The Nation’s Gun Show Feb. 9, Part II

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This is the second installment in a multi-part review of The Nation’s Gun Show in Chantilly, VA on Feb. 9, 2013.  The show is advertised as the largest in the state and is sponsored by C&E Gun Shows.  In part I, I reviewed the location and general vibe of the show.  I also compared it to the original Ft. Worth gun show and began coverage of the firearm vendors.  In this segment, I’ll wrap up firearm vendors and then move onto other categories.

Tactical Ridge Guns had a Remington 870 Tactical 18.5″ with Magpul stock on the table for $879 along with a Century PW87 lever-action 12ga for $579.  Haven’t seen on of those before 🙂  The AK 47 PAP was on sale for $999.

E.S. Ramey Firearms sold a Sig 1911 Scorpion for $1049, a bi-tone Khar CM40 for $429, and a Bersa Thunder Compact (all black) in .45 for  $459.  A DPMS 16″ AR-15 A2  PCAR sold for $1799.  A Colt 6900 5.56 was on display for $1599 right beside a Stag Arms (looked like a Model 4) for $1799.  A DPMS Sportical sold for $1299.

Dale’s Guns sold a Taurus Tracker .44 magnum for $589, a PT 940 for $429, a PT 1911 5″ for $699, and a Beretta 92FS Compact  9mm for $699.  They even had a Rossi Ranch hand (.44 and .357 mag models).  The .357 model sold for $499.   I keep remembering old episodes of ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ every time I see one.


[courtesy of Steve McQueen online]

Damascus Gun Shop sold a Colt M4 Socom in 5.56 for $2799 along with a CZ 75B 9mm (2 mags) for $520.  The same price also got you a 75 Compact 9mm with two mags.

Dark Sun Surplus had a Mossberg 500 cruiser with pistol grip on display for $359 in .410.  The 12 ga model was $369.  A Mossberg 590 A1 20″ sold for $599 and a RIA 12 ga pump was on the table for $199.  A Savage 350 18.5″ 12 ga was priced at $249 and I saw a Maverick 88 20″ for $239.  A Colt Government Carbine in .223 was priced at $2299 and they had Windham Weaponry AR’s (R16 M4) in .223 for $2299.  A Colt 6920 ran for $2599.

I finally saw some Springfield XD’s at SWV Firearms.  An XDM .40 3.8″ sold for $639 and the same price got you out the door with a 9mm 3.8″.  An XDM in .45 5.3″ sold for $799 right beside an XD Tactical (.45 5.3″) for $578.  I saw a Sig P220 Elite Dark on the table for $1099 along with a P229 Scorpion 4″ for the same price.

In the category of you don’t see this every day, Historic Arms Corporation had a full-auto M60 on display for $39,500.  If that’s too steep, you could walk out the door with a semi-auto version for $14,000.  Still too much?  They had some tricked out AR’s in 5.56 and 300 BLK ranging from $2450 to $2895.

W.A.R. Rifles had some beautiful, custom bolt-action models on display, but no prices.  Their specialty is custom builds and they gave away show special coupons for 10% off barrel threading or refinishing.  They had a very nice 4-color price sheet for all their services along with a link to their web site.

I also liked the Thomas Jefferson quotes they handed out,

“The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

Tactical Accessories was a Glock Armorer and apparently firearms vendor.  I didn’t see any Glocks, but noticed a cool Bushmaster with LaserLyte tac light, and an ACE stock for $2499.

Finally, in the category of coolest thing at the show, I really liked getting my hands on a KRISS Vector SDP in .45.  If you had $2499 plus tax in your pocket, you could have walked out the door with it, courtesy of SSG Tactical.  Okay, I’d rather have the KRISS Vector than the Rossi Ranch Hand.

As I indicated earlier, there were lots of smaller firearm vendors and I did not have time to cover all of them.  My apologies to anyone I missed; it means nothing more than I ran out of time.  I hope to be fortunate enough to review this show again in the future.

Very interesting, though, that the selections for all vendors were so heavily weighted towards Taurus.  If memory serves, Taurus is located in Miami, so maybe it’s an east cost thing.  Next most popular vendor seemed to be Sig Sauer, followed by Bersa and Beretta.  Like I said before, good luck finding a Glock.  That’s another contrast between this show and Ft. Worth.  I think you get much better variety and selection for your show dollars in the Lone Star State [ha ha, I know I’m biased].


I saw very few named ammo vendors.  The big dog of the show seemed to be .  This was the first show in months that I’ve actually been able to find 147 gr. Hornady XTP in .357 Sig.  $24.95.  Hardly gouged, so I’d say it was worth the trip already.  They sold WWB .40 S&W 100 round value packs for $52.95.  The C.O.P (Copper Only Projectiles) 185 gr. .45 ACP I saw at Lewisville recently sold for $18.95.  I think the low price given the current environment for a solid copper round tells me something about the round as a whole and it’s not good.

Continuing with .45, Rare also sold 200gr PMC 50 round boxes for $34.95.  Hornady TAP projectiles were $27.95 a box and they had Critical Defense (185gr) for $29.95.  I like to regularly rotate carry ammo into my practice drills, so I picked up a box.  They had a large supply of bulk ammo in pistol calibers – one offering was S&B 124 gr FMJ for $444.95 a thousand.  Bulk purchases seemed to be the order of the day and I had to wait almost as long in line to purchase ammo as I did to get into the show.

Aardvark Laboratories had an interesting display of all varieties of big bore and rifle ammo in custom, plastic containers, but no prices listed.  I didn’t have time to find out more about them.

One of the infamous unnamed vendors sold Remington V-Max 50gr .223 for $25 a box or $225 for ten boxes.

I’ll stop here for part II.  Tomorrow, I’ll finish off ammo and remaining vendors.

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