Center Gun Show March 24, 2013 Part II

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the second segment in a review of the Center, TX gun show on March 24, 2013, promoted by G & S Gun Shows. I covered the venue and first part of the firearms updates in part I.  In this section, I’ll complete firearm reviews, along with most of the remaining categories.


Unless otherwise stated, all prices are considered show-only by the vendor and apply to cash transactions for NIB models.

I recognized Stone Chimney Creek from past north Texas shows.  Their layout included several Ruger American rifles.  $349 could take home a model in .243, .270 Win, or 7mm.  A Mossberg Youth 100 ATI w/scope was priced at $319, or you could pick up an American Tactical STG 44 in .22LR for $579.  A Colt M4-22 could be yours for $549, an M&P 15-22 for $609, or perhaps the Kel Tec SU-22 for $499.

Other long gun choices included an Olympic Arms AR in 5.56 for $899 and a LWRC M6 SPR for $2700.  If you want to downsize a bit, a Century Arms PAP-M9 was on the table for $899.  If your interests include shotguns, a Mossberg 500 Cruiser was priced at $369 or the Mariner model was available for $479.

.22LR pistol choices included a Chiappa M9-22 for $269, an M&P 22 for $379, a Sig 1911-22 for $379, a Colt 1911-22 for $379, a Walter P-22 for $299, or a Ruger SR-22 for $319.

A Citadel 1911 in 9mm was priced at $569 and some of the 1911 choices in .45 ACP included an American Tactical 4″ for $539, an all black Taurus PT-1911 for $539, a Remington R1 Enhanced (all black) for $799, a Colt 1911 A1 Commander for $925, or a Springfield 1911 Trophy Match for $1399.

An XD Tactical in .40 S&W sold for $539, an XD in .357 Sig for $499, a bi-tone XD-M in .45 ACP for $699, an all black 5.25″ XD-M in .40 S&W  for $729, and the popular XD-S in .45 ACP (all black) for $579.

An H&K P30S in .40 S&W was on the table for $950.

Glocks proved to be in short supply at this show and I saw a gen-4 G29 for $599 (that’s a good deal on a compact 10mm) and a gen-3 G21 for $589.

A Beretta PX-4 sold for $539 and the PX-4 Storm was priced at $549.

An EAA SAR-2 in .45 ACP was priced at $529, an SAR-B6P for $329, and a SAR ST-10 for $539.  A Witness in .45 ACP could be taken home for $409.

An all black CZ P07 Duty in .40 S&W was available for $489.

An FNS-9 was on the table for $589 and the same price took home a bi-tone FNS-40.

A Ruger SR9C sold for $519.

An M&P 9 and M&P9C were available for $499.

A Taurus 845 cost $389.


Here is a sampling of some of the firearms available through either private sales or vendors with no name or business affiliation.  Exact condition of each firearm is unknown.

– Olympic Arms AR-15 $1795.

– Ruger Blackhawk Hunter Model $875

– Freedom Arms .454 Casull w/scope $1835

– Colt Anaconda $1850

– Taurus Judge stainless $700

– Colt Buntline Scout $900

– Colt Python .357 mag $1000



There were no ammo dealers at the show.  You could buy factory ammo from some unknown person behind a table or bagged rounds loaded by someone else you may or may not know.  Here are a few price points.

– WWB 115 gr 9mm FMJ, 100-rnd value pack $45.

– WPA .223 FMJ $18/box

– WPA 7.62×39 FMJ $14/box

– Federal .45 ammo can 500 rnds, mixed FMJ and HP.  I asked what the mix was and the person could not tell me.  I asked what bullet was used for the HP and the weight, then the person admitted it was just a bunch of ammo he purchased from a dealer that got bundled into a 500 round collection in a metal can.  Okay, then, if we don’t know the mix of FMJ/HP, how can we evaluate whether or not $345/500 is a good price?

– Armscor .223 55gr FMJ $20/box

– American Eagle .223 55gr FMJ $20/box

– Tul Ammo 7.62×39 122gr FMJ $12/box



I saw no vendors obviously advertising CHL classes or firearms training of any kind.



I saw no holster vendors at the show.



There were several tables of knives at the show, but the only named vendor that exclusively sold edged weapons was 7 West Knives.

Well, that about wraps it up for part II.  Tomorrow, I’ll complete the review with the optics and the miscellaneous category, along with closing comments about the show.  Thanks for your time.

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