Ruger Super Redhawk

Posted: April 11, 2013 in General
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Just wanted to make a quick post to introduce the newest item in the collection, a Ruger Super Redhawk.  Although I enjoy my short-barrel Smith 629, it’s primary advantage is ease of carry and the ability to shoot hot .44 specials and feel like I’m shooting a 9-mil.  I really wanted something that could fire full-on .44 mag, especially Garrett Hammerheads.  My wife and I are planning several hikes into country where we might risk a close encounter of the unpleasant animal kind.  Yes, we do carry bear spray and she has an air horn as well, but I like to have that proverbial backup for the backup.

Okay, I really like shooting big bore too.  You got me 🙂  Now, here it is.


I took it to the range for the first time yesterday afternoon.  Since I’m also interested in the prospect of handgun hunting, I tried out some hunting ammo – Winchester 240gr JSP.  I only shot 30 rounds, but it was one of the most enjoyable short practice sessions I’ve had in a long time (other than Winchester being generally dirty ammo).  Here are just a few observations.

– The weight and balance of the Super Redhawk are amazing.  I think this is what Gaston really had in mind when he thought about perfection 🙂

– The double-action trigger is smoother than I expected.  It’s going to take a few practice sessions to get used to.

– Accuracy seems fine right out of the box.  I forgot to take a picture of the target.  I jerked three rounds, but that’s me, not the firearm.  The remainder were all well inside the 8-ring at 10 yards.  After I get used to the trigger, I’ll move the target out and shoot from a rest to better evaluate whether or not  to adjust the sights.

– The Hogue tamer grip does a good job at making sure the frame does not hammer your hand, but it’s still .44 mag.  You’re going to feel it.

I’m evaluating a couple holster options, so stay tuned for further updates on this magnificent revolver.


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