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This is a very brief update on the Mesquite gun show on April 6, 2013, sponsored by Premier Gun Shows.  I’ve reviewed and updated the Mesquite gun show several times over the last few months, so this post will be very sparse.  I went to the show mostly as a buyer; I’m in the market for a Ruger Super Redhawk, and wanted to pick up ammo and supplies.

I arrived at the show at 8:30 AM, rather close to the last Mesquite Premier show.  At the last show, I paid $5 to park in the main lot, but I can’t tell if Premier charged a fee or not at this show.  The main lot was full and traffic was already being vectored into the overflow lot by this time.  I initially thought that after a brief lull, we were back to the Jan/Feb ‘panic’ levels in show attendance.  This is where I parked and I stowed my gun in the safe at 8:32 AM.


As I walked towards the entrance, I noticed several families headed towards the building adjacent to where the show is held.  I talked with a Premier rep. a few minutes later and discovered that a Catholic charity event was being held there.  So, that made parking even more painful than in the past.

The actual show traffic situation was only modestly higher than pre-election levels and clearly down from even the last time I attended the Mesquite Premier show.  I originally planned on attending the Tulsa Arms show, but a last-minute family issue changed my plans.  I suspect that the Wanenmacher show pulled both attendees and vendors away from Mesquite.

As always, I purchased my tickets online, walked right inside, got stamped, and was moved to the line right in front of the door.  The normal purchase line by 8:45 AM was pushed straight back to the end of the roof covering the entry, but not out into the parking lot like the prior Mesquite Premier show.

Tables are still very hard to come by at Mesquite and the new fad is to move vendors out into the hallway.


Airsoft Supply had their mobile setup outside.

On entry, the first thing I did was scour the floor for a Ruger Super Redhawk.  From studying vendors at past shows, I believed my best opportunities were at S.A.W. and Bachman Wholesale.  No luck.  I could pick up a S&W 500 in 4″ or 8 3/8″, but I’m looking to shoot full-on .44 mag, not break my hand 🙂

I found several Blackhawks and a couple Super Blackhawks, but no luck on the Super Redhawk.  Here are some observations from my two-hour trek across the floor.

– General firearms supplies are picking up and prices are still trending down.

– I talked with Oscar at Republic Arsenal.  He had the largest layout I’ve ever seen for RA at Mesquite.  He even had a Glock 20 10mm momentarily, but it was sold before I got there.  Good thing I already secured mine 🙂

– I found out a bit more about Lewisville.  The person that Premier leased the building from lost his lease.  Apparently, the owner of the shopping complex wants to remodel and makeover the complex and found more permanent options to lease that space.  Premier is actively searching for a new location in the Lewisville/Carrollton area.

– Pat Harrington at Shotgun blasters has a new Mossberg build and it is wicked.  He promised some pics soon (I can’t take any at the show and the cell phone would not do justice to the build).  He is also customizing the UTS-15.

– Fusion Gun Range is a new outdoor range in Forney.  It’s a bit of a drive for me, but it’s also right on the way to and from my parent’s house, so I could combine realistic training in an outdoor environment with my regular visits to parents.  They offer a $200/year membership and a Mesquite-show only special of $100.  For that price, I could not turn it down despite the drive (especially since I’ve grown tired of waiting for Red Zone Ranch to open).  It’s also quite a bit less expensive than training at ProActive Defense.  I’ll provide some regular updates on the range via future blog posts.

– C F Schlipf is a new trainer – CHL, private and group lessons – cfschlipf [at] gmail [dot] com.

– This is where I admit I’m a doofus, but most of us knew that already 🙂  I completely missed a firearm vendor at the prior Ft. Worth show.  I thought Brothers Firearms was a new vendor at the North Texas shows, but they stated they were at the prior Ft. Worth show and I missed them.  FN, Glock, Kel Tec, and EAA are just a few of their offerings.  They were last-minute attendees at Mesquite and were only able to acquire two tables.  I’ll do a more extensive review at the next show (hope they will be at Market Hall).

– Crazy Gun Dealers offered free CHL’s and free ammo on any gun purchase (free ammo only until 11AM).

– Greg Abbott had a couple reps handing out literature at the show.

–  Adventure Supply is a regular, but they had some new knives on display.  The brand new SOG Tomahawk caught my eye at $59.

– Good To Go Ammo and Alamo Ammo were not at the show.  Southwest Ammunition and Ammo 4U were the only familiar vendors.  Ammo prices are still kind of insane.  I did pick up some Hornady Critial Defense 185gr. in .45 ACP for $34.  Practice ammo was another story.  230gr. FMJ’s were all over the map.  WWB 100-rnd ‘value’ pack (ha ha) was priced at $90.  American Eagle 230gr. FMJ’s at $42 a box.  I did see one private vendor selling the WWB 100-rnd for $60.  That’s only slightly more than I pay at Eagle Gun range or from Good To Go.  The $60 was cash out the door and included tax.

– Outdoor Products did not have their full line of targets on display.  The big layout was in Tulsa.  I knew it …

– I picked up some patches at Red Dragon.  Always good people to talk with.

– And, on the subject of talk, I enjoyed a brief conversation with S.W.A.T. Firearms.  Business is very good.

– Good thing I ate a large breakfast.  Don’s Smokehouse was out of turkey.  The big breakfast saved me from the horrid concession stand.

Overall, traffic was much lighter than the prior Mesquite Premier show.  I left right at 11AM and there was a line of about 25 people waiting to get in.

No Super Redhawk … at least not at this show.  The story does not end here.  More to come.

See you at Market Hall!