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This is the final installment in a multi-part review of the Lewisville gun show on Jan. 26 and 27, 2013.  Links to the previous segments of the review are provided below.

Part I

Part II

This post completes the firearm pricing updates.

Blackland Outdoor Sports had a Colt M4 (LE 6920) on the table for $2499, a Mossberg 715-T for $309, and a Chainsaw for $469.  Once I saw one in Corsicana, it seems like Rossi Ranch Hands are cropping up at every show.  You could get one in .357 mag for $399.  They are manufactured and sold as handguns, not an SBR.  If you want a real handgun, then an M&P 40 was on sale for $549, an FNS-40 for $629, and XD 40 Compact for $529, and an XD 4″ in .357 Sig for $449.  A Ruger LCR in 38 sp with a laser sold for $549 and in Glock-land, you could buy a gen-4 G22 for $649, a G21SF for $649, a gen-3 G27 for $649, or a gen-3 G31 for $579.

S.A.W. displayed a Kimber Super Carry Pro for $1399 and an Ultra CDP for the same price.   A Tactical Pro II in 9mm was listed at $1199.  A Grand Raptor 2 in .45 was on display for $1398.  They still have the Sig P238 Zombie on the tables and the current price is $799.  A Beretta 92 FS was on sale for $749, a 92 A1 for $649, and an Alleycat for $398.  A Glock G17L was on the table for $899, a gen-4 G21 in FDE for $679, a gen-3 G22C for $589, a gen-3 G17C for $599, a gen-3 G22 in FDE for $529, a G30SF for $679, and a gen-4 G22 for $589.  An FS2000 was on sale for $3899, along with a Century PAP M92 for $899.  Prices are on the rise for the exotic shotguns.  The UTS-15 with sights and a muzzle break was on the table for $1899 and the Kel-Tec KSG was priced at $2399.  A Ruger SR-556E model 5912 was listed at $2299, a Sig RM 400 in FDE for $1999, and an FN Scar 17S for $5599.

Independence Firearms sold a LWRC M6 for $3499, a Daniel Defense M4 Carbine (16″ 5.56) for $2199, a Sig M400 for $1995, and a DPMS A-15 for $1599.  AK pistols were on sale for $799 and I saw an FS 2000 on the table for $2499.  In Glock-land, they had a gen-3 G32C on sale for $649, a gen-4 G31 for $589, a gen-4 G22 in FDE for $649, and a gen-4 G35 for $684.

Past And Blast had a gen-4 Glock 22 on the table for $649, a Citadel 1911 in .45 for $499, a Sig P229 for $889, a Sig P220 for $827, a Ruger LCR-22 for $369, and a Walther P99C for $589.  I saw a Taurus Judge (all black) for $439 and an H&K P30 w/2 mags for $795.  A Ruger M77 with bipod was on a table by itself for $859.

I missed a couple firearms from Republic Arsenal yesterday.  In addition to the XD-S I purchased, they had an XD-M in .40 4.5″ for $639, a Colt SP6920 Sporter for $2499, and a Bushmaster E2S for $1899.

Premiere Armory had the Sig .22LR conversion kits for various models on sale for $249.  I saw a 1911-22 for $559, but what really caught my eye was the STI Spartan 1911 with punisher grips for $699.

I mentioned S.W.A.T Firearms yesterday.  They had Stag Arms AR-15s on display in the $1495 to $1695 range.

Ridgeline sold a Ruger LCP with LaserMax for $509, a gen-3 G17 for $699, an FNS-40 w/3 mags for $599, a Khar CM-40 for $399, and a Sig P226 w/night sights for $899.

D’oh, I missed a few from CYA yesterday.  They had a Mossberg 715-T on sale for $329, AK pistols for $0199, a Mossberg 500 with pistol grip for $449, and a Bushmaster Carbon 15 listed for $1499.

I asked Crazy Gun Dealers about an XD Compact in .45 and they did not have any in stock.  They pointed out a Taurus model, but were very respectful of my decision to purchase either an XD compact or XD-S in .45.  I appreciate not being given a hard sell.  Speaking of selling, their layout was dramatically reduced from past shows.  I saw in ISSC MK-22 with varying furniture in the $599 to $699 range, a Mossberg 500 with adjustable stock and shell carrier for $499, and a 500 with pistol grip only for $399.  An FNX-45 sold for $799, a Browning 1911-22 for $599, a Remington 1911-R1 Centennial for $999, and a Glock 36 for $599.  All purchases still get you a free CHL course.

Bad Ass Shotguns was back with some bad-ass shotguns.  A Mossberg 500 with 18.5″ barrel, forend light, shell carrier, and folding stock was on the table for $649.  A 500 with 20″ barrel, adj. stock, and two shell carriers sold for $499.  A 500 Zombie model with a breacher and pistol grip was on sale for $499.  A cool-looking 500 with 18.5″ barrel, forend light, heat shield, adj. stock, and shell carrier was listed at $999.

Gun Toyz displayed the Sig AC conversion kit, Zombie Edition for $489.  A Roni SBR conversion kit sold for $359 (Glock lowers), and I saw a Sig Stoplight tactical light and light/laser combo, but they were unmarked.

Classic Colt sold an M&P 40 for $549, a gen-4 G22 for $629, a gen-3 G35 for $685, a G36 for $599, a gen-3 G30 for $659, a G34 for $799, a gen-3 G22 for $549, a gen-3 G31 for $632, and in Sig-land I saw a P220 Elite Scorpion for $959, a P226 w/night sights for $989, and a P238 Scorpion for $609.   A Colt AR 640 9mm carbine was on sale for $3000 and an M4 LE 11678 in FDE was listed for $3543.

C&S Firearms had a Mossberg 715T on sale for $425 and a Windham R-16A4 for $1595.

A2J2 Sales had an ATI M-1911 GI Model on the table for $459, along with an ML Model for $459.  A Beretta Nano sold for $429 w/2 mags.

Just for the time I was at the show (which was over seven hours across both days), private sales did not seem to go all that well.  I watched over a dozen people exit the show while i was in line on Sunday with their guns still in hand, and several of the signs indicated markdowns.

Well, that wraps it up for a packed Lewisville show, with massive (record) attendance on Saturday and lines/controlled entry throughout the day on Sunday.  Hope to see you at another show this coming weekend.