Mesquite Gun Show March 9 2013 Part I

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the first segment in a review of the Mesquite Gun Show sponsored by North Texas Gun Club on March 9, 2013.  I already reviewed the NTGC Irving show, so this review will be in the update format.

I arrived at 8:40 AM and was able to park in the main parking area, which was still about half empty.  Unlike the Mesquite show sponsored by Premier, there was no parking fee.  I entered the line at a spot that was reminiscent of a pre-election Premier Mesquite show at about 8:15.

The show opened promptly at 9AM and the single line was vectored through two people taking payment and two officers checking firearms.  There was not a separate firearm check line.  If that had been formed earlier, it would have been possible to move more people inside before opening.

Unlike Irving, the Mesquite venue was filled to capacity.  Traffic was not as heavy as I expected at opening, which at least made it easier to work the floor.  Several  vendors from Irving indicated that they were hesitant about Mesquite and there were a few notable absences.  The nearest competing show was in Weatherford and I did not see any of them at that show, so they stayed home.

Since this review is in the update format, I’ll cover firearm and pricing updates, then mention new vendors or other items of interest.  Unless otherwise stated, all prices are for NIB models and reflect a 3% cash transaction discount.  Prices are considered show-only by the vendor.


Ft. Worth Shooter’s Supply had Browning Buckmarks on sale for $425, and the same coinage could take home a Colt Gold Cup Trophy.  A Stevens Savage 350 was on the table for $295.  An Arsenal SLR 106U was priced at $1050 and AK pistols were available for $995.

An H&K 416 sold for $625, right next to an M&P 15-22 for $525.  A Zavasta PAP AK-47 would set you back $1295 or you could walk away with a Sig M551 for $2300.  $1850 would get you a Diamondback AR-15 in FDE.

An FN Five Seven ran for $1995, or you could pick up an FNX-40 bi-tone for $595, or an FNS-40 with night sights for $630.

An M&P 9 cost $595 or you could pick up the 9c for the same price.  An M&P Pro in .40 S&W was available for $695 or you could drop down to $595 for either the standard .40 or .40C model.

I saw an XD-S .45 bi-tone on the table for $625.

In Glock-land, your choices incuded a gen-4 G26 for $695, a gen-4 G33 for $695, a gen-4 G19 for $795, a gen-3 G23 for $595, a gen-4 G27 for $695, a gen-3 G22 for $650, or a gen-3 G20 for $650.

Armadillo Guns sold a Chiappa M4-22 for $525, an M9-22 for $309, and an M&P 15-22 for $535.  I saw an EAA Witness in 9mm all black for $459 or you could pick up a Beretta PX4 for $559.  A used FN-9 was on the table for $519.

They offered a Texas CHL class for $65.

Mossbergs were in heavy supply at Ellis County Firearms.  Just a few of their choices included a Pursauder for $399, a Flex 500 w/pistol grip for $459, and a Chainsaw (ZMB edition) for $579.

The Gun Zone had plenty of Glocks in supply.  A gen-3 G22 with night sights cost $549.  Other choices included a gen-3 G32 for $579, a gen-3 G32 w/10-rnd mags for $549, a gen-3 G31 for $619, a gen-4 G17 for $799 and a gen-3 G17 for $749.

A 4″ XD in .40 S&W was on the table for $619.  An XD-M in .40 3.8″ was priced at $689, while the bi-tone model cost $699.  A bi-tone XD-S in .45 would set you back $799 or you could pick up a 5.25″ XD-M all black in .40 for $749.

A Sig 1911 Scorpion was on display for $1049, right next to a P226 Extreme in .40 S&W for $899.  The same price would take home a P226 Elite in .357 Sig.  A P250 Compact 9mm all black ran $579 or you could get a SP2022 in .357 Sig with night sights for $599.  A 1911 stainless was on the table for $939 or you could take home the Zombie edition for $1149.

An M&P 22 cost $369 and I saw an M&P .45 for $749.

A Walther PPS was priced at $649.

An H&K P2000 9mm was on display for $949 and the USP in 9mm cost $899.  A 45C was priced at $1099.

An FNS-9 bi-tone would set you back $699 or you could get the FNS-40 bi-tone for $649.  An all black FNX-9 was on the table for $649.

A 4.2″ Taurus PT 24/7 in .45 was priced at $439 and a Millenium bi-tone 9mm was on display for $374.  An Ultra-Lite (and they are not joking – it’s really light) 4″ .44 mag was priced at $639 or you could get the 4″ Tracker in the same caliber for $569.  An Ultra-Lite 3″ cost $649.  If you prefer weight in a .44 revolver, then the 6.5″ stainless in .44 mag was on the table for $569.

I saw a Ruger P95 bi-tone for $449 or you could get a bi-tone SR9c for $549.  The LCR in .22LR w/LaserMax was on sale for $499.

A Beretta 92 FS could be yours for $609.

A DPMS AR was on display for $1199, an Olympic Arms for $1099, a DPMS in 300 BLK for $1699, or a model in .308 Win for $1899.

S.W.A.T. Firearms was back with their familiar layout of custom AR’s in the $1095 to $1295 range, and I saw one model in FDE for $1495.

Grave’s Guns had Cobray double-barrel derringer that shoots either .45 or .410 on display for $299.  Interesting, at least until the young guy behind the table started feeding me B.S. about it being a great collector’s item and destined to go up and up in value.  If you want something with the same caliber options, but a bit more practical, then the Taurus Judge was on sale for $439.

A Ruger LCR w/laser in 38 spc. was on display for $549 and an all black LCP .380 was priced at $369.

In Glock-land, your choices included a gen-3 G21 for $619, a gen-4 G21 for $699, and a gen-3 G22 for $599.

A DPMS AR was on sale for $1050 and a Mossberg 715T would set you back $329.

I’ll close here for part one and finish up the firearm updates tomorrow.

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