Irving Gun Show Feb. 24 2013, Part III

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the final part of a multi-part review of the Irving Gun Show on Feb. 24, 2013, sponsored by North Texas Gun Club.  In the first part of the review, I covered the venue, traffic situation, and firearms vendors.  The second part of the review covered  ammo, holsters, and vendors selling to preppers.

This review is in the full format, so the remaining categories are covered in this post.


Shotgun Shack offered CHL courses (Shooters Firearms Training Academy) with a $75 price for the full course and $50 or renewals.  Classes are held in Terrell at the Elmo Volunteer Fire Department.  They also claimed to offer personal firearm instructions, but no details on the handout.

Gun Permits Made Easy offered the Florida CHL for $75.  Hassle Free CHL offered the same thing, but I don’t understand the pricing on the handout.  $165 for one person, but a show special of two for $165?  That brings the cost down to pretty close to an average Texas CHL course, but only for two people.


It was a pretty typical layout for Optics Place, but the NiteCore MT26 tac light (800 lumen) caught my eye at $100.

Explore Optics is another regular at  the Texas shows.  The sold Laser Bore sights (red for $39.95 and green for $59.95).  The 240 lumen NatureSmart High Beam stainless flashlight was on the table for $39.95.

There was another person with a mult-table layout devoted primarily to optics, but he gave me the ‘I only sell at gunshows’ nonsense when I asked for a card.  No business identity, no mention.


Savvy Caddy Wallets sold ultra-thin wallets with room for lots of cards and an internal liner to prevent someone from reading card info when in close proximity.

T&G Sales had 30-rnd Magpul pmags in stock at $29.95.  I purchased a 7-rnd mag for my XDS .45 for $39.95.

Outdoor Products was at the show with their usual layout.  I’m a couple more targets away from a new purchase of the ‘masked terrorist with the AK-47 and pistol’ target.  They had what appeared to be a new collection of AR bags in the $30 to $60 range.  The USMC bags at $59 looked really cool.

Red Dragon is another vendor I do a lot of business with.  I had not noticed the UTG AR cases at prior shows.  A 42″ bag sold for $74.95.

DFW Security is expanding their offerings.  I saw a couple handgun vaults (Stack-On and Bulldog) for $75.  They also sold plastic ammo cans for $15 or two for $25.

Ian Maupin was the Scentsy dealer at the show.

Hearing Specialties sold custom-molded earplugs.

A1 Locksmith sold gun safes ranging from $1299 to $3699.

Billy’s Buddy seemed to be one of the more popular vendors with their legal beer carriers.  I really like how they placed the QR code for their web site on the back of their business card.

I had never seen Storm Dorms at a show before.  I live in an apartment, so I don’t have any need for custom storm shelters, but they looked pretty interesting.

Camo Couture sold t-shirts and cammo/gun related clothing for women.  I stopped briefly to ask for a price on a t-shirt for my wife, but the single person working the CC tables was engrossed in something else, apparently completely bored from the lack of traffic.  Honestly, I don’t blame her.

It’s on that down note that I end the review.  This was a serious contraction for the Irving show and I will be highly unlikely to attend again in the future.


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