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This is the second segment in a multi-part review of the Mesquite Gun Show on Feb. 23, 2013 sponsored by Premiere in conjunction with the TSRA (Texas State Rifle Association). In the first part of the review, I covered the show opening and began the firearm pricing updates.  This review is in the short-update format, so I’m only doing firearm/ammo pricing updates and perhaps a couple miscellaneous comments.

As always, please remember that these prices (unless otherwise stated) reflect a 3% cash discount and are considered show-only prices by the vendor.

C&S Firearms had you covered for .22LR with a Chiappa M4 for $550, a Mossberg 715T for $425, and a Taurus Tracker 970 for $460.  Speaking of Taurus, they had an Ultralight Model 85 in .38 spc for $350.  The Judge  .45LC/.410 (blk/stainless) was on the table for $560.

S.W.A.T Firearms was back with their complete line of custom AR’s ranging from $1200 to $1600.  Some models came with bags.

Ridgeline Guns advertised prices reflecting a 4% discount for cash transactions.  Their offerings included a Ruger SR 556 for $1599, a Colt M4 LE 6920 w/optic for $1699, a Sig R716 in .308 for $2799, and an M&P 10 for $2290.

A Stag Arms w/optic and quad rail was on the table for $1699, A Windham Weaponry (I believe it was an HBC) for $1499, along with a DPMS w/quad rail and ghost ring sights for $1399.

A Chiappa AR-22 sold for $499 next to an H&K 416 in .22LR for $624, while the M&P 15-22 was priced at $599.

Moving onto handguns, a Desert Eagle in .50AE (some would say that’s a two-hand gun) was listed at $1395.  An FN Five-Seven sold for $1699, while a S&W Governor w/CT laser grip would set you back $859.

An M&P 22 sold for $399 next to a Ruger SR22 w/threaded barrel for $379.  A Ruger 22/45 (blk/gold) was on display for $429.  A Ruger SR9C bi-tone was on the table for $499.

An XD-M in OD/bitone 3.8″ 9mm sold for $695, while a .40 S&W 4.5″ all black cost  $599.  The XD-S in .45, all black was on display for $649.

In Glock-land you could pick up a gen-3 G20 for $699, a gen-4 G20 for $639 (no, that’s not a misprint – I have no idea why the gen-3 was priced higher and did not have time to ask).  A gen-4 G22 sold for $699, a gen-3 G23 for $599, a gen-3 G27 w/night sights for $659, and a gen-4 G23 was priced at $649.

An ATI M-1911 sold for $459 and a stainless Para Expert in .45 was on the table for $669.

W’s Guns sold a Walther PPQ M2 for $900, a Taurus TCP 738 for $325, and a  Kahr CM-40 for $405 (credit card price).

The neon orange shirts were out in force at Crazy Gun Dealers.  Their layout included an ISSC AR-15 in .22LR for $399, an M&P 15-22 in FDE for $699, a Ruger SR-22 w/threaded barrel for $499, an M&P 22 for $349, and a Sig Mosquito w/threaded barrel for $499.

Moving on up in caliber, a Springfield 1911-A1 sold for $999, a Ruger LCP in .380 for $349, and an M&P .45 in FDE for $599.

An M&P 15 would set you back $1599, or you could get a Colt M4 LE 6920 for $1899.  A basic Windham Weaponry model was on the table for $1499.

In Glock-land, you could walk away with a gen-4 G19 for $699 or $649 would get you a gen-3 G22 or a gen-3 G19.

Next up is Republic Arsenal.  Oscar indicated that sales were still very strong and he had pretty much his entire inventory on display.  This was the largest layout I’ve ever seen from RA at any show.  It included a 5″ XD .45 in OD Green for $589, and an M&P 9mm for $529.

A Springfield Range Officer would set you back $819 or you could settle for an M&P 22 for $499.  A Taurus M809C was priced at $429 while a PT 1911 FS sold for $559.

A Sig SP2022 (all black) was on the table for $529 or you could pick up a 1911-22 OD for $419.  A Mosquito sold for $359 and a beautiful 1911 Commander (stainless) was on display for $899.

A Ruger LCP in .380 sold for $409 and a Remington 1911 R1 was priced at $649.

$549 would take home a gen-3 G23 or you could pay $599 for a gen-3 G27.

An FNS-9 bi-tone was on display for $639 or you could pick up the .40 S&W bi-tone for $639.  The Five-Seven was priced at $1999.

If Walther is your thing, then a P99 would set you back $629 or you could get the PK380 for $389.

You could get your .22 off all day with an M&P 15-22 MOE for $629, an M&P 15-22 Tactical for $549, or an H&K MP5-22 w/suppressor for $529.  If .223 suits you better, an M&P 15 optics-ready sold for $1699.

Past & Blast sold AK pistols for $999 and the H&K’s in .22LR seem to be pretty popular.  A 416 sold for $599.  Or, you could get a Mossberg 715T for $299 and a model w/optic was priced at $329.

Moving up the scale, a Windham Weaponry M4A3 was on the table for $1299, a Bushmaster ORC for $1189, a Colt M4 LE 6920 for $1695, and a Bushmaster CAR-15 for $1299.  An M&P 15 Sport sold for $999.

A RIA 1911 in 9mm was on display for $474.  A G36 sold for $595 and a bi-tone Sig P2938 was priced at $699.  A Citadel 1911 in .45 was on the table for $449, and you could pick up a Kahr P380 for $589.

A Ruger SR-22 sold for $339 while an all black Sig 1911-22 cost $379.  Or, you could pick up a S&W M22A for $329.

In part III, I’ll finish off the firearms pricing updates and cover the two main ammo vendors at the show.