Ft. Worth Gun Show Feb. 17 2013, Part IV

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the final segment in a multi-part review of the Ft. Worth Gun Show on Feb. 17, sponsored by Premiere Gun Shows.  The prior parts of the review are here and covered firearm and ammo pricing updates,

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In this segment, I’ll cover new vendors at the show and points of interest in other categories.  This review is in the update format, so I’ll only report on new vendors for the Ft. Worth (Premiere) show or new items that caught my eye from regular vendors.

I talked briefly with Austin Davis at Kangaroo Carry, who gave me a new video to put in the review queue, “Concealed Carry Essentials.”

Spider Stun Guns had some cool new flashlights on display, a Black Widow for $79, and models that shine green or UV light.

DFW Gun Trusts was a new vendor if you’re interested in going that route to purchase a suppressor.

I believe Hazmat Holster Works was a new vendor and they had a pretty impressive collection of Kydex holsters and mag carriers.  They are currently offering a discount for online purchases at hazmatholsterworks [dot] com.

Prestige Optics still had couple nice spotting scopes in stock, 15-40×50 for $40.

The NDUR water purifiers are a hot commodity for preppers and they were at both Survivor’s Supply and Prepare Now Outfitters.  Survivor’s Supply had a show sale of $49.95 for a Voyager KA 500 radio.  Prepare Now displayed the Life Straw filter for the usual price of $20.  Everyone is doing the dirty water demo these days 🙂  They also had a Gerber PAXE-II on sale for $39.95.  A pair of Motorola Talk Abouts w/23 mi. range would set you back $65.95.  The NDUR bottle/straw combo sold for $35.

South Summit Outpost had their usual layout, but I think the 21″ batons were new at $25.  They also sold the C2 Tasers, which is a new item for them, priced at $399.  Same models/price that I saw at The Nations Gun Show in VA last week.

In the nonlethal category, I’ve been wanting to get my wife a light/stun gun combo, so I purchased two Diablo’s from Smoke and Fire Defense.  In addition to a nice price on a purchase of two, they threw in a Guard Dog pepper spray for my wife (buy once, get free reloads).  I’ll post more on this at a later time.  They were very cool people to do business with.

If you’re into fishing, then Striper Fishing Adventures offers tours on Lake Texoma with a no-fish no-pay guarantee.

I first saw Solar Life at Market Hall.  This was their first Premiere Ft. Worth show.  Their chargers (a bit smaller than an iPad mini) sold for one for $70 or two for $120.

I think Food Security Buckets was a new vendor; they specialize in food supplies w/25-year shelf life.

Texas Gun Rights was also a new vendor – texasgunrights [dot] com.

If you’re into hunting, you could get custom calls for about any type of animal imaginable from Carraway Calls.

ProTecht was at Ft. Worth; I first saw them at Market Hall.  They sell no rust bags and my wife’s P238 stays locked in the home safe inside one of them.

I suppose it’s only fitting that Premiere Martial Arts debuted at a Premiere gun show.  If you want to learn Krav Manga, they can help you out.  They also offer periodic CQB gun defense courses for free.

In the food category, Bourchard’s Bees was a new vendor if you like local honey.

Airsoft Marketplace had two displays, one if which sold full-auto AK-47 replicas for $25 on a show special.  Yeah, one day, they’ll be limited to 10 pellets.

I finally got a price sheet on the jumping targets.  AR 500 2.5″ steel was $40, AR 500 3.5″ steel was $50,and the AR 500 4.75″ steel was $65.

Bodyguard Sports is now a distributor for the N82 Tactical holsters.

I saw Tactical Home Defense at the Market Hall show and believe they are new for Ft. Worth.  I had another chance to talk with one of their reps and saw some videos of their training sessions.  I’m thinking seriously about signing up and posting a review or two.

And, speaking of training, I believe Defensive Solutions was new for Ft. Worth and they offered a variety of firearms training and, of course, Texas CHL courses.

Friends of NRA – Texas Branch – had a table and you can check them out at friendsofnra [dot] org. / tx

Well, that was a long one – over five hours straight on the floor – and this is only the ‘update’ format.  Speaking of updates, I hope to be at both Mesquite and Irving next week, so perhaps I’ll see you there!


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