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This is the first segment in a multi-part review of the Ft. Worth Gun Show on Feb. 17, sponsored by Premiere Gun Shows.  I previously reviewed Ft. Worth at the end of December and the links to each part of that review are provided below.

Part I –

Part II –

Part III –

Since I review Ft. Worth regularly, this review is in the update format.  I’ll only report pricing updates for firearms and ammo and new vendors at the show.  As always, I only report ‘named’ vendors, i.e. those having signs with their business name on the table and/or business cards.

I did not return from my Virginia trip until around 1PM on Saturday, so I decided to attend the Ft. Worth show on Sunday.  This turned out to be advantageous given reports of very heavy traffic on Saturday.  I heard the line wrapped out into the street, but upon arriving at 9:10 AM on Sunday, it was still well inside the covered area at the front of Will Rogers.

I did purchase my ticket online, but it was not necessary with the more manageable line on Sunday morning.  There is, however, still a way to move up in line at Ft. Worth and that is to check a gun.  Premiere has two gun-check lines, so I brought my XD-S .45.  I stood in the center line for a while until a rep. came out and opened up the second gun-check line.  I quickly moved to #4 in line.

I talked with some very cool people in line, one of which had a classic Smith 629 6″ in excellent condition for sale.  He did not have any luck the day before, but at $650 I would have bought it from him if I had the budget.  I’m glad to report that I ran into him on the floor several hours later – without the gun.

On the subject of gun prices, I’m happy to report the general trend is downward (although not necessarily a return to say pre-election levels), so let’s get started with the pricing updates in everyone’s favorite category.  As always, prices reflect a 3% cash discount and are always considered show-only prices.

Things That Go Boom

One of my first stops was Robert Burke, aka The Sig Armorer.  We talked briefly about the show in general as well as my experience at The Nations Gun show the prior week in VA.  He reported extensive traffic and difficulty keeping Sigs in stock.  He sells both NIB models as well as upgrades to which he has already given trigger jobs and other upgrades.  For example, a new P226 cost $575 and the tuned model was on the table at $675.  Based on the work he did with my wife’s P238, I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for mods to a Sig.

Next, I talked with Pat Harrington at Shotgun Blasters.  I’m pleased to announce that the custom Mossberg 500 build he did for me was so popular that it is now part of his regular line.  Yes, you too can purchase The Predator!  Just talk with Pat at any local show.

The neon orange Zombie Antitode shirts were out in force at Crazy Gun Dealers.  All gun purchases get you a free CHL course.  They had a M&P .45 in FDE on sale for $599 right beside an H&K P2000 for $749.  To give you an idea how things have changed with AR sales, CGD offered 3 free 30-rnd mags as well as 100 rounds of ammo on any new AR purchase.  They sold entry-level Bushmasters for $1495 and a Windham Weaponry w/optic was on display for $1499.  I saw a Ket-Tec KSG shotgun for $2599.  An M&P 15 sold for $1499 and they had Colt M-4s on sale for $1899.  A Springfield M4 Socom II w/rail sold for $2799 right next to an ARI Arsenal SLR-106U for $1199.

A RIA 1911 9mm sold for $499 and a Centennial (.45) right next to it was on the table for $999.  I saw an XD-M .45 full size for $699 and a Ruger SR-40c with CT laser for $549.

Independence Firearms had an XD-M 9mm (4.5″) on sale for $699, which was also the price for a 3.3″ in .40 S&W.   A Sig P238 Scorpion sold for $599 and they had a P239 for $649.  In Glock-land, I saw a gen-3 G22 for $549, a gen-4 G22 for $599, a gen-3 G35 for $629, a gen-4 G35 for $684, and a gen-3 G21 for $549.

A Kel-Tec PLR-16 5.56 pistol was on sale for $899.  $4499 got you a PS90 and Five Seven combo.

I walked past multiple AR’s in the $1800 to $2800 range – there are more choices now at a variety of price points in AR’s.  AK pistols sold for $899 and a wicked LWRC M-6 was on the table for $3499.  I really enjoyed a few minutes of conversation with one of their reps before traffic picked up; they impressed me as nice people to do business with.

I first saw Stone Chimney Creek at  the Corsicana Show.  If you’re interested in some inexpensive trigger time, they had lots of options in 22LR.  A Sig 1911-22 sold for $379 right by a Colt 1911-22 for the same price.  A Sig Mosquito with threaded barrel set you back $359 and a Chiappa M9-22 sold for $269.

Viking Armory had a Bushmaster w/magpul furniture on sale for $1600 along with a basic model for $1400.  A Sig 516 in FDE was on sale for $2300.  A 2 Vet Arms in 300 BLK sold for an even $2000 along with a GSG 522P for $400 if two large is too much for your taste.  I saw an XD-S .45 for $600 (best price yet) and a Beretta PX4 in .40 S&W for $525.  An FNX-9 bi-tone set you back $600.

Grumpy’s Guns (a great place to stop and talk with some cool people or pick up Ballistol) sold a Sig 1911-22 in FDE for $409 and a Carbon Fiber Mosquito (that one looked wicked) was on the table for $399.  A P239 Rainbow was on sale for $984.

I’ll stop here for Part I.  Although I enjoyed the light traffic at opening, people poured in at a steady pace all day.  I had several vendors report record sales for this show, even better than the Ft. Worth Gun Show at the end of December.  That’s always good to hear, both for the industry as a whole as well as local business.