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This is the second part of a multi-part review of the Lewisville, TX gun show on Jan 26-27, 2013.  In Part I, I reviewed the location, traffic, show opening, and my search for and eventual purchase of an XD-S .45 ACP.  I briefly touched on some of the vendors, although most of them were Lewisville regulars (or at least present at the prior reviewed Lewisville show).  There is little to report on new vendors for this show.  I did see a couple new knife vendors, but traffic on Saturday was so bad that it was very difficult to move around and I had enough difficulty collecting firearm pricing information.  So, I regret to report that I ignored knife/safe/holster and most ‘miscellaneous’ vendors at this show.

Now, I could not ignore The Fried Pie Lady who was a new resident of ‘The Man Cave.’  If I were to come home from a show without a coconut fried pie (when she is there), I would be kicked out of the apartment.  So, that was a necessary Saturday purchase.  She did not return on Sunday; I suppose she sold out as quickly as Market Hall.  My wife is a happy camper and I’m still writing reviews from the comfort of my apartment.

Another newbie for The Man Cave was one of my favorites, Proxmia Outdoor Supply.  They had some very cool tomahawks on display (some with paracord-wrapped handles) in the $40 to $75 range.  I thought the best one was the Smith and Wesson extraction and evasion Zombie model (alas, my money was reserved for the XD-S and ammo on Saturday).

S.W.A.T. Firearms was a repeat vendor with a new offering.  They are now milling their own lowers for $349 and are currently taking orders at either shows or online.  They also have cool t-shirts and this one seemed to attract the most interest during the show.


I talked with Kelly at Omega Survival Systems for a few minutes, hoping that he finally had the QuakeKare bars available for sale.  He told me that as soon as he received his first shipment, another customer bought the entire lot before he could even get them to a show.  So, I’m still waiting 😦

I checked with the Crimson Trace Grips vendor about a laser for my XD-S.  They do have a LaserGuard for the XD-S, however, it’s currently out of stock.  I checked the CT site and the price is $219 and they are OOS as well.

On Sunday, I finally had a chance to talk with the rep from ProServ.  He was very cool and I think we both enjoyed the break from nonstop show traffic.  Speaking of breaks, he cut me a nice one on a shemagh scarf.  Never hurts to have a backup in your day pack 🙂

I purchased some .45 ACP snap caps from Red Dragon on Sunday.  The lady next to me bought one of their last tactical vests.  Everyone is getting seriously geared up.  Speaking of gear, I looked at Madjac’s Body Armor, but did not see any plates.  I will be in the market for front/back pates over the next couple of months.  Didn’t see any Molle pistol holsters at the show, either.

The Optics Place is a repeat vendor but they had a new handout which is a nice marketing vehicle for a show, especially a packed one.  Their entire line was broken into categories (scopes, tactical sights, tactical accessories).  The back side listed their mounts by model.  They also advertised that they are looking for gun show dealers in east/west Texas, Kansas, and Missouri.  If you are interested, their site is TheOpticsPlace [dot] com.

The usual suspects were at the show offering training and such.  I did not see any show specials for CHL’s.  Some vendors (like Crazy Gun Dealers) are still offering free CHL classes with a handgun purchase.

Okay, let’s move onto the fun stuff.  .223 is still hard to come by at ‘good’ prices.  GoodToGo Ammo was sold out in less than 20 minutes from opening the door.  I don’t know how long it took as I didn’t have much time to talk with Scott when I purchased my .44 mag and .45 ACP bags.  People were literally pushing against one another to grab ammo bags for purchase.

For this show, GTG sold .233 as follows

JSP:  $48.04 per 100, $238.34 per 500, $475.75 per 1000

HP: $55.43 per 100, $275.20 per 500, $549.65 per 1000

FMJ  $41.57 per 100, $206.00 per 500, $411.09 per 1000

Ammo4U sold M855 penetrators in containers of 500 rounds for $499.  .233 FMJ was listed at $64.95 per 50.  Since I just purchased a .45, I spent more time looking at that caliber at ammo companies.  They had C.O.P. (Copper Only Projectiles) for $29.95 per 25.  I don’t know anything about the brand, though, so I intend to order Barnes-X from Buffalo Bore.

Speaking of .45, Alamo Ammo had WWB 100 value packs (230 gr) on sale for $47.95.  185gr Hornady Critical Defense was $29.95 per 20.  Federal 5.56 FMJ (55 gr XM 193) was listed at $349 for 250 and $1300 for 1000 (in bags).  They were out of 22LR on Sunday.

I’ll get started on firearm pricing updates here and finish up tomorrow.

In addition to the XD-S .45 I purchased from Republic Arsenal, they had a Colt SP 6920 on sale for $2499.

CJS Enterprises sold a Micro Desert Eagle (first one I’ve seen at a show) for $429.  An XD-M .40 Compact was on display for $625.  I saw a Sig SP 2022 for $449, an FNS 9mm (3 mags) for $599, an FNS-40 (3 mags) for $599, and a Sig 516 Patrol in FDE for $2999.

CYA had the Gun Tool on display, but it was unmarked.  The manufacturer’s current online special is $24.99 (order two or more for free shipping).  Don’t know how much shipping cost is otherwise.  They sold a Sig 1911-22 in OD for $429, an FNS-9 for $639, a Glock 29 SF for $599, a gen-3 G30 for $599, and an XD-M 9mm for $519.  A PW Arms AK-47 with a custom wood stock was on display for $1499.  A basic M&P 15 went for $1699, a DPMS 5.56 A-15 was on the table for $1699, and I saw AK pistols for $1099.

Well, that’s a good stopping point for part II.  Tomorrow will finish up the review with the remainder of the firearm pricing updates.