Range Update: Springfield XDS and Pachmayr Grip Sleeve

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Product Reviews
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I previously reviewed the Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove for the Springfield XDS, and wanted to provided an update after another practice session.  One reader emailed a question regarding whether or not the grip sleeve affected shooting.

I previously wrapped the grip in tennis grip tape, which was a bit thicker and had the advantage that the tape conforms to the exact contours of my hand over time.  I had really gotten used to that specific feel.  The Pachmayr is slightly thinner and very uniform in its thickness.  So, I did notice a bit of difference in the first couple practice sessions.  I have a tendency to put too much right hand pressure into a small grip and twitch a bit left (a bad habit from tennis).  This can be seen from one of my new Zombie targets.  The distance ear-to-ear is just under 4″ and distance to target was 11 yards (I like prime numbers).  POA was just under the Zombie’s nose.


The predominant misses are left, plus a couple of jerks from trying to shoot too fast.  The grip sleeve continues to feel great and it does not slip either during carry or practice.  I still have a bit of adjustment to make to it, but if you move directly from the stock grip to the sleeve, you may notice no difference at all in the way you shoot.

I continue to be impressed at how accurate the XDS is (every miss is directly attributable to me and nothing else) and how well it performs right out of the box with no mods.  Well, no mods other than the grip sleeve 🙂

  1. Johnny says:

    Good read thanks! I also ordered one of these grip sleeves back in January, but I am still waiting for mine (billing issue since I got a new debit card since originally placing the order). I can’t wait to get mine. In the mean time I bought a Hogue Handall Jr. and cut the top of the grip at an angle so that it didn’t hold down the grip safety. 🙂