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Last year at one of the Allen shows, I walked by the Omega Survival Systems booth.  I almost walked past, but something caught my eye and I’m glad it did.  The pause gave me a chance to talk with Kelly Williamson.  So many vendors expend all their energy trying to push their products onto you.  Kelly was completely different.  He wanted to talk about my requirements and whether or not there were any products he could add to his offering that would make Omega a more attractive vendor for survival products.

The one thing that immediately came to mind was the Quake Kare ER bars.  I had seen them online, but could not find them anywhere locally.  Kelly agreed to look into becoming a distributor and several months later we talked at a Lewisville show.  He received a box of the bars and the entire lot was purchased by someone else almost immediately.  Kelly ordered another box and was kind enough to drop off a sample at my apartment complex office when he was in the area.  Now, that’s customer service 🙂

So, finally, at long last I can actually sample the ER bars and post a review.  The QuakeKare bars come in 2400 and 3600 calorie packs, consisting of either six or nine 410 calorie bars.  The packs are hermetically sealed using corrosion-resistant material and can withstand temps ranging from -22°F to 149°F.  They have a five-year shelf life.


The bags are also resealable, although I found them easier to reseal after removing at least two bars.  The bars themselves are supposedly composed of an ‘optimal’ balance of nutrients in a mix that does not provoke thirst.  The bars contain no cholesterol, tropical oils, or nuts (items that may invoke an allergic reaction).

Okay, that sounds good, so how do they look and how do they taste?


My first impression was that the bar looked and felt like a hard, dry piece of cornbread 🙂

There is really only one way to evaluate the bars and that is to use them in practice.  So, I decided on a three-day experiment.  I usually eat 4-5 small meals a day.  On the first day, I replaced one meal with one bar.  On day two, I replaced two meals with two bars and you can figure out day three.  This gave me three solid days of experience with the product and ensures that the review is not skewed by a single impression.

Taste is okay.  I suppose that in a survival situation where my alternative is grasshoppers, furry critters, or plant edibles, almost any survival bar tastes good.  I had no problems with the taste of the ER bars over three days.

The bars are very hard and they become powdery when you bite into them.  That powder forms into a paste as you chew.  Although I never found myself thirsty after eating a bar, it did take 2-3 swigs of water to make it through consuming one.

Overall, I’d say that I am pretty pleased with the product.  I plan on ordering a couple 3600 calorie packs for my and my wife’s bug-out bags and a 2400 calorie pack for my hiking day pack.  I found Kelly’s tenacity at pursuing becoming a distributor for this product to be quite impressive.  The next time you are at a north Texas gun show, look for Omega Survival Systems and see if he has any samples of the ER bars.