 magnum loads.


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