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This is the first installment in a multi-part review of the Mesquite Gun Show on Feb. 23, 2013 sponsored by Premiere in conjunction with the TSRA (Texas State Rifle Association).  Since I attended two shows this weekend and I’ve reviewed Mesquite before, this review will be in short-update format.  I’ll briefly cover the venue, then proceed to firearms and ammo pricing updates.

I purchased my ticket online, so I arrived just after 8:45 and was surprised to see parking available in the main lot (but filling fast). The last time I attended Mesquite, I arrived after noon and was forced to park in the adjacent field and walk a considerable distance just to make it to the main parking lot.  So, I don’t know if this was the case last time, but on Saturday you paid $5 for parking (and it was not reimbursed) in the main lot.  The first two times I attended Mesquite in 2012, parking was free.

That’s what you get these days for being a firearms enthusiast.  Everyone wants to control us or make a buck off of us.

So, I paid the fee and walked toward the main line, which was well outside and wrapped around into the parking lot.  A Premiere rep. was walking the lot, inquiring about online ticket purchases.  I showed my confirmation notice and was escorted into the advance purchase line.  Here’s what it looks like in the online purchase line.


There is a huge difference between being inside and about 20 people away from the entrance vs. being outside with the temp. in the upper 30’s.  I waited less than 10 minutes vs. people outside standing in line for nearly an hour.

So, once again, take my advice and purchase your tickets for Premiere shows online.  EVERY FRIDAY, I have a preview of all the shows in the state.  This includes addresses, Google Maps to the site, and links to the promoter’s site and social media.  For Premiere shows, I also have a direct link to the online purchase page for that show.  All you have to do is visit on Friday and execute one click.

Okay, so much for that.  This review is in the short-update format.  I will only provide firearms and ammo pricing updates and perhaps a comment or two about anything new I saw at the show.  On the subject of new, this is the first time I ever saw a VIP at a show.  John Cornyn visited the show about an hour after opening.  The highlight of the show was when a small kid went up to one of the bodyguards and asked if he was in the FBI.

All right, time for everyone’s favorite part of the review.

Things that go boom, bang, or otherwise make a loud noise.

Unless otherwise noted, all prices reflect a 3% cash discount and are considered show-only pricing.

Grave’s Guns sold a gen-4 Glock 27 for $649, a gen-3 G23 for $619, and a gen-3 G19 for $629.  A Ruger LCR-22 w/laser cost $549 and an LCP in .380 ran $369.  A Phoenix Arms HP22 was on the table for $159.

FW Shooter’s Supply had a good variety of firearms on display and I enjoyed talking briefly with one of their reps.  If you can actually find decent-priced .22LR ammo, you could have a lot of fun with the UZI-22 for $530.  If you want something for sport-rifle shooting or property defense, a Sig R556-762R with red dot was on the table for $2600.  A Colt M4 LE 6920 ran $1895 and an AK pistol would set you back $995.  A DPMS Panther was priced at $1095 and you could walk out the door with a Bushmaster M4 MOE for $1495.  An RRA Entry Tactical sold for $1545.

In the pistol department, they sold a Sig 1911-22 w/cammo paint job for $425, a Colt Gold Cup Trohy for $425, a Remington 1911-R1 Enhanced for $750, and a RIA 1911 Tactical for $495.  A FNS-9 bi-tone sold for $595 and a black FNS-40 would set you back $575.  An M&P Pro .40 sold for $695, and the M&P 40 was priced at $595.  The same applied for the 9mm, the Pro model at $695 and the regular one for $595.

In Glock-land, they had a gen-3 G23 on the table for $595 and the same price fetched a gen-3 G22.  $650 got you out the door with a gen-3 G20 and a gen-4 G27 ran for $695.

CYA sold a Sig 1911-22 for $429, an M&P 22 for $399, and I saw a Taurus short-barrel revolver in .454 for $720.  A Walther P22 ran $369 and continuing the .22LR theme, you could pick up a Chiappa 1911-22 for $379 or a Browning 1911-22 for $569.

An M&P Pro in 9mm cost $699, a Sig P938 black ran for $749 while $769 got you the bi-tone model.  A RIA 1911 A1 cost $649 and and M&P .45 was available for $699.  I saw a Taurus PT 845 for $449.

They had a few Glocks, a gen-4 G26 ran $699 and a gen-3 G29 (I kind of have my eye on the gen-4 model) would set you back $599.

In the category of you don’t see every day, a Masterpiece Arms Mini-9 with suppressor was on the table for $799.  They also had a RRA in 7.62 FDE for $1599, a Stag-15 w/M-16 style handle for $1499, and a DPMS A-15 for $1299.

Gun Toyz was back with the Roni pistol-to-carbine conversion kit that worked with 9mm/.357/.40 Glocks for $359.  The Sig Adaptive Carbine Conversion kit, Zombie Edition was priced at $489.

I’ll finish up part I with S.A.W.  They had an FS-2000 on display in OD Green for $3899, a Steyr AUG A3 in 5.56 for $3499, a PS 90 for $1999, and an FN Scar 17 .308 (all black) for $3499.  An LMT LM8 MWS .308 ran $3799 and a Kel Tec RFB 24″ barrel in .308 cost $2899.  I’m starting to see M&P 10’s at shows and theirs ran $1999 for a base model.

A Sig 551 in 5.56 was priced at $1988, an M400 ran $1899, and a R516 gen-2 was on the table for $2199.  An all black RM 400 in 5.56 would set you back $1199.

A Colt LE 6721 in .223 with LE markings sold for $3999, while an M4 LE 6920 was priced at $1799.  The LE 6940 in FDE would set you back $3998.

An H&K MP5 A5 in .22LR with fake suppressor was on display for $599 and the good old Rossi Ranch Hand in .357 mag. could be yours for $448.

In Glock-land, a gen-4 G21 cost $599, a gen-3 G19 was $699, a gen-4 G22 w/night sights was on the table for $699, a gen-4 G29 ran $699, a G29SF w/night sights cost $699, a gen-4 G35 was $689, a gen-3 G33 sold for $649, and a G30 SF with night sights could be yours for $669.  I saw a gen-3 G31 for $599, a gen-3 G23C for $599, a gen-4 G31 for $639, and a gen-3 G32 for $599.

An XD-S .45 bi-tone (just like mine) would set you back $699, an FNS-9 bi-tone with night sights cost $599, and an XM-M Tactical (5.25″) in .40 would set you back $699.

A Beretta PX4 in .45 cost $569 and the same model in .40 ran $549.  A Sig 1911-22 in OD Green was on the table for $389, a P238 Zombie (very limited edition) sold for $1499, and a P238 bi-tone w/laser was on display for $748.  A 1911 Scorpion sold for $898 and an all-black P220 was available for $949.

An M&P Pro C.O.R.E. in .40 sold for $699.  A cool Walther P22 in carbon fiber sold for $439.  A FNX-45 Tactical in FDE was on display for $1399 and I saw a .44 mag Desert Eagle stainless for $1899.  If you run out of ammo, they make great clubs.

An XD-M 9mm (3.8″) in OD/bi-tone sold for $699 and an XD-M Tactical in .40 was on the table for $749.  I saw a Dan Wesson ECO 9mm w/night sights for $1499.

And now for Kimber-land.  A Grand Raptor II sold for $1398, a Pro Raptor II for $1369, a Super Pro Carry Ultra Plus for $1399, and a Pro Covert for $1349.

I saw a Taurus PT 111 (9mm) in all black for $329 and a 605 revolver in .357 mag (polymer), 5-shot for $388.

In exotic shotgun land, they sold a Kel Tec KSG in green ceratoke for $2899 and the UTS-15 for $1999.

In part II, I’ll try to finish off the firearm vendors and see if we make it to ammo.