Mesquite Gun Show March 9 2013 Part II

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the second installment in a review of the Mesquite Gun Show sponsored by North Texas Gun Club on March 9, 2013. In part I of the review, I covered the show opening and began the firearm pricing updates. This post will complete those updates.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are offered as show-only by the vendor and reflect a 3% cash discount for NIB models.

The neon orange shirts were out in force at Crazy Gun Dealers.  Your .22LR options included a S&W M22A for $399, a Sig 1911-22 or Mosquito for $449, a Ruger SR-22 for $399, or a Browning Buckmark for $499 (with free chl and shirt for purchase)

A Colt Gov’t. 1911 was on display for $499.

An XD-9 subcompact bi-tone could be purchased for $599.  Another $100 took home a bi-tone 4.5″ XD-M in .45.  An all black XD-S in .45 was on the table for $649.

A Ruger LC9 was available for $499, and a LCP in .380 with laser was priced at $449.

An M&P .45 in FDE was on sale for $599.

Glock choices included a gen-3 G19 for $699, a gen-4 G23 for $799, and a gen-3 G22 for $599.

CGD continues to offer free CHL classes for all purchases and three 30-rnd mags/100 rounds ammo with each AR.  Long gun choices included a Bushmaster with optic for $1459, a Stag Arms M2 for $1399, a S&W 300 Whisper (Camo) for $1599, an M&P 15 for $1799, and a Springfield M1A Socom for $2799.

All black AK pistols were on the table for $1299.  I also saw a Mossberg 715T for $329 and an M&P 15-22 in FDE for $699.

Florey Arms sold Jiminez Arms 9mm models for $189 and a few were available in .380 (compact for $149 and full-size for $159).  They had a variety of interesting derringers on display; a .22 mag model sold for $165.

The layout at W’s Guns seemed larger than usual.  Interesting items included a Colt LE6920 for $1480, an M&P 15 Sport for $1300, a Bushmaster M4-A3 for $1400, an M&P 15-22 MOE Tactical for $560, a Daniel Defense M4 V5 for $1850, a Mossberg 715T in Cammo for $385, and a GSG-522 w/110-rnd drum for $480.

In the pistol department, I saw a Ruger LCP in .380 for $480, a Walther PPS AS for $600, a PPX for $425, and a Beretta Nano for $420.

Shotgun Shack was back from the Irving show with a basic Sig RM400 for $1250, a Zavasta PAP M92 PV for $949, and a DPMS RFA3 for $999.

An all black Sig P250 would set you back $549, or you could walk away with an XDS .45 bi-tone for $679.  If you can find .22 LR ammo, you could have picked up a Ruger SR-22 for $379.

A few Glocks were on the table – a gen-3 G23 for $500, a gen-3 G30 for $645, a gen-3 G29 for $655, and a gen-3 G21 for $500.

Republic Arsenal continues their expansion.  There seems to be either one more table or one more row of guns per table at every show.  Oscar indicated that he had some G19’s, but they sold out shortly after opening.  Remaining Glock choices included a gen-3 G17 for $599, a gen-3 G31 for $569, a gen-4 G23 for $625, a gen-4 G22 for $625, a gen-4 G17 for the same price, and a gen-3 G22 for $599.

A Browning 1911-22 Compact was on the table for $529 along with a Beretta PX4 9C for $579.  An M9A1 could be yours for $659.

An FNX-40 bi-tone was on sale for $639 and the same price would fetch a bi-tone model in 9mm.

A Kahr CW 45 in bi-tone was available for $419.  H&K choices included a P200 for $899 and a USP-9 for $879.

A Ruger LCP in .380 was priced at $369.

An all black Sig P220 was on the table for $829, along with a P250 in .40 S&W for $489.  A Diamond plate P250 in 9mm would set you back $579 and a P226 in the same caliber cost $949.  Several P938 models were on display, ranging from $699 to $709.  An engraved P238 with pearl grips was available for $679.

You could get out the door with an M&P 9 or an M&P 40 for $529.  The M&P 22 cost $499.

An all black Walther PPX was on the table for $469.

A Colt SP 6920 was priced at $1849 and the LE 6920 was available for $1899.  A Windham R16 M4 sold for $1499, a Bushmaster E2S for $1599, a DPMS Panther Lite for $1399, and an M&P 15 optics-ready for $1699.

Blackland Outdoor Sports sold a Taurus PT 709 9mm for $329, a TCP 738 in .380 for $309, an all black 605 in .357 mag for $399, and a bi-tone P740 for $399.

A Walther P22 sold for $429, an all black PPS for $799, and a P99 for $595.

A Beretta Nano in FDE was on the table for $449.

A Sig SP2022 in .40 S&W was priced at $499 or you could get a Mosquito in OD Green for $369.

In Glock-land, they sold a gen-4 G22 for $589, a gen-3 G22 for $549, a gen-3 G19 for $699, a gen-4 G23 for $629, a gen-4 G21 for $629, and a gen-3 G31 for $599.

An Arsenal SAM7K pistol would set you back $1499 and you could actually pick up a Colt LE 6920 for $999.  The good old Rossi Ranch Hand in .44 mag was priced at $429.

GS Guns sold 30-rnd pmags for $48 and their pistol choices included a gen-3 G32C for $630 and a gen-3 G20C for $628.

Duval Arms sold suppressors and ammo, and they advertised custom barrels and threading.  Unfortunately, I did not have an opportunity to discuss prices or products with them.

Sell A Firearm had an interesting collection that included a Browning Hi Power 9mm for $700 and a Ruger Super Single Six in .22LR for $300.

Mesquite welcomed a new gun dealer in the north Texas area, Gotta Have Guns.  I would have named the company Gotta Have More Guns, but that’s just me 🙂  They are setting up shop in the Rockwell area and I enjoyed my conversation with the owner, Frank Driska.  They will be at a lot of future shows, so expect to see more updates from GHG.

That completes the firearm pricing updates.  Tomorrow, I will cover ammo prices and selected offerings from other vendors.

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