Weatherford Gun Show March 10, 2013

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is a brief review of the Weatherford Gun Show on March 10,2013.  Weatherford is a new show in the north Texas area, and  this weekend marked the second event at the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Grounds.  If you are interested, the calendar for the remainder of the year is

April 27-28
June 29-30
August 24-25
October 12-13
December 6-7

and more information (vendor inquiries, etc.) can be obtained from info [at] weatherfordgunshow [dot] com.

The entrance fee was $8, which I thought was a bit stiff for what was certain to be a small show (advertised at 100 tables).  At least parking was free and the venue was easy to locate.  I did not want to stand in any type of line in the cold, north wind, so I elected to arrive fashionably late at 10:30 AM.

The venue was full of tables and this proved to be a good arrival time on Sunday.  According to the promoter, attendance was very good on Saturday and most locals do not make it out to the show until after church on Sunday.

If you are searching for a specific firearm, this is not the type of show to attend.  With only a hundred tables, every table that goes to a non-gun vendor is a larger waste in terms of percentage of the floor (and there were some – jewelry, coins, and other stuff).  Most of the mainstream dealers at probably not going to attend (especially if there is a larger, competing show on the same weekend).  So, think of this more along the lines of a ‘find something outside the mainstream’ or a ‘go and see what’s there’ show.

Familiar vendors from other north Texas shows included the Team Glock table, LAW483, Just For Guns (had an entire room – best layout at the show), TSRA, and Hassle Free CHL (aka Florida non-resident).  Other named businesses included Wenzel Meat Company, Gamble Tactical holsters (show special $28), Gary’s Guns (cool KWA green-gas G17 replica for training – $129), Shootist Arms, 5K Firearms (Beretta PX4 Storm for $549), and the T-Shirt Factory sold t-shirts and sweat tops in the $20 – $30 range.  There was a guy selling Hide-It holsters, but I didn’t get a name.  His pitch was very annoying and I was not in the mood to be annoyed.

With such a small show and most vendors being private sales or sole proprietors, a full review by category is not reasonable.  So, I’ll do a quick summary of the floor.

– Private sale table: 5000 rnds .22LR for $500.  .223 from Tul Ammo, American Eagle, and PMC at $20/box of 20.  Sig 5.56 patrol rifle for $1800.

– Winchester NRA Musket 30-30 NIB for $999.  DPMS LR .308 for $2799. Windham Weaponry AR for $1462.

– Walther P-22’s for $370

– PMC 9mm 115gr for $30/box.

– Wolf .223 $20/box of 20 (going price seemed to be $1 per round throughout the show)

– Windham Model 1984 30-30 Buffalo Bill Commemorative $900

– Taurus PT 92 AF 9mm $550

– 4.5″ Dan Wesson Bobtail .45 ACP $1459

– standard-capacity Glock mags $40 – $45.  Please.  I purchased a std. capacity G20 mag from the promoter for $35.

– Windham M4A3 Flat Top $1500

– New Frontier AR $1400

– AK47 Bullpup $1500

– Mauser V2-24 30-06 24″ heavy barrel $350.

– A beautiful S&W .41 magnum for $1095

– Rock River M4 5.56 $1800

– Magpul 30-rnd pmags $40

– Mossberg 715T $300

Just For Guns had a room full of tables that included a 15×60 spotting scope for $74, an AT56 green laser designator kit for $124, Zombie Response Team pistol bayonets for $38, Glock rail lights – 200lm – for $52, and reduced prices on 36″ – 42″ rifle cases ($44).  They also promoted the ATN Night Trek 3K.

I only spent about an hour and fifteen minutes on the floor, but had a decent time and thought it was worth the long drive (just once).  If this show expands beyond its current venue, it might be worth a repeat drive.


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