Product Review: Diablo Stun Gun Flashlight

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Product Reviews
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The Guard Dog Diablo is a combination 160 lumen flashlight and 4.5M volt stun gun.  A couple months ago, I purchased two units for myself and my wife from Smoke and Fire Defense.  I’ve been evaluating the unit to determine if I want to give mine to my mother and upgrade to the Diablo II.


The Diablo is constructed of type III aircraft grade aluminum and is 6.75″ in length, making it longer than a typical tactical light.  The front face also serves as a lightweight breacher and allows the Diablo to be readily used as a melee weapon.

The battery is rechargeable and holds its charge for several weeks without use. So far, this all sounds good, so my concerns were how does it carry and how readily does it deploy?

The length makes the light somewhat cumbersome to carry.  It comes with a lanyard that I immediately cut off as well as a belt carrier, which I rarely use.  I did find that the Diablo fits nicely in the left front pocket of my hiking vest and that’s where I’ve carried it for the last two months.  The construction of the body tends to resist rolling, so the controls are always in a predictable position when I grasp the light with my off hand.  The light control switch is on top.  Nudge forward once to activate the light.  Nudge forward a second time to place the Diablo in stun mode.  The stun switch is on the opposite side, so stun mode requires two hand motions.  Like almost any other SD implement, it takes a bit of practice to perform quickly.

The light beam is quite impressive.  My wife was in awe the first few days she took the dog out at 5:30AM.  On our recent vacation, we wanted to look at the stars over the Grand Canyon, so we walked to an overlook about an hour after sunset.  The beam cast by the Diablo sliced through the darkness for over 50 yards downrange and well illuminated the ground in front of us for ten yards either side.

And yes, I’ve actually had to use the stun facility but thankfully not on a human.  I was walking the dog one afternoon when another aggressive dog – off leash – approached us from around the corner of one of the apt. buildings.  My dog started to react and it looked as if the situation would turn bad quickly.  A quick two-second burst from the stun gun (animals react both to the noise and the smell of the air) temporarily froze both dogs.  A shout and another blast from the Diablo forced the other dog away.  My dog was pretty shaken but the conflict was resolved and I did not have to resort to defending my dog with either my feet or my firearm.

If you order from Guard Dog, they throw in a free pepper spray unit.  Speaking of free, Guard Dog will refill their units for free, for life.  Smoke and Fire Defense extended that offer and I gave the pepper spray to my mother.  She’s also going to get the Diablo as I plan on upgrading to the Diablo II (320 lumen/5M volts) pretty soon.

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