Lewisville Jan 26-27 2013, Part I

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the first segment in a multi-part review of the Lewisville, TX gun show on Jan 26 and 27, 2013. Since I’ve already reviewed Lewisville once, this review will be structured differently. Instead of the normal vendor breakdown by category, I’ll focus on new vendors and price points. The review is also different from my personal perspective. I do buy items at almost every gun show, but mostly supplies, ammo, and items I purchase for future product reviews. This weekend, I decided to engage in some serious shopping. The narrative coming out of Washington is so naive and so slanted toward irrational justifications for a blatant agenda that I decided the best way to flip Feinstein the tweety bird was to buy another gun.

Although I absolutely love my short-barrel .44 magnum revolver, it is not suitable for all carry configurations where I want a modest shot-capability/large caliber option. So, I’ve had my eye on a pocket .45 ACP for some time. Thin is a BIG consideration in my choice, so that means single-stack. The Glock 36 is not bad at all, especially since I’m familiar with Glocks. I’m not sure about the G30S and it really does not matter since I have no expectation of being able to find one in the near future. I’m also not a Glock fanboy and I wanted to branch out into another brand, so after some extensive review I decided to look hard at the XD-S. On Friday evening, I test fired an XD Compact .45 and it shot quite well. Felt recoil was less than full-on .357 Sig, so I kind of figured that felt recoil from the XD-S would be in between .357 Sig and .44 mag (more towards the .357 end).

Unlike other shows where I attend for only one day, I visited Lewisville both days. I was a gun buyer and partial reviewer on day one and mostly a reviewer on day two (I did pick up a couple items). So, I’ll get all the pictures and overview of the two days out of the way in this segment and provide pricing updates tomorrow (and Wed. if we need more space).

So, let’s get started. It’s a dreary, but not too cold Saturday morning, so there won’t be that many people wanting to stand in line for a gun show, right? Ha! You knew the answer before you even finished reading. I arrived at 8:30 AM and here is the line, approaching from the north side.


This is the first Lewisville show that I’ve ever seen the line wrap around the corner before 8:40AM.  Since space is in short supply, it’s now the big fad to have your displays outside the show.


I need to have a mobile coffee stand I can push around the lines (maybe sell breakfast food as well).

Speaking of stands, Airsoft Supply had theirs right out front.


So, how far did that line wrap around the building?  At 8:30 it was all the way around to the other side, past the vendor entrance on the east side.


Now, here’s a new twist.  You can prepay tickets online, and historically  the only advantage is that you save a buck.  You can save the same amount by subscribing to the email list and receiving a coupon or saying the ‘magic word’ (which varies from show to show – usually listed on facebook or twitter) when you pay.  I did not see one for  this show.

Premiere allowed prepays to stand in a separate line for early entry, although I did not see this advertised on their site.  So, purchase your ticket online for the next Premiere show and we’ll see if this trend continues.

The line extended well over a hundred yards behind me by the time the show opened.  I was able to get in before the promoters were forced to control entry (limit number of people inside at one time), so I made it inside about 9:15AM.  After an ammo purchase, I scouted all the gun vendors to check prices and availability of the XD-S .45.  I eventually purchased a nice bitone model for $679 from Republic Arsenal (my regular supplier) along with two +2 mags.

Oscar mentioned that Springfield and other vendors are not ramping up production until after the current legislative uncertainty is resolved.  This results in an additional squeeze on supply and you know what that’s doing to prices.  Vendors are, however, competitive about getting rid of current inventory.  I did not see any real gouging; it’s just that whole supply/demand thing.  I’ll get to price updates tomorrow.

Buyers seem to be different show-to-show.  I talked with Pat Harrington from Shotgun Blasters who noted less shotgun interest than the prior week in Mesquite.  I also noticed far more attendees fondling handguns than long guns.

I purchased ammo (.44 mag., .45 ACP, and some .380 for my wife) from Good To Go Ammo.  They were already sold out of .233 by the time I arrived, which was approximately 9:20AM.  I also purchased some .45 Critical Defense from Alamo Ammo.

I left on Saturday shortly after 1PM.  There was still a line, but only wrapped around the corner.  Premiere was forced to limit access to the building before 10AM.  I talked to Oscar at Republic on Sunday and he told me that Premiere reported 7000 attendees for the Lewisville show on Saturday.  And, I saw a lot of them filling out 4473’s.  Traffic was so bad for a while that S.A.W. shut down pistol sales (all their handguns were covered) since they did not have enough reps. to handle the inquiries.


I returned on Sunday at 1:30PM and stood for about ten minutes in the ‘controlled entry’ line.


Premiere was very good about enforcing rules on no gun sales outside the show grounds.  One of their reps warned two people while I was in line.

GoodToGo Ammo must have sold out because they did not return on Sunday.  Their spot was taken by a private-sales vendor.

I stayed until 3:45 PM and tomorrow I’ll update you on price trends.

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