Center Gun Show March 24, 2013 Part I

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the first part in a review of the Center, TX gun show on March 24, 2013, promoted by G & S Gun Shows.  I returned from vacation late Saturday morning with family activities scheduled for that afternoon.  So, it was not possible for me to attend a show until the following day.

I decided to break from the typical Dallas-Ft. Worth-Austin-Houston-San Antonio trend and cover another one of the small shows, this time in Center TX.  As small towns go, Center is a nice one, but still well off the Interstate, so it was a long 3+ hour drive to make it to the Windham Convention Center.  I arrived just before 11AM.


Signage for the show was pretty much nonexistent, but finding the convention center was still easy.  Parking is free and the center itself is an excellent venue for a small show.  Restrooms were topnotch.  There was no formal concession area, but food opportunities were available on the floor.  No ATM.  Maybe this was a good thing with the outrageous fees charged by the machines at other shows.

There was no line and very little traffic this time of the morning.  I paid my $6 fee and was asked if I brought a gun to the show.  No, mine remained locked in the car safe.  There was no obvious person checking firearms, although there was someone positioned to the left of the people taking money.  I did not see any ties, but it’s possible they were on a seat, not the table.

Like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates, you never know what to expect at small shows.  They are typically dominated by small, private vendors and could sell anything from mainstream firearms to hard-to-find collectables to whatever was handed down in the family through multiple generations.

Spacing between aisles was quite large which made it easy for people to walk by, although for the time I stayed at the show (nearly an hour and a half), I never saw more than 25 people, split about half and half between families and individuals.

I was pleased to see three named firearm dealers, one of which was familiar from past north Texas shows.  If you were looking for a mainstream firearm of a particular type or just one in a popular caliber, you had a decent chance at  this show.  So, let’s get started with the reviews by category.


All prices are considered show-only by the vendor and unless otherwise stated are for cash transactions for NIB models.

The star of the show was the beautiful Thompson auctioned off by the American Legion for $20 per ticket.  Had I not just returned from spending some significant coinage on vacation, I would have purchased a ticket.

Pollok Arms Company was a new vendor for me, and I enjoyed talking with one of their reps.  They had a great layout for such a small show.  Some of their long gun selections included a DiamondBack DB-15 for $930, a Hi Point 9mm carbine for $370, a Mossberg 500 Pursuader for $400, a Kel Tec KSG 12 ga for $1899, and M&P 15 for $969, a Mossberg MMR AR-15 for $879,  and a Windham M4 Flattop for $979.

If .22LR is your thing, then you could have purchased an H&K MP5-22 for $579, an H&K 416-22 for $450, an Uzi Rifle w/suppressor for $620, or a Mossberg 715T for $300.

A 5.25″ XD-M in .40 S&W sold for $750.  A Springfield Range Officer was on the table for $840.

Glocks were pretty sparse with a couple selections such as a gen-4 G30 for $530 or a G21 SF for $480.  That’s a killer price on the G30 for a gen-4.

Several Sig P938 models were on sale, ranging from $720 to $740.  An all black 2022 in .40 S&W sold for $440, while and SP 2022 in 9mm was priced at $520.  An all black P229 was available for $800 and I saw a P250C for $475.

A Walther PPK in 9mm would set you back $435.

A bi-tone FNS-40 cost $599 while the all black model ran $585.

A Ruger SR-22 was on the table for $360.  A LCR in .38 spc w/lasermax was priced at $540.  A LCP in .380 was available for $315 or you could pick up a LC9 w/lasermax for $470.

A Taurus PT-940 sold for $400 or a PT-100 in .40 S&W was available for $460.  A PT-9L in 9mm could be taken home for $450 or you could select a bi-tone 24/7 G2 in .40 S&W for $440.

They also sold 30-rnd pmags for $40.


Ace of Pawn was another new dealer (for me) and their tagline is “Best Deal Around”.

Their offerings included a Del Ton DTI-15 in 5.56 for $1040, a Mossberg 500 w/pistol grip for $370, a Savage 320 for $250, and a Mossberg 500 w/foreend light for $500.

A Rossi R461 in .357 mag was priced at $330.  I saw one Glock, a gen-4 G33 for $600.

A short-barrel, all black Taurus Judge was on the table for $420.  The full-length in stainless was priced at $620.

Some of the .22LR choices included a Ruger LCR-22 for $440, a Walther P22 for $415, a Browning Buckmark for $400, a Colt 1911-22 for $440, and a Ruger SR-22 w/laser for $420.  Rifle choices in this caliber included an M&P 15-22 for $490, an MP5-22 for $550, and a Mossberg 715T for $350.

A Citadel 1911 in 9mm cost $590 and I saw a nice Ruger SR-9 NRA edition for $420.

A 5.25″ XD-M in .40 S&W sold for $728 while a 3.8″ bi-tone in the same caliber would set you back $700.

I saw an all-black FNS-40 for $625.  An FNX-45 was priced at $800.

A Baby Eagle in .40 S&W was available for $600 or you could pick up a Desert Eagle 1911 in .45 ACP for $750.

A used Taurus PT-111 Pro could be taken home for $300.

Tomorrow, I’ll finish the firearms category including some of the offerings from unnamed, private vendors.  I’ll also cover ammo.

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