Lewisville Gun Show March 2, 2013

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Show Reviews
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I posted a pretty extensive update to the Lewisville Gun Show sponsored by Premier Gun Shows at the end of January.  Here are the links.

Part I
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I went to this show not as a reviewer but as a pure attendee and buyer.  I really had my eyes on a Gen-4 G20.  I figured I would start at Lewisville, but probably have to wait until Ft. Worth or Market Hall to have a serious chance.  Since the show is largely the same as the prior review, I’ll provide a very brief update of my experience across the floor.

1 – Just like the last show, buy your tickets online, in advance.  The link is available in the weekend preview on this site that appears every Friday.  I arrived at 8:15 and the line was already wrapped around the building just like the last event.  There were about fifteen people ahead of me in the advance-purchase line.

2 – Premier did a great job of getting people in quickly.  They actually conducted a pre-opening firearm check in the advance purchase line (I could not tell about the main line).  Not only did that give me a much-needed break from the cold wind, I also presented my receipt and got stamped right there.  So, when the show opened, I walked right inside in a matter of seconds.

3 – I checked every firearm vendor on the floor and there were only two gen-4 10mm models in the show, a G29 from S.A.W. and the G20 from Ridgeline Guns. I’ve had some great conversations with Ridgeline in the past (they even remembered my dog, Russell), so it was cool to finally do business with them.  $649 took it off the table.

4 – I headed over to T.R. Graham to have a 3.5 connector installed.  I’ll be back for a polish in a couple hundred rounds.

5 – I talked with the cool folks at Crazy Gun Dealers.  They have the XDS .45 in stock now, but not the last time when I was looking. They did not have much left in their Glock inventory when I was looking for a G20 Gen4 at this show.  These days, there is no such thing as placing an order from a distributor.  You take whatever they decide to ship.  They were extremely cool, though, and set me up with a free Zombie Antidote shirt.  CGD is still offering a free CHL with any firearm purchase as well as 3 free mags and 100 rounds of ammo with any AR purchase.

6 – I went over to Alamo Ammo to see about a couple boxes of Critical Defense in .45 ACP.  Too late.  I did catch them at a rare slow point, so at least we got to talk for a few minutes.  The situation with 9mm and .22LR is freaking crazy right now.

7 – The ATM’s were a bummer.  I tried twice and was unable to get $$$.  I wasn’t the only one.

8 – Good To Go Ammo was not present at this show.  I believe they will be at Mesquite next week.

9 – Whenever you attend Lewisville, visit the Man Cave (at the right wall after you enter).  Proxmia and Survive Tomorrow for your prepping needs, and every other show the Fried Pie Lady is there (I heard she can can only attend every other show because of a Lewisville regulation regarding part-time food sales).  Don’t bring any home to your wife unless you want to be forced to buy one at every gun show.  There is usually at least one firearm vendor  there as well.

10 – I talked with Kelly at Omega Survival Systems.  He finally got some more QuakeKare bars in.  He’s going to set me up with a freebie so I can try it out and post a review.

11 – Republic Arsenal is continuing their expansion.  Another big layout at this show.

12 – I’m a reporter, so that means I have to report anything of significance whether I like or dislike it.  I hate to end on this note, but there was an AD at the show.  Not one of the dealers or even an attendee; it was one of the small, private vendors.  I’m pleased to report that Premier kicked their ass out immediately.

I exited after 3 1/2 hours and Premier was controlling entry, just like the prior Lewsville show.  Pricing trends are still downward on firearms, ammo is still crazy, especially since it’s more cost effective for me to shoot 10mm or .45 than 9-mil or .40 S&W.  .223 is becoming more available and firearm selection is hit-and-miss, show to show.

Starting tomorrow, I will begin a detailed review of the Irving Gun Show from last week.

  1. Doug says:

    If your a reporter, how come you didn’t report the firing of a weapon at one of the vendors tables?

  2. Doug says:

    My apologizes. I must have skip number 12.