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This is the second installment in a multi-part review of the Ft. Worth Gun Show on Feb. 17, 2013, sponsored by Premiere Gun Shows.  In Part I, I reviewed the show opening and traffic.  I also began the pricing updates for firearms vendors.  In this segment, I’ll continue those updates.

As always, prices listed are show-only and reflect a 3% cash discount.  Always bring the green stuff if you plan to purchase at a show; it does not pay to hit the ATM unless there happens to be a bank branch nearby (as is the case for me at Lewisville).

Ft. Worth Shooter’s Supply displayed an ARI Arsenal SLR-106UR pistol for $1050.  I saw AK pistols for $995 and a DPMS Panther was on the table for $1095.  A basic M&P 15 cost $1295 and a RRA Entry Tactical sold for $1395.

If 22LR is your thing, then an M&P 15-22 would set you back $595 or you could go the pistol route with a Colt Government 1911-22 for $395.

A Springfield 1911 Range Officer in .45 was on the table for $895 and a RIA Tactical in both 9mm and .45 sold for $495.  A Sig SP2022 was priced at $525.  In Glock-land, I saw a gen-3 G22 for $625, a gen-3 G33 for $550, and a gen-3 G23 for $600.

I don’t remember Ellis County Firearms, so I’ll (at least temporarily) add them to the ‘new to show’ category.  They had a used ISCC MK22 for $400 and an M&P 15-22 sold for $499.  A Mossberg Blackwater w/pistol grip was on the table for $399 and a Flex 500 with pistol grip was priced at $459.  A 500 Tactical Pursuader with ATI Stock and shell carrier sold for $499.  I saw an FNS-40 bi-tone with night sights for $589.

Classic Colt had a Rock River LAR-15 w/2-stage trigger for $2500 and an LAR .308 for $3000.  A Colt M4 6920 in FDE was priced at $3543 along with a 6920 MPR for $3589.  A base LE6920 was priced at $2689.  Although Colts are always king here, they also sold Glocks, a gen-3 G31 w/night sights was on the table for $650 along with a G34 for $799.  You could get an M&P 9mm for $549.

S.A.W had a Remington 700 in .308 w/24″ fluted barrel on the table for $1299.  A Colt LE 6921 with LE markings was priced at $3999.  A Colt  SP6920 with Magpul furniture sold for $1699.  An LE6920 OD anodized was on the table for $2899 right next to an LE 6920 in FDE for $3188.

A Sig R556 with quad rail and folding stock sold for $1899 and a used (200 rnds fired) Bushmaster M4A3 was priced at $1799.  An LMT LM8 was on display for $3799 and the OD green FNS 2000 caught my eye (but not my wallet) at $3899.

Once again, I rested the temptation for a Rossi Ranch Hand (I need to get my act together and save up for a Glock 10mm).  But, I could have given into either .357 Mag or .45 LC temptation at $448 and $489, respectively.

A Century PAP AK pistol sold for $885, then I saw a Taurus 425 in .44mag for $488.  A Taurus stainless 1911 in 9mm was priced at $629.

A wicked-looking Ruger KSRH-9 Super Redhawk revolver was priced at $739.  Moving onto more concealable firearms, an LCP-9 w/CT laser sold for $549.

Moving onto Kimber-land, they had a Team Match in 9mm on the table for $1499, a Grand Raptor II (.45) for $1398, a Pro Tactical in 9mm for $1249, a Solo w/laser grip for $1500, and a Pro Covert in .45 w/factor laser grip for $1349.

An XD-M 4.5″ in .40 S&W sold for $599 while a compact .45 stainless was priced at $689.  That one was real tempting.  I already have an XD-S in .45 and S.A.W.  priced their model at $649.

A Sig 1911 Scorpion in FDE sold for $898.

In Glock-land, I saw (no pun intended) a gen-3 G32C for $627, a gen-3 G32 for $599, a gen-3 G20 for $629, a gen-3 G31 for $599, a gen-3 G17 for $649, and a gen-3 G17C for $629.  A gen-3 G22 in FDE sold for $569 and a G17L would set you back $569.  The gem of the collection was a 25th anniversary model gen-4 G17 at $998.

Unique Guns sold a Remington 1911 for $799, a Taurus PT 1911 for $599, an XD-M 4.5″ 9mm for $629, and I’m starting to see more Browning Buckmarks at gun shows now.  Theirs was priced at $399.  A Ruger LCP .380 was on the table for $399 and if you need more firepower, you could pick up a GP 100 in .357 mag for $599.  Want to step back down?  An LCR in .22 mag sold for $499.

Spread Firearms had an M&P 9mm VTAC on display for $824 along with a 9mm ‘carry and range kit’ (Blade-Tech holster and a mag carrier) for $659.  An M&P .45 sold for $599.  A Sig P229 R was on display for $999.

A Colt M4 sold for $2399 next to an M&P 15 for $1599.

I enjoyed talking with Oscar at Republic Arsenal and gave him feedback on my XD-S .45.  He mentioned that Sig P238’s are very hot.  He only had one left on Sunday and it was a Sport (I really liked the look of that one) for $709.  An FNX-40 sold for $599.  A gen-3 G23 was on the table for $599 and the same price got you a gen-3 G27.  An FNH Five Seven in FDE was priced at $1999.  A Sig 1911-22 was on display for $419.  I saw a Kimber Ultra Carry for $1249 and a 5″ Colt 1911 (.45) for $1019.  The XD-S in .45 was on sale for $649.

CJS Enterprises sold a FNX-40 for $599.  A Sig Mosquito (cammo paint job) was on sale for $429.  A Colt Gold Cup 1911-22 was priced at $429.

Quantico Tactical’s tables were pretty bare when I walked by.  They had an FNS-40 on display for $623 and a Springfield EMP (.40 S&W) was priced at $1009.  A Bushmaster M4A3 sold for $1411.

Ridgeline Guns sold a S&W Pro Series 1911 (.45) for $1199.  An M&P .40 in FDE was priced at $569.  An FNX Tactical (.45) in FDE was on display for $899.  In Glock-land, they had a gen-3 G27 for $699, a gen-3 G23 for $699, a gen-4 G22 for $699, a gen-3 G19 for $679, and a gen-4 G17 for $799.

Bad Ass Shotguns had their usual wicked layout, which included a Mossberg 500 18.5″ w/ATI stock, shell carrier, and forend light for $995.  A 500 ZMB model w/breacher and pistol grip sold for $499.  A 500, 18.5″ with pistol grip, shell carrier, and foreend light sold for $799.  The coolest model was a Zombie Killer Remington 870 18.5″ with stock/pistol grip, quad rail, ghost ring sights, a light, and two bayonets for $799.

I’ll finish part II with one of my favorite vendors, Bachman Wholesale.  They had a Springfield 1911 Range Officer on sale for $859.  A 1911 TRP sold for $1599.  In Kimber-land, they had a Team Match 9mm for $1429, and Ultra RCP II for $1219, a Warrior 1911 for $1349, a Pro Raptor II for $1119, a Pro Covert II w/laser for $1479, a Super Carry for $1429, a Custom Carry II for $1229, a Super Carry II HD for $1519, a TLE II stainless for $1119, a Pro Carry II stainless for $929, and an Ultra CDP II w/laser grip for $1369 (all models in .45 ACP).

A S&W 500 8 3/8 ” sold for $1129.  I saw one of those at the range.  The owner had to use thick gloves and shoot in a seated position with a stand.  For something more tame, you could pick up an M&P 9mm for $529, a used gen-3 G32 for $519, or a used gen-3 G20 for $499.  An XD-M 9mm 3.9″ sold for $674 along with an OD Green bi-tone XD .45 for $629.  An XD-M 4.5″ in .40 S&W was on the table for $679.

A Remington 1911 stainless in .45 cost $649.  A Para Ordinance 1911 G.I. Expert in the same caliber was on sale for $499.  For new Glocks, a G21SF would set you back $649. A gen-3 G30 sold for the same price and a model with night sights cost $749.  A gen-3 G21 bi-tone was on the table for $659.  Add night sights and the price was $749.  A gen-4 G22 cost $649.  Again, add night sights and the price was $749.  A gen-3 G17 with night sights ran $689, and a gen-3 G31 cost $589.  A gen-3 G32 with night sights was priced at $689.  A gen-3 G33 cost $589 and a gen-4 G27 would set you back $649.

A Sig P238 Scorpion was on the table for $649 and a P239 Rainbow with night sights was on sale for $899.  An M&P 15-22 sold for $499.

Well, this is turning into a very long update.  Tomorrow will finish off firearms pricing updates and I’ll move onto ammo and other categories.