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Well, chalk up another one in the ‘finally arrived’ column.  I ordered this grip sleeve shortly after purchasing my XDS in January as they were advertised as ‘available.’  As the commercial says, I suppose there’s Hertz and there’s ‘not exactly.’  The product just arrived on Monday (about two months after order).


I previously wrapped the lower portion of the XDS grip in tennis grip tape to build it up a bit.  The grip tape is not designed to buffer felt impact from a tennis stroke nor does it do a great deal for felt recoil.  It simply gave me a slightly larger grip.

The Pachmayr sleeve installed easily and the fit seems quite good.


With the back end placed just below the bottom of the grip safety, there is a small bit of extra space at the bottom.  After taking this photo, I adjusted the sleeve down about 1/8 of an inch at the back.  It fits comfortably without any overlap at the bottom.  And, unlike my tennis grip tape, this actually looks like it belongs on the gun.

The sleeve is thicker than I expected, so it felt very similar to how I previously built the grip up.  Of course, the big question is how does it behave during firing?  I had very good experiences with the Pachmayr sleeve for my Glock 31.  The XDS model did not disappoint.  I tested 75 rounds in strings of 3-5 so that I had to manipulate the gun quite a bit.  The sleeve did not slip at all during the session.

Felt recoil is always subjective, and my first impression is that the Pachmayr sleeve performs better than my previous hack.  So far, I’m pleased with the product, although the manufacturer could have done a better job at defining ‘available’ on their web site.

In terms of dealers at the north Texas gun shows, it’s pretty hard to find Pachmayr sleeves.  Big State Distributors sell Hogues.  I don’t recall seeing any at T&G Sales.  I did notice some Pachmayr’s at the last Market Hall show, but don’t remember the vendor name.  That one is coming up again this month, so I’ll note the vendor in the show update.