Irving Gun Show Feb. 24 2013, Part I

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the first installment in a multi-part review of the Irving Gun Show on Feb. 24, 2013, sponsored by North Texas Gun Club.  I’ve attended the Irving show in the past, but since this is my first online reviews, it will be in the full format.

I was at Mesquite the day before, so I kind of looked forward to a more relaxed Sunday environment at the Irving venue.  I really like the Irving Convention Center and in the past this show has been more open, with a lot of space between tables.

I arrived shortly before noon, and here was the line (or lack thereof).


That’s Dallas Morning News to the left.  At first, I was glad to be able to just walk right up and pay, then I entered and found out why.

First, vendor attendance was smaller than in the past.  Two rows of black curtains   were positioned in front of the left and right walls to hide that there were not enough tables to fill the floor wall-to-wall as in the past.  I noticed a LOT of space between rows and few people in attendance.

I expected lower turnout because of competition with the TSRA/Premier show, but this was well below expectation.  Subsequent discussion with about a dozen other vendors indicated that Saturday turnout was bad as well.

Well, let’s get started with everyone’s favorite category,


Unless otherwise stated, all prices are considered show-only by the vendor and reflect a 3% cash discount.  I only report on vendors with their business name on a sign and/or a business card, unless I see something very interesting or unusual. Then, it will be noted as sold by an ‘unnamed’ vendor.

Rock River Arms was selling AR-15 uppers.  Prices were by inquiry only.  Model 1 Sales also sold mostly uppers, again unmarked.

You could not miss the neon orange shirts at Crazy Gun Dealers.  This week’s selection was my favorite – ‘Freedom Isn’t Free.’   They sell ammo in addition to firearms, and here’s some food for thought in the craze of the day.  Winchester Nato 9mm 124gr FMJ’s from CGD at this show would set you back $59.99 a box of 50.

Firearm purchases from CGD get you a free CHL – I saw a Taurus 24/7 Pro all black in .40 S&W for $399, an H&K LE P2000 all black for $749, and a Sig 1911 stainless for $899.  A RIA 1911 9mm sold for $499.

A Beretta Nano was on the table for $459, and a nice-looking M&P .45 in FDE could be taken home for $599.  An M&P 9C was priced at $599 and an XD-M 9mm 5.25″ all black was on display for $729.

In Glock-land, I saw a gen-3 G22 for $599, a gen4 G21 for $699, and a gen-3 G19 for $699.

A Browning Buckmark was priced at $399, and a Ruger SR-22 could be yours for $399 as well.  If you could actually find .22LR ammo, you could have some fun with a Beretta U22 bi-tone for the exact same price ($399).

For long guns, your choices included a DPMS at $1299, a Mossberg 715T for $399, and an M&P 15-22 FDE for $699.  An Arsenal SLR-106U would set you back $1199.

Viking Armory sold a Chiappa 1887-T Tactical 12ga, lever-action shotgun for $975.  An FN P-12 pump action was on the table for $575.  A Remington 700 SPS in .308 was available for $625 and a Bushmaster (optics-ready) was on display for $1400.  A Sig 516 FDE was priced at $2300 and an optics-ready M400 would set you back $1400.

A 2Vet Arms in 300 BLK was on the table for $2000 and an Armalite AR-10T .338 Federal was priced at $2500.

Once you stocked up for yourself, you could get a variety of Crickets for the kids at $110.  If a kiddie gun is not your style, then perhaps the 8 5/8″ 500 S&W revolver is what the doctor ordered at $1050?  For something in between, they also had a Baby Eagle (9mm) on the table for $575.

A Sig 226 TacOps ran $1075 and a P229 with night sights was priced at $850.  I saw a nice-looking P250 bi-tone in black diamond plate for $550.

A stainless Taurus Public Defender (aka The Judge) was on the table for $475.

I talked with Pat Harrington at Shotgun Blasters and got another report on the bad traffic.  His layout is still the same and The Predator (Mossberg 500 build) can be yours for $1595.

Grumpy’s Guns had a Sig 1911 Nightmare on display for $1087 and and P239 Rainbow for $984.  A P232 would set you back $699 or you could get a 1911-22 for $409 or a Mosquito for $387.

Talon LLC had a multi-table layout including a custom 7.62 w/suppressor and scope, however, it was unmarked.  CMMG Mk3 was my best guess.

Shotgun Shack was a new vendor and their layout included a Remington 870 Express for $479 and an 870 Tactical for $459.  An M&P 22 was on the table for $419 and an ATI GSG 92SF cost $399.

D/FW Security was trying to sell a gen-3 Glock 31 with night sights for $650.

Well, that’s it for firearm vendors, so that already tells you something about the size of the show.  Tomorrow, I’ll begin part II with ammo.

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