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Posted: March 20, 2013 in Vendor Reviews
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Some words or phrases just seem to work well together, like Texas and Gun Show  or Machine Gun and Las Vegas.  If, like me, you’ve never gone full auto before, then put this on the list of things you must do while in Vegas.

Okay, now where?  I read some online reviews and Machine Guns Vegas was highly recommended.  You can go online and select a package or wait until you arrive to make a decision.  The advantage of the former is that you are paid in advance and can even make reservations ahead of arrival, which is recommended if you visit Vegas during holidays, large conferences, or other times of peak traffic.  If you wait until arrival, then visit the Zombie Apocalypse Store a few blocks down the road and pick up a discount coupon for your MGV experience.

Speaking of experience, I chose the Seal Team VI package.  This package features a warmup with a Sig P226, choice of 12ga shotgun, full-auto M4, and the peak of my Vegas vacation experience, the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon).  For an extra $50, you can add an M60, which I’ll probably do on my next visit.

If you arrive early during a weekday, you can pretty much walk right in and choose a package.  MGV opens at 10AM and entrance is at the back of the building.


You are greeted by the MGV gun girls, which is an experience in and of itself (a PG experience, now, so don’t get the wrong idea).  The staff is incredibly friendly.

After check in, you may relax in the waiting area or look at the cool t-shirts and gear.


You are given a buzzer, similar to that used by a restaurant when waiting for an open table.  There was only one couple ahead of me, so it was not really necessary.


About five minutes after check-in, an RSO introduced himself and covered the session details and a safety briefing.  I signed the usual release form, donned eyes and ears, and then followed the RSO into the range.

Now, if you’re a bit nervous about loading and operating a belt-fed machine gun, then just relax.  The RSO is responsible for loading all weapons and dealing with any malfunctions.  Your responsibility is to exercise good trigger-finger discipline, fire lots of rounds, and have fun.

So, we started with the P226, something I was not looking forward to.  After a steady diet of 10mm, .45 ACP, and .44 magnum, a 9-mil is a bit of a letdown.  The RSO send my cool terrorist target ten yards downrange, and then it began oscillating hard right and left.

Ah, a moving target!  Now, that’s something I don’t get at Eagle Gun Range.  This was actually a pretty enjoyable twenty rounds.  I was not allowed to shoot one-handed so I tried to hit the moving target in the throat.  The whole timing of the target movement with the sight picture was a lot of fun.

Five shotgun rounds followed the pistol session.  The poor terrorist never had a chance.

Next, I went full auto with an M4.  Absolute bliss.  Then, just when I thought it could not get better, it was time for the SAW.  You shoot in three-second bursts, then the RSO taps you on the shoulder and you hold that trigger for the rest of the belt.  OMG, that was almost as good as the other type of S** you can get in Vegas.

The RSO handled all weapons like a real pro, and the only problem I had with the session was that it’s too short 🙂

Your package concludes with a free MGV shirt, but like a Lay’s potato chip, no one can have just one.  So, I left MGV with two more shirts and a Vegas experience like no other in the past.


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