Mesquite Gun Show Feb. 23, 2013 Part III

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the final  post in a multi-part review of the Mesquite Gun Show on Feb. 23, 2013 sponsored by Premiere in conjunction with the TSRA (Texas State Rifle Association). In the first part of the review, I covered the show opening and began the firearm pricing updates.   Part II continued the firearm pricing updates.  Since this review is in the short-update format, I’ll complete firearm and ammo pricing updates and conclude the review in this segment.

All reported prices are considered show-only pricing and unless otherwise stated reflect a 3% cash discount for NIB models.

Armadillo Guns was heavily promoting their $65 CHL class along with a large selection of HiPoint 9mm models at $189.

The Gun Zone sold a 4.2″ Taurus PT 24/7 G2 in .40 S&W for $439.  An all black PT 740 in the same caliber ran $349.  A Ruger SR-22 was on the  table for $417 and I saw a Browning Hi-Power 9mm for $999.  Speaking of 9-mil, a Beretta 92 FS sold for $609.  A Walter PPS 3.7″ all black could be yours for $649, while the P22 w/threaded barrel would set you back $449.

An M&P 40C was on display for $599 and I saw an M&P in .357 Sig for $549.  The M&P 22 cost $299 (some pretty decent buys, there).

An all black Sig Mosquito was priced at $359.  An FNX-45 Tactical was on display for $1299, an FNX-40 all black for $649, and an FNS-9 bi-tone for the same price.

An H&K USP Compact in .40 S&W was on the table for $949 and I saw a Colt Gold Cup Trophy all black for $459.

For Sigs, your choices included a P250 all black for $489, a P229 Elite for $1049, a P224 SAS  for $849, a P226 Extreme blk/grey for $899, a P220 Elite for $969, and a 1911 Scorpion for $919.

A XD-S .45 would set you back $749, an XD-M 3.8″ in .40 S&W sold for $679 all black or $699 bi-tone.  A 4.5″ XD-M in .40 S&W was available for $679 or you could go for the 5.25″ model for $759.

In the land of Glock, I saw a gen-3 G17 for $649, a G36 for $599, a gen-3 G30 for $599, a gen-3 G29 for $599, a gen-3 G22 for $599, a gen-4 G22 for $699, a gen-3 G32C for $599, and a gen-4 G31 for $699.

There were only a couple mainstream ammo companies at the show.  I was one of about the first twenty people at the show and headed straight to GoodToGo Ammo to pick up some .45 for me, two bags of 50 for $25.87/ea., and two bags of .380 for my wife at $20.32/ea.   As you can see, the tables were bare for .223 even at show opening.


At least they have a good online order system 🙂

Ammo 4U is now selling Top Brass components for various calibers.  You could get .45 ACP brass for $59.95 per 250 or .223 brass for $379 per 1000.  Top Brass bullets were also on sale in a variety of calibers; .223 62gr would set you back $37.95 per 250.

Hornady .45LC 185gr sold for $23.95 a box, .45 ACP 230 gr XTP’s for $27.95 a box, and .44 spc 165gr Critical Defense for $24.95 a box.

PMC .357 mag 125 gr FMJ’s ran $37.95 a box of 50.  Now for the kicker, 9mm 115gr FMJ’s for $49.95 a box of 50.  Holy Crap, Batman – it’s actually more cost effective for me to shoot .357 Sig or .45 than 9-mil.    If you insist on it, then 115gr Zombie-Max would set you back $34.95 a box.

Winchester SilverTips in .380, 85 gr sold for $59.95 a box.  WWB 165 gr in .40, 100-rnd value packs were priced at $64.95.  I remember when that ‘value’ used be $37.95 at Walmart.  PowerMax in .223, 64gr was available for $34.95 a box.

PPV .223 was sold in lots of 10 boxes for $299.95, while Olin M855 62gr cost you $21.95 a box.

O.T.T.S was selling .223 reloads (55gr FMJ for $45 per 50 in bags and 55gr V-Max for $48 per 50).

I didn’t notice much of anything new at the show (although I was heavily focused on firearm prices), except that Prestige Optics is now a distributor for Smart Reloader electronic ear muffs.  When I hear electronic, visions of three-figure prices start dancing in my head, so I was surprised to hear their show special of $40 for the SR112 model.  Might be worth a review the next time I have the coinage in my pocket.

H.J. Girouard and Don Palmtree appeared to be new custom knifemakers at the show and K&R Sales was a new Wise foods vendor.

I’ve passed by Don’s Smoke House dozens of times at various shows, but this time  I got hungry after a couple hours and the concession area at the back really sucked big-time.  Turned out to be a bonus for me, as I sample Don’s smoked turkey.  I purchased a couple bags and that was one of the better snack breaks I’ve had at a show in a while.

I left the show after three hours and as soon as I got to my car, I noticed the huge sea of vehicles in the overflow area (where I parked the prior Mesquite show).


The show was not as crowded as last time; I noticed more people leaving by 10-11AM than last time, so better balance between in- and out-flow may have something to do with it.  The parking lot was just as filled by noon as my prior trip, so I’m glad I arrived before opening.


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