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This is the final segment in a review of The Nation’s Gun Show in Chantilly, VA on Feb. 9, 2013.  The show is advertised as the largest in the state and is sponsored by C&E Gun Shows.  The two prior segments of the review may be found here.

Part I

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In this segment, I’ll finish the ammo vendors and remaining categories. was an interesting vendor.  They had .223 tracers in strippers for $85 per 20.  You could get your .50 BMG off for just $4 a round.  5.56 Winchester Ranger 62gr sold for $25 a box of 20.  20 rounds of PMC 5.56 X-TAC cost $18 and American Tactical 5.56 steel penetrators, 62 gr ran for $25 per 30 rounds.


There were more optics vendors at the show than I had time to report.  I spent most of my time at firearms vendors, so this category really suffered.

I will throw somme props to the only familiar vendor at the show, Kenzie’s Optics.  I talked briefly with Keith Smith, but had to tear away after a couple minutes to drool over the Digisight N550 Pulsar night vision scope for $1399.

Flashlight Outlet was a cool vendor.  Larry Lights were on sale for $12, 2 for $20.  They also had NightCore lights on sale.  The MH 1C model (550 lumens) sold for $89.95.  The MT2C (360 lumens) was priced at $47.95, the EC2 (320 lumens) was on the table at $66.96, and the EA1 (180 lumens) was on display at $51.95.


VigilantGear displayed a variety of gear for urban and general outdoor survival.  I wish I had more time to look over their merchandise.

Forbidden Knowledge sold Dosimeters, which is something you don’t see at many shows.  Several models were available in the $40 to $85 range.  They had a very nice handout with all their prices which included everything from survival food to gas masks to water purifiers.


This is another category that suffered from my two-hour time limit.  I completely ignored knife vendors, although I did spot the Cardsharp (looks like a thin credit card, but folds into a small blade and handle) knife at VigilantGear for $20.  They also had P12 friction lock batons for $40.

Black Wolf Protective Services had everything from stun guns and batons, to swords, to C2 Tasers for $399.  You could even choose from a variety of colors.


I did not see many vendors devoted to concealed handgun or other training; it was very much a stuff-you-can-get-your-hands-on type of show.  Only vendor I saw during my two hours was Discover Shooting Now.  They offer general firearms training as well as VA, FL, and UT CHP courses.  They had a $10 show discount for all courses.


I know I missed some vendors in this categories, so I’ll repeat my prior apologies.  Time limits are time limits. sold an interesting IWB hoister.  The padding conforms to your body and is no doubt comfortable, but not thin. They had a very nice display and demo area.

Universal Holsters sold the Hide-It holsters; yes, they’re everywhere now.

SharkTac sold kydex holsters and knife sheaths.  Their show special was customized holsters while you wait.  If I had more time, I would have brought my XD-S .45 into the show and seen how much a custom holster would have cost.  Maybe next time 🙂

Wild Bill’s Concealment was into high-end leather.  Very nice-looking stuff.  IWB and OWB models for a wide variety of pistols sold for $69.95 along with leather mag carriers for $29.95.


There were a few food vendors, but not nearly as many as Market Hall.  I can imagine not wanting to compete with the in-house cafe.  One that really caught my eye was Jerky Pete.  Now, I typically pass by jerky vendors since I don’t eat beef.  They were giving away turkey samples and I had to admit they tasted really good.  I ended up purchasing a 2-lb bag of rotisserie turkey jerky.  Mmmm … delicious.


This category would normally be longer, but the whole two-hour time limit bit me again.  One of the early stops I made was Signs For Shooters.  They have lots of cool signs for target practice, stickers, but I walked away with a cool t-shirt.

One of the infamous unnamed vendors had a massive display of books, similar to the one I’ve seen at the Dallas Market Hall show.

Pelican Rifle Cases had pistol, rifle cases and other accessories on display.  The 1700 model sold for $205, the 1720 model for $225, and the 1750 model was on sale for $235.  These were advertised as show specials.  I googled the 1750 and found prices ranging from the low $200’s to $260.

If you were in the market for body armor, then MaxPro Police and Armor seemed to be the perfect vendor.  They had complete soft and hard vests, along with separate carriers and plates.  Level 4 plates were on special for $699 for two.

One the subject of wearable gear, I liked Western Carolina Tactical Resources.  Their Zombie Hunter sweats would have ben perfect for the outside weather.  They also sold t-shirts and even AR accessories.

Again, my apologies to any vendors I missed.  It means nothing more than I ran out of time.  I left my hotel at 7:45 AM and did not return until nearly 5PM and only managed 2 hours at the show.  Overall, it was a nice one and I hope to return some day.

Even so, there’s no place like home and this event just left me looking forward to the 1500+ table Ft. Worth show next weekend.  I hope to see you there!