Ft. Worth Gun Show Feb. 17 2013, Part III

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the third round of a multi-part review of the Ft. Worth Gun Show on Feb. 17, sponsored by Premiere Gun Shows. In part I and part II, I largely covered updates on firearms prices from the various vendors.   I promise that this installment will finally finish those updates 🙂

Always remember that these prices reflect a 3% cash discount and are day-of-show pricing only.  This allows you to keep track of pricing trends show-to-show.  And, on that happy note, let’s get started.

CYA sold a G29SF for $599 and a I saw a gen-4 G23 on the table for $699.  A used M&P Pro 9mm sold for $699 and the same amount got you a brand new M&P 9mm.  The Pro model looked to be in superb shape.  A Walther PP-S sold for $799 and a Sig P238’s were priced at $749.  A Metro Arms 1911 5″ was on display for $539 and a RIA 1911 9mm was priced at $499.  A Taurus PT 1911 AR would set you back $749.

Ballistic Firearms had a Ruger LCR in 38 spc. on the table for $499 and the same model with a laser sold for $499.  A RIA XT-22 was priced at $429 and I saw another Browning Buckmark, this one for $399.  A Kahr CM-9 bi-tone cost $499 while a Remington 1911 R1 could be had for $839.  A Sig 1911 Carry stainless ran $949.  I saw a Windham Weaponry WW-15 M4A3 for $1899.

The Gun Zone displayed a DPMS LR Oracle in .308 for $2499 with 2 30-rnd magus.  A DPMS in 300 BLK ran $1699 with a single mag.  AK pistols were priced at $799.  A Colt M4 6920 Socom was on the table for $2499.  In the revolver department, I noticed a stainless Taurus Judge for $499, a 6″ Taurus Tracker 7-shot .17 HMR for $469, and a Raging Judge (.454/410/45 LC) 6″ for $819.

A Browning Hi-Power 9mm with wood grips would set you back $999.  An FNX-45 with three mags was priced at $769 and a cool Sig P290 Black Diamond Plate was on the table for $679.  A 1911 Scorpion sold for $899 w/4″ barrel and a 5″ model was on display for $999.  Moving onto Springfields, they had an XD-M in .40 S&W 4.5″ for $679, a 3.8″ .45 for $699, and a .40 S&W bi-tone 5.25″ for $799.

And, we’ll finish with Gun Zone in Glock-land.  A gen-3 G36 cost $639 and the same price got you out the door with a G29SF (kinda holding out for the gen-4 model myself).  A gen-3 G20 sold for $539, a gen-3 G35 for $679, a gen-3 G31 for $599, a gen-4 G31 for $649, a gen-4 G22 for $699, and a gen-3 G27 for $579.

A2J2 had a Taurus PT 840 on the table for $429, a CZ-75 P07 (all blk) for $469, a Taurus PT 1911 (.45) for $549, a PT 709 slim for $329, an M&P 9mm for $549 and a Chiappa 1911-22 for $289.

Bodyguard Sports still does not have the indoor range completed, but they did have a Ruger SR-22 with threaded barrel on sale for $349.

S.W.A.T. had their brand new custom AR’s in 5.56 on display with billet lowers, heavy and light barrels, and they come with a bag and two mags for $1295.

Premiere Armory had a Sig 1911 Scorpion on display for $999, a P226 for $559, and a 1911-22 on sale for $399.

Wild West Guns and Ammo had an FNAR 7.62 on sale for $1450 and several ammo choices (a few to be covered later).

Military Gun Supply sold the SlideFire systems, AK pistols for $749, and a Umarex UZI in 22LR w/suppressor for $629.

What?  Is it actually possible that I’m finished with the firearm updates?  Well, that’s as far as my notes go, so let’s move onto everyone’s second most favorite category.


As is common in recent shows, Good To Go Ammo was not back on Sunday after selling out on Saturday.

AmmoKan was back, but the tables were pretty sparse.  BVAC 230 gr .45 ACP sold for $229 per 500.  12ga Royal Star slugs were priced at $48 per 10 boxes.  38 spc 158gr SWC cost $106 per 300 and 9mm FMJ’s were priced at $129 per 500.  250 rounds of 10mm would set you back $120.

Alamo Ammo sold Hornady 50 BMG for $84.95/box.  Federal XM-193 5.56 sold for $349 per 250 and $1300 per 1000.  Winchester .223 PDX1 60gr sold for $54.95 a box of 50.  American Eagle .223 was priced at $174.95 per 100 rounds.  PMC 240 gr .44 mag was available for $990 per 1000.  UMC 230 gr in .45 was priced at $387 per 500.  For carry ammo in .45, you could get Speer Gold Dots in 185gr for $39.95 a box.

WWB in .40 S&W 185gr 100-round value packs were priced at $48.95.  I remember when this stuff used to be 37 bucks at Walmart.  WWB in .357 Sig 125 gr was priced at $29.95 per 50.  The 100-round value pack in 38 spc 130 gr sold for $49.95.

Speer Gold Dots in 115gr 9mm+p were available for $79.95 per 50.

Dallas Reloading Service sold Hornady 55gr .223 FMJ’s for $729 per 1000.  .223 SP in 55gr was priced at $385 per 500.  The V-MAX 55gr in .223 sold for $425 per 5000, all in ammo cans.  In bags, your options were

55gr .223

FMJ $75 per 100
SP $78 per 100
V-MAX $90 per 100

Hornady Zombie-Max in 185gr .45 sold for $29.95 a box and the .40 S&W in 165 gr was priced at $27.95 a box.  Remington Golden Sabre 9mm+p 124 gr was available for $34.95 a box.  Winchester PDX1 in .380 95gr was on the table for $76.95 a box.  WWB 9mm 115gr FMJ’s sold for $29.95 a box of 50.

Show specials included reloads in 115gr 9mm FMJ for $315 in a 1000-round ammo can, 165gr .40 S&W for $210 per 500, and .45 230gr for $240 per 500.  I’ve had several people ask me privately and one person online for a review of DRS’s reloads, so I picked up two bags of 125gr .357 Sig at $23.50 per 50 for review purposes.

SW Ammunition sold Magnum .380 95gr for $28 a box, Hornady Zombie-Max in 38 spc+p for $22.50 a box, WWB .40 S&W 180 gr for $30 a box of 50, and 175gr Critical Duty for $25 a box.  MagTech .45 ACP 230 gr sold for $28 per 50 and S&B 147gr .357 Sig was on sale for $30 a box of 50.

Ammo4U sold .223 Remington HP’s 69 gr for $34.95 a box of 20.  PPV .223 HP 55gr was priced at $229 for 10 boxes of 20.  Independence XM 1931 5.56 FMJ’s sold for $549 per 25 boxes of 20.  Lake City M855s were priced at $499.95 a tub of 500.  PMC .223 55gr was available for $19.95 a box.  Hornady Zombie-Max in 185gr .45 sold for $29.95 a box, the 9mm 115gr for $34.95, and I saw HPR 9mm 115gr FMJ’s (don’t see too many HPR choices in the Dallas area) for $32.95 a box of 50.

Wild West Guns and Ammo sold Remington .223 55gr FMJ’s for $13 a box.  Winchester Super-X .243 100gr was priced at $25 a box and WPA .308 FMJ’s would put you back $13.50 a box.

Zombie Gun and Supply sold 62gr M855s for $35 per 30 rnds.  They also had AR lowers for sale, but it was too packed for me to get prices at the time.

Okay, I’m tired of typing, so that will finish off part 3.  Tomorrow, I’ll cover everything else that was new at the show and then we can put this five-hour monstrosity of a show behind me 🙂

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