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Posted: April 4, 2013 in Product Reviews
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This is a review of the instructional video, “Concealed Carry Essentials: The Basics and Beyond” by Austin Davis.  I received a copy of this DVD for review and have no association with Kangaroo Carry, or Davis Defense Seminars.  I previously reviewed the Kangaroo Carry Air Marshal 3 rig, which I purchased and use on a daily basis.


The first question that typically arises with any instructional video is the background of the instructor.  From the back of the DVD package, Mr. Davis’ bio reads,

Austin Davis

“A former Police Office with over 20 years as a law enforcement trainer.  As owner and CEO of, Austin has instructed more than 2500 crime prevention seminars.  Currently a licensed Texas CHL instructor and serving on the board of directors for the Texas Concealed Handgun Association, Austin is a certified Low Light Instructor Level II through the SureFire Institute.”

You can read a more detailed bio here.  If I had not previously met Austin, I would still be tempted to view the DVD simply to see what a former LEO with that level of experience has to say.  I consider a CHL to be just as much a license to learn as a license to carry, so if I can pick up just one new technique or bit of information I did not have before, then it’s a worthwhile investment.

The next consideration or concern I have with instructional videos produced by someone who also sells a product is if the instruction is nothing more than a back-door pitch for the product.  Although the Kangaroo Carry logo is in the background of each segment and there are occasional (humorous and tasteful) references to the product, the instructional content is just that; there is no overt sales pitch.

My final consideration is the quality of the presentation.  Many people have useful experience and information to convey, but simply can not present it in a manner that holds an audience.  Plainly stated, some of us are just not destined to be in front of a camera.  Fortunately, Mr. Davis does not fit in that category.  Although sometimes rushed, the content of each segment is presented in a professional manner with a touch of humor and a style that encourages continuing onto the next category.

I also liked to see someone else who is admittedly old-school and constantly performs press-checks instead of relying on a LCI 🙂

The DVD includes the following segments,

– Introduction

– Ten Knows

– Guns

– Lasers

– Lights

– Cell Phone

– Spare Ammo

– Intermediate Use of Force Weapons

– Ammunition

– Holsters

– Malfunctions

– Grips and Stance

– Live Fire Training

– Tactics

– Summary

– Bonus Segment: Draw Stroke

I won’t comment on every segment as it’s unfair to give away a lot of the content.  I liked the ‘Ten Knows’ segment the best.  I thought the commentary on ‘accessories’ for concealed carry was excellent.  I’m a strong believer in circle of force and thought the commentary on intermediate use of force was a great addition to an instructional video on concealed handguns.  I also thought the best comment in the entire video was “any gunfight you can avoid is a gunfight that you just won.”  I would actually replace gunfight with confrontation.  My personal experience with concealed carry has provided a new appreciation for the value of situational awareness, escape, and evasion.

I believed the second-best comment in the entire series was “the caliber of your training is more important than the caliber of your handgun.”

I would have preferred to see more detail in the ammunition section (different varieties of HP and more advice on choosing defensive rounds).  I did appreciate the admonition to constantly practice with the ammunition you carry.

Situations determine tactics and tactics drive techniques is a good idea to keep in mind.  Tactics is one of the DVD segments I could watch repeatedly.

Concealed carry is a lifestyle, and just like the lifestyle of an athlete, musician, performer, or other professional, it requires constant practice and commitment.  If you are just beginning this lifestyle, then you have a lot of decisions to make.  I believe this DVD could help with a great many of them.  A CHL comes with responsibility and understanding that responsibility is an important part of the lifestyle.  Even though it seems obvious, Mr. Davis reinforces that you are not a cop.  In terms of necessary use of force, our mission is to stop a threat and that is all. I liked the analogy of use of force as a dial – something you dial up and then have to dial down.  Mental previsualization of force encounters and an advance understanding of what you are willing to defend were all valuable admonitions.

Even if you are a seasoned CHL holder, you might still discover a new technique or idea from this DVD.  I’ve already made two modifications to my daily routine simply from reviewing the content.

In terms of ordering the DVD, I did not find an easy place to purchase online.  It seems the most likely path is to visit a Kangaroo Carry booth at one of the Texas gun shows.  They are at many of the south Texas shows and I’ve talked with Austin twice in Ft. Worth.

And remember, only prefect practice makes perfect 🙂

  1. Rob Parrish says:

    Great review – thanks. I’ll hunt them up at a show.