Mesquite Gun Show March 9 2013 Part III

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the final post in a three-part review of the Mesquite Gun Show on March 9, 2013 sponsored by the North Texas Gun Club.  Links to the previous segments of the review are provided below.

Part I – show opening and firearm pricing updates

Part II – complete firearm pricing updates

In this segment, I’ll cover ammo prices and then provide some commentary on new vendors or items of interest across the floor.


The largest (factory) ammo vendor at the show was Alamo Ammo.  185gr .40 S&W Zombie Max would set you back $39.95 a box.  A 165 gr. WWB 100-rnd value pack of FMJ’s cost $59.95.  Hornady 125gr Critical Defense in .357 mag was priced at $39.95/box and I picked up a box of 185gr CD in .45 ACP for $39.95.

PMC 230gr FMJ’s in .45 were priced at $29.95 a box and the equivalent option in UMC ran $32.45 a box.  Federal Hi-Shok JHP’s in 230gr were available for $39.95 a box, which is the same price for the Federal Tactical +p 230gr JHP’s.

You could get your 500 S&W off from Fusion for $36.95 a box of 20 for 325gr.

International 9mm 100gr FP was priced at $790 a box of 1000.  American Eagle 115 gr FMJ’s cost $49.95 a box of 50 while Speer Gold Dots 115gr +p are still out of sight at $79.95 a box of 50.

In .22LR, Federal Champion cost $234 for a 525-rnd box.  $239 took home Winchester for the same round count or you could pay $249 for the same count of Remington Golden Bullet.  Or, wait a while 🙂

PMC X-TAC 5.56 62gr green tips ran $39.95 a box of 20, while Independence 5.56 55gr FMJ’s cost $27.95 a box.  A 100-rnd box of 55gr FMJ American Eagle in .223  was priced at $149.

Prairie Land Ammo sold .44mag 250gr KSWC for $25/50 (all their stuff is reloads in bags), .45 ACP 230 gr FMJ’s for $20/50, .40 S&W 180gr FN for $18/50 and 9mm 125gr RN for $16/50.

Dallas Reloading Service had Speer Gold Dots 200gr +p in .45 for $52/50.  If prices come down a bit, I’d like to try this out in my XDS.  Remington 230gr FMJ’s sold for $35.95 a box in .45 and $31.95 a box for 180gr in .40 S&W.  WWB 180 gr FMJ’s were priced at $31.95 a box.

The Gold Dot LE load (135gr +p) in 38 spc was available for $52 a box of 50.

9mm loads included Winchester Ranger 115gr +p+ JHP for $49/box and WWB 115gr FMJ for $29.95 a box.

Reloads for large-quantity .223 included 55gr FMJ’s for $729/1000 and 55gr SP for $749/1000.  For smaller quantity, you could purchase

55gr FMJ:  $370/500, $75/100
55gr SP: $385/500, $78/100
55gr V-MAX: $425/500, $90/100

Since this review is in the update format (as the show basically moved from Irving to Mesquite), I’ll briefly cover new vendors and items of interest across the floor.

Affordable Tactical Supply is a frequent vendor at north Texas shows, although they were not at Irving.  The sold 5.11 pistol mag carriers at Mesquite, one for $14.99 or two for $24.99.  They now sell LaserMax guide rod lasers and had one available for gen-4 compact Glocks.  Price was $325.

Smoke and Fire Defense always seems to have something new or interesting when I walk by.  They gave me a brief demo of the EKOL Viper 4.5″ revolver that is a stunt or prop gun (fires blanks).  Don’t know why I would ever buy one at $129, but it was interesting.  The Zombie Killer throwing knives looked very cool and were remarkably well balanced.  May have to pick up a set of three (with sheath) for $20 when I get back from vacation.

Rackmasters was a new vendor that displayed their custom-built deer stands.

Range Ready Ammo has occasional ammo sales online.  They were welling tac gear at Mesquite.

Knife vendors not at Irving, but at Mesquite included Adventure Supply, K&W Knives, and Wayne Johnson.

Hunker Down made their second appearance at a North Texas show (they debuted at Irving).  They set me up with a sticky holster for my XDS and I hope to have the review online within a couple weeks.

In the food department, I’m getting in the habit of making a regular stop at Don’s Smoke House (beats the sucky concession areas at most of these shows).  The Fried Pie Lady made an appearance at Mesquite, which means I had to bring home a couple for the wife, or not come home at all.

I exited the show at 12:15, pretty close to the same hours for my attendance at the Premier Mesquite show.  Unlike Premier, the NTGC Mesquite show did not have cars parked in the overflow area across the street.  The main parking area was pretty full, but that was it.

Overall, better traffic than Irving, but well below what would be expected when you put the words ‘Mesquite’ and ‘Gun Show’ together.


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