Irving Gun Show Feb. 24 2013, Part II

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the second post in a multi-part review of the Irving Gun Show on Feb. 24, 2013, sponsored by North Texas Gun Club.  In the first part of the review, I covered the venue, traffic situation, and firearms vendors.  This review is in the full format, so I’ll begin part II with everyone’s second favorite category.


Alamo Ammo was at the show with Federal .223 55gr SP for $49.95 a box.  TulAmmo .223 75gr HP was $24.95 a box.  A 100-round value pack of American Eagle .223 55gr FMJ was priced at $149.95.  Independence 5.56 XM1931 55gr FMJ cost $27.95 a box while WWB 5.56 in the same weight sold for $34.95 a box.  You could pick up Federal 5.56 55gr FMJ’s for $314.95 in a bag of 250.

Speer Gold Dots in .45 ACP 185gr ran $34.95 a box while Hornady Critical Defense in the same weight would set you back $39.95 a box.  For practice ammo, you could pick up UMC in 230gr for $317.50 a box of 500 or PMC for $29.95 a box of  50.

Welcome to the new order – 9mm Gold Dots 115gr +p would set you back $79.95 a box of 50 and even 115gr Blazer was priced at $49.95.  In terms of ‘value’, best I saw was 100gr FP International at $39.95 a box of 50.  Don’t have any direct experience with the brand, though.

Horady Zombi-Max in .380 95gr was priced at $34.95 a box.

Dallas Reloading Service had Winchester 9mm 115gr FMJ’s on sale for $539 a box of 1000.  Their show special was 9mm reloads 115gr FMJ in an ammo can for $315 per 1000.

There were a few private sale tables with ammo.  I don’t report on anything other than businesses.


Hunker Down was a new vendor to the Texas gun show scene.  They sell a variety of emergency preparedness items, less than lethal protection, optics, and even AR-15 accessories.  They are also a dealer for sticky holsters.  I expect to see them at more shows in the future.

Provident Foods sold a variety of foods, food storage, water filtration, and similar products, even A.R.K. kits (Armageddon Readiness Kits), or a fancy name for a 72-hour pack.  I purchased one of their Faraday bags.

Texas Ready Seeds was present and is a regular at north Texas shows.

One of my favorite vendors, Proxmia Outdoor Supply was at the show with emergency ration packs for $27 and they sold the complete NDUR bottle and filter system for $55.  Yet another complaint about the terrible traffic over the entire show.

Another in the favorite category is South Summit Adventure Outpost.  They featured a stun gun blowout sale and it seems like the Zap Baton was a new item (stun gun/flashlight) at $55.95.  The Blast Knuckles stun gun was on sale for $35 and they even had handheld metal detectors for $49.95.

Smoke and Fire Defense (I’ve purchased from them before as well) was at the show with Zombie Killer throwing knives for $20 and if you must throw something and don’t like Zombies, the Batarang might do the trick at $25.


Supreme Western Products is a familiar vendor and their layout included western-style holsters along with the trademark ‘everything is $5’ bins.

I talked with the owner of Conceal City and he showed off the Cell Pal holster.  His claim is that CC owns the patent to this product (U.S. Patent 5570827) and that the Hide-It holster is a knock off.  He also sold the Pocket Pal holster.  A quick search of Google Patents shows that patent number registered to Steve A. Wiesner, who is the gentleman I talked with at the show.  Filing date was Aug. 11, 1995 and issue date was Nov. 5, 1996.

GunSlingR was at the show and this is the second time I’ve seen their vehicle holster mount.

WRB Concealment is a familiar vendor at the north Texas shows and I noticed a new line of leather holsters.

If you are looking for fine-quality leather, then Shepherd Leather had you covered.

Tomorrow, I’ll finish off the review with optics, CHL/Training, and the infamous Miscellaneous category.

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